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Meet the startup: INSSIDE Cybersecurity

Exclusive interview with Martin Lambertucci, CEO and Co-Founder of INSSIDE Cybersecurity.

Finnovating (F): ¿Could you introduce yourself to the Finnovating Community?

Martin Lambertucci (ML): I am Martin Lambertucci, CEO & CoFounder of INSSIDE Cybersecurity, an Argentine company with 15 years of experience in the information security market and PCI SSC certifications.

We firmly know that Information Security has acquired a central role as computer attacks keep on increasing. Companies, whether large, medium or small, can no longer ignore these issues, since anyone can be a victim of cybersecurity incidents that put business continuity at risk. For years, hacks and cyber attacks have been on the rise. This phenomenon not only deepened with the pandemic, but also put organizations in check, forcing them to rethink their Cybersecurity strategy.

At INSSIDE we develop the concept of CYBERSECURITY 360°, by which we integrate the different areas of information security, providing a complete service and delivering the peace of mind that our clients need.

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(F): Please tell us a little about INSSIDE Cybersecurity and how the startup started.

(ML): INSSIDE was born in 2007 with the purpose of being strategic allies of our clients in the prevention, protection and construction of Information Security, delivering high added value based on our quality, experience, professionalism and ability to innovate. We work in collaboration with our clients and partners in order to co-build a strong culture of cybersecurity and ensure the security of the companies that trust us. Our greatest pillar is the delivery of quality in each of our jobs, that is why we validate our processes with the most recognized certifications worldwide and aligning ourselves with the most demanding standards in the industry.


(F): You are the current CEO and Co-Founder of INSSIDE Cybersecurity. How does the company fit in the global fintech ecosystem?

(ML): Throughout our 15 years we have had the challenge of working with organizations from various industries, such as FinTech, Telco, Retail, Services, Banking, Oil & Gas, Health, Insurance, among others, which has allowed us to gain the experience necessary to develop and implement our solutions tailored to each client, with their own characteristics and adapting to their needs. Today, more than 100 clients from all over the world have entrusted us with the security of their infrastructure.

Managing an organization’s detection and response capabilities remains a necessity for businesses struggling to stay one step ahead of security threats and reduce cyber risk. In this sense, I consider that the Fintech industry has experienced a great expansion in recent times and, due to its characteristics, by implementing technologies to provide financial services more efficiently, they are very prone and exposed to various digital risks, phishing attacks, data theft or ransomware, therefore, at INSSIDE we work on different strategic solutions for the prevention and protection of these threats in digital financial companies, guaranteeing the continuity of their businesses and the fulfillment of their goals.

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(F): What is your vision for INSSIDE Cybersecurity in the next 5-10 years?

(ML): At INSSIDE we focus on cybersecurity innovation in each of our services and that is why we have developed a unique platform in the market to help companies manage information security in an agile, clear and simple way. .

INSSIDE SECURITY SUITE (ISS) offers a global vision of the security of your organization. Automate and centralize compliance with information security regulations on the same platform.

The ISS platform will gradually add multiple modules that will facilitate the rapid detection of cybersecurity breaches and will allow complete visibility of all assets, criticality levels and company risks, in addition to managing and analyzing the different international regulations on security of information.


(F): Where can you find more information about INSSIDE Cybersecurity?

(ML): We invite you to learn more about our services through our various channels: Website, Blog and LinkedIn.

In addition, this October 19th and 20th, INSSIDE will be present at ENISE 2022, one of the most important cybersecurity events that brings together the main companies in the industry. We invite you to visit our stand and thus present all our services and our innovative ISS platform.

In case of more information, you can schedule a meeting with our specialists who will be available to analyze your needs and help you.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(ML): Finnovating is a platform that allows you to achieve great opportunities regarding the creation of ties, associations, interaction with partners and search for potential clients. The platform also allows us to gain visibility in different markets and expand our business model. At INSSIDE we believe that these are the strengths that characterize Finnovating and make it an ideal platform.


(F): Why is INSSIDE Cybersecurity interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global fintech platform?

(ML): Mainly we seek to expand our offer of services. Finnovating is an innovative and centralized platform of which many startups and large companies are part. Being part of Finnovating has helped us get in touch with partners, potential clients and alliances. Likewise, it has increased our visibility as a leading company in the Cybersecurity market.


(F): Final: We would like to continue meeting and supporting other startups in the Cybersecurity sector. What startup would you recommend us and why?

(ML): At INSSIDE we work with various tools for our management and among them we can recommend Smartfense for its differential characteristics in relation to information security awareness, being strategic partners and providing a high value-added service on said innovative platform.

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