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The Finnovating Awards of 2022

The Finnovating Awards of 2022 list reveals the 30 startups that are generating interest in technological community and inside the Finnovating platform. This ranking, prepared from exclusive data from the platform and a group of ecosystem experts, highlights the winning startups of the awards.

The Finnovating Awards of 2022

This list is intended to be a resource for tech lovers who want to get to know the future leaders and changemakers of the financial world. If a company catches your eye, be sure to click the contact buttons to connect with them in the global Finnovating platform.

To choose the 30 winning startups of the Finnovating Awards, we have taken into account exclusive data from the platform, based on four fundamental pillars: team, business model, clients they have, project scalability and geographical presence.

Finnovating is the first B2B Matching-as-a-Service Platform that connects the entire X-tech ecosystem. Thanks to its revolutionary tools, all of the tech startups, investors and corporations can digitally scale their business and reduce their investment and collaboration processes significantly. Our members includes FinTech, PropTech, InsurTech, Sustainable companies, WealthTech, LegalTechs, Accelerators, Business Angel, Venture Capitals, Banks, Insurers, Legal Advisors, Institutions, Associations, and more members in the innovation radar.

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Finnovating Award for Top FinTech 2022


TPaga: Tpaga (Mobile Wallet in Colombia) allows consumers to open up bank accounts, transfer money to other consumers, withdraw money in cash kiosks, and even pay to offline merchants.


Brickken: A compliant tokenization and fundraising management solution that’s both powerful and easy to use. It allows investors to manage their investments in tokenized assets easily.


ZTL Payment Solution: ZTL Payment Solution is a B2B payment platform providing clients with customized payment solutions. The platform challenges the banks’ transactional banking services and their domain on corporate payments and remittances.


Finnovating Award for Top EdTech 2022


Emtech Institute: EmTech Institute is a digital training center, focused on technology. Their main purpose is to motivate, train and integrate the new generations within the technological ecosystems, encouraging their preparation and knowledge.


techreo: It is the first digital platform for comprehensive financial services, thought for everyone.


Alfi: Alfi is a platform that connects users and financial services/products from financial intermediaries while improving their financial literacy skills.


Finnovating Award for Top HealthTech 2022


Medikit: Medikit is the leading e-prescription tech provider in MX ‚Äď founded in 2017, offering a platform to simplify the process of e-consultation and eprescription to patients and doctors.


medpal: Mexican platform that helps the doctors to get paid after a surgery through insurance without paperwork. It helps to get all that payments on time, organice all documents.


Clinikals: They provide a fully integrated commerce platform with appointment schedule, electronic health record, online payments and marketing tools so healthcare institutions and professionals can streamline patient engagement and administrative processes.


Finnovating Award for Top InsurTech 2022


Minalea: Minalea provides a Smart Sales Assistant for insurance distribution networks. It scans and analyzes permanently over several insurance offers over the french market.


miituo: miituo is the leading pay-as-you-drive insurance platform in Latin America with the simplest value proposition in the auto insurance industry: ‚Äúdrive nothing, pay nothing‚ÄĚ.

Lisa Seguros

Lisa Seguros: Lisa Seguros works with international companies to offer innovative and highly specialized products. Insurance that is fairer, simpler, more flexible and designed for current needs.


Finnovating Award for Top LegalTech 2022


Webdox CLM: Webdox is a contract management software (CLM: Contract Lifecycle Management) in the global cloud, flexible and adaptable to all types of contracts and areas within a company.


Acceptable: Digital contracting using blockchain technology and smart legal contracts in order to solve regularotory barriers and litigation problems.



EasyLex: EasyLex allows entrepreneurs to easily and quickly create and incorporate a company and other legal documents necessary to start a business.


Finnovating Award for Top PropTech 2022


RealKey: RealKey is a browser based transaction management system, which brings all the parties of buying a house and getting a mortgage into a single unified portal where all communication, updates, information, and documentation collection is automated through and intuitive UI and robust algorithms built by the nation’s top mortgage originator and Intuit’s CTO/GM of Innovation.


Quota: Quota facilitates access to rental housing through its technology and products. They seize the power of data to validate tenants by analyzing various parameters such as employment status, income, tenant history and references for landlords and agencies to find the profile that best fits them.


Inviertis: Inviertis is a marketplace for real estate investors where to find insights and tools to purchase profitable properties that are already rented.


Finnovating Award for Top RegTech 2022


Tecalis: Tecalis is a software company providing online identity verification, electronic signature and RPA services.

sanction scanner

Sanction Scanner: Sanction Scanner is an AML compliance software. It provides AML Name Screening Software, Transaction Screening Software, AML Transaction Monitoring Software and Adverse Media Screening Software.


Keepabl: Keepabl’s Privacy Management SaaS delivers powerful analysis and insights into your Privacy Governance for the board and customers alike.


Finnovating Award for Most Influential Tech Company 2022


U-Payments: Company dedicated to consulting, advising, implementation and comprehensive administration of payment media platforms, they find last generation technological solutions to solve the needs of companies and social organizations that work for inclusion and financial education.


Treezor: Treezor is the Banking-as-a-Service precursor that embeds tech, regulatory and security aspects into its offering to provide access via API to the entire payment chain, from receiving to issuing payments.


OARO: OARO (formerly Nodalblock) is a multi-device online platform based on Blockchain technology, which allows the certification and validation of documents and the identities necessary for the security and safety of commercial relations.

Finnovating Award for Most Innovative Startup 2022


Colibid: Colibid is a revolutionary way to access a better mortgage loan instantly. They reverse the process so that banks and brokers compete in real time to offer users the best mortgage, guaranteeing the best conditions in the market.


Nash21: They redesign the rental market by providing property owners, investors, tenants and property managers with new uses, automation and liquidity.


Movizzon: Movizzon through its technological platform powered by AI, allows to measure and improve the customer experience in digital channels.


Finnovating Award for Most Sustainable Startup 2022


Qamwan: It is a FinTech platform that promotes the investment of funds through financial products and services, aimed at vulnerable populations, organized in the form of business associations.

energy elephant

EnergyElephant: EnergyElephant helps organisations make better energy and sustainability decisions using their data.


√ösalo: They solve problems of environmental pollution, motivating the rental of objects, experiences and exchanges of objects (circular economy).

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