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Meet the ConsulTech: Double V Partners

Ignacio Maestre LLoret is VP Global Sales and Legal Representative in Chile at Double V Partners.

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Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about Double V Partners and how the FinTech started to be.

Ignacio Maestre LLoret (IML): We are the first ConsulTech specialized in Digital Transformation, Technology and Communications that breaks the paradigm in terms of how organizations use digital assets to be competitive.

We are a firm that creates technology to improve the competitiveness of medium and large companies.

We are a company builder, an investment partner and a technology seedbed.

We have developed and implemented different projects for clients in the FinTech sector, wallets for different regulated markets, cryptowallets, automation of scoring processes with facial biometrics, among others.


(F): You are the current VP Global Sales of Double V Partners. How does the company fit in the global FinTech ecosystem?

(IML): We define ourselves as a strategic partner for the entire FinTech ecosystem, as we can help them from our advisory area to improve their customer journey, or we can put a whole team to work through a monthly membership for the client and of course, work on the global rollout of the brand, the speech, etc.

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(F): What is your vision for Double V Partners in the next 5-10 years?

(IML): We have a very tight and aggressive roadmap, in 5 years we will have presence in Europe and USA, and of course at least 2 more countries in Latin America where we are already prospecting.


(F): Is Double V Partners interested in partnering with large companies in the sector? How do you think Finnovating can help you with this goal?

(IML): Large companies are always a reference for us, because of their maturity in the market and their achievements in the past, we believe that together with our experience, we could make those paradigm shifts that we want to show to the world, and for this we have the indispensable help of Finnovating, an innovative platform that brings different stakeholders to the table.


(F): How will Double V Partners expand internationally?

(IML): So far, we have done this by creating a structure with key people of high potential and experience together with the firm’s own resources. At this moment, we are already open to talk to investors in order to achieve this internationalization with the appropriate resources and speed.

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(F): What do you think can be the impact of digital platforms in the FinTech industry?

(IML): All companies around the world should have technology and digital transformation at the core of their corporate strategies, and of course take advantage of the knowledge and speed of platforms that are already proven in the market.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(IML): Behind every success there is a human team of excellence, and I have no doubt, in Finnovating, that from the CEO to the last colleague of the team, they are committed to the values they generate in society.


(F): Why is Double V Partners interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global FinTech platform?

(IML): We want to be part of the world’s largest community focused on FinTech because we know that we can be a strategic partner for everyone in the community.


(F): Final: We would like to continue meeting and supporting other startups in the FinTech sector. What startup would you recommend us and why?

(IML): I would recommend startups that have a proven product and whose product market fit already has a positive breakeven, we are going to have a 22-23 marked by high inflation, high rates and stagnant growth with an over-indebted entrepreneur market, which may jeopardize the operations of many early stage or scaling companies. (Movet, Hogary AcabadosVis, or Incode) would be a good example to follow as successful startups.

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