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Take a look at the entire FinTech ecosystem!

Discover the FinTech sector from all over the world with the first report that offers global insights and comparison

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About the FinTech Global Vision Report

Finnovating has built the first platform to connect the FinTech community from around the world to reinvent the way to innovate and do business together with banks, insurers, government institutions, corporations and investors from +125 countries.

We launch our Finnovating Insights based on the information provided by our members, resulting in a complete database to learn about the Fintech ecosystem of our platform, through the FinTech Global Vision report that you are about to discover.

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How has this FinTech Global Vision 2023 report been produced?

Finnovating is more than a database, since the information has been provided by our own members to be profiled in order to find the best clients, partners and investors. Using this data and their unique AI algorithms, it connects companies around the world to reinvent the way to do business.

The Finnovating community reaches up to 41% of the total FinTech market share, providing immeasurable value and insights into the global FinTech ecosystem.

Finnovating invites you to be part of the platform to discover a new and simple way to connect with the best innovation solutions and the best companies to scale your business.

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