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Catenon and Finnovating join forces to drive the digital transformation of the insurance industry through innovation and talent

Finnovating and Catenon unite to transform the insurance sector through talent and innovation.

Catenon, the technology-based multinational dedicated to the global search for professionals, and Finnovating, the leading global platform that connects FinTech and InsurTech companies with Corporations to collaborate and drive innovation, are joining forces to jointly launch an acceleration plan for digital transformation in the insurance sector, with talent and innovation at the core of their agreement. 

This represents a firm commitment by Catenon to the Finnovating marketplace, as it represents a great stage for talent, innovation and co-creation, very much in line with the values of the professional search firm since its inception. In this collaboration framework, Catenon will also contribute its experience and knowledge in the FinTech and InsurTech world, and will accompany the Finnovating Marketplace players in their talent challenges, especially supporting the entrepreneurial talent of this ecosystem. 

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In addition, Catenon’s insurance clients, thanks to this alliance, will be able to launch challenges on Finnovating’s platform with the aim of accelerating the processes of innovation, digital transformation or any need that has to do with updating and integrating new technologies in their processes. In this way, Finnovating’s more than 4,500 Insurtechs will connect with insurers and will be able to offer the services they need to remain competitive in the market. 

Catenon specializes in identifying and evaluating professionals from anywhere in the world for a client based in another part of the planet. This is possible thanks to its technological base, which has made it scale and carry out operations in more than 100 countries, with national and international experience in key sectors such as FinTech and Insurtech, and its commitment to disruption in the recruitment sector. A clear example is its Talent Hackers division, the first platform based on data technologies for the search and activation of IT talent, which represents a leap in the traditional ways of searching for these highly demanded profiles. 

Transformation through talent, in the broadest sense of the Word 

Talent is not just employees. And this requires thinking and designing talent strategies based on new architectures, on different forms of organization and collaboration, between companies, startups, project teams, etc. 

Given the importance of digital transformation, insurers will need Insurtech companies to be equipped with the technology and talent necessary to avoid becoming obsolete. 

The Insurtech sector brings together insurance technology companies and the most disruptive startups that use new technologies such as blockchain, big data or artificial intelligence to create new ways of offering products and services to the end customer within the insurance sector. 

This alliance means connecting the expertise in talent acquisition and in the characteristics of the Insurtech sector to solidly accelerate the digital disruption in the insurance sector, positioning itself competitively in this new framework, growing with the most advanced technologies and the best professionals on board. 

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About Finnovating: the global platform that has connected the major players in the InsurTech ecosystem and has more than 20 leading international companies offering their services in its exclusive Marketplace, has joined forces with Catenon to launch this challenge on its platform. Through this collaborative project, Catenon’s insurance clients, who register with Finnovating, will be able to launch a free challenge to access the best technological solutions offered by InsurTech companies. At the same time, they will allow InsurTechs to acquire highly qualified and talented talent together with the international recruiter. Thanks to this union, the sector will enjoy a rapid and necessary transformation, creating new business opportunities and high-impact solutions. 

About Catenon: the technology-based multinational specialized in the global search of professionals with operations in more than 100 countries, thus becomes Finnovating’s main partner to help insurers to update and integrate the technology they need in their processes, and on the other hand, as experts in recruitment and selection of personnel, they will help insurers and InsurTech companies to get the key talent to carry out their digital transformation. 

Undoubtedly, talent acquisition becomes the main challenge for these companies, and having the best people becomes the center of the strategy at this decisive moment of change. 

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