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1st Blockchain Real Estate map by Finnovating

First Blockchain Real Estate ecosystem map elaborated in the world that gathers the initiatives of Blockchain technology in the Property Sector.

Finnovating (Innovation Consulting firm specialized in Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech and Regtech) have created this map with the aim of supporting the use of the Blockchain technology in the Real Estate sector, making the sector more efficient and agile, with lower costs and more secured information management. Blockchain technology provides many benefits to the sector.

This map includes companies that use decentralized technology for its core business, social media news to be up to date with the latest news and trends, as well as events and training courses where learning more about the potential implications of blockchain technology in this sector.

As we can see in the infographic, Blockchain has applications together with other technologies such as BigData, VR and AR, IA or IoT. In the map we find different Tech categories of the Real Estate sector with these applications: Big data (3), Property Management (4), ConstrucTech (1), Hospitality Accommodation (3), Marketplace & Portals (6), Peer-to-Peer (9), Record Keeping (5), Real Estate Marketing (2) ), Property Investment (21), Smart Cities (2), Crypto (1), VR-AR (7)

Additionally, the ecosystem is made up of companies dedicated to the divulgation, supporting and development of the blockchain technology in the Real Estate sector through the organization of events (8) or the publication of news or training courses (4).

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