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Finnovating launches a Marketplace to connect the international providers with the FinTech ecosystem

Finnovating, the leading global B2B platform in the FinTech world, is selecting the best international service providers to drive a new way to continue connecting startups and corporations globally through its Marketplace Area by 2022.
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Meet Finnovating’s Marketplace

After reaching the milestone of reaching users from more than 100 countries in just 3 months since the launch of the platform, Finnovating is positioned as the place-to-be where startups and select corporations can find new ways to continue connecting and innovating in the Marketplace area they present for 2022. In addition to becoming the reference space that drives collaboration between startups, corporations and investors in the X-Tech ecosystem at an international level, the platform presents the unique and differentiating value of this new functionality.

The global platform launched the Marketplace in test mode in July, with a very small selection of top-tier companies such as Equifax and Refinitiv in financial data, open banking and risk, Andersen and Vodanovic Legal in legal or Catenon in FinTech talent acquisition, among others. Now, Finnovating has announced this week that agreements are already underway to present a new and more dynamic Marketplace, where startups will be able to access a wide range of products and services offered by the best international providers that cover all the sectors necessary for the growth of FinTech and startups in their international expansion in an easy, agile and scalable way. In this way, the platform, beyond a new search engine by type of service and geographic coverage, it launches new algorithms to connect in real time the needs of FinTechs and offer them the best solutions and partners to scale their businesses.

The experts have spoken

Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating, comments that, «today, the platform globally connects more than 50,000 startups, 20,000 corporations and 10,000 investors, but we wanted to go a step further. Given the extraordinary activity on the platform over the last few months, we have perceived a very high demand for both offering and contracting services from our users, receiving more than 5,000 service requests in the last 3 months from FinTechs from all over the world. This is why we launched the Marketplace, to facilitate the connection between the services offered by prestigious providers and the difficulty startups have in accessing those services in an agile and global way.»

Miguel Prado, partner at Andersen, states that «As an independent legal and tax firm with international presence, our main objective at Andersen is to offer comprehensive solutions, always complying with our values of excellence, commitment, continuity, independence and transparency. Through the Finnovating Marketplace, not only do we have access to a global community of more than 70,000 users with the opportunity to offer them personalized advisory services, but we also have the experience of being part of a space for co-creation and collaboration with top companies in today’s financial ecosystem.»

This novel concept of positioning itself as the Amazon of the FinTech world is generating a lot of interest among the platform’s startups that will be able to access legal, finance, consulting, software, data & risk, soft-landing, human resources and many more services. The platform already has renowned international corporations such as Equifax Iberia, which offers data and analytics services. Ofelia Alfonso, Vice President of Strategy and Digital Transformation at Equifax, comments: «Finnovating’s Marketplace has helped us significantly to streamline our scouting processes and reduce waiting times thanks to the platform’s large connection network. For us, innovation is a key element, and we have discovered in Finnovating an interesting ecosystem of innovation and digitalization.»

I want to use the Marketplace!

For Paloma Real, general manager of Mastercard Spain: «At Mastercard we firmly believe in connections as the most effective and enriching way to grow and progress. Therefore, Finnovating’s commitment to a new and more relevant way of putting startups and corporations in contact, through the Marketplace tool, is very positive news for the sector and a great step for all parties to benefit».

Betting on co-creation and collaboration between the different players on the platform, «we are selecting the best providers to generate a Marketplace with services from different sectors, which can be filtered by region and by the more than 600 X-Tech activities that we have identified on the platform, within the FinTech, PropTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, RegTech, LegalTech and Cybersecurity sectors. Our goal is to get all users to access and find the services they need on the platform, in addition to corporations having the opportunity to provide services in a single space with a community of more than 50,000 startups» states Rodrigo García de la Cruz.

Miguel Ángel Navarro, CEO and Vice President of the multinational recruitment company Catenon, comments that «Finnovating represents a great scenario of talent, innovation and co-creation, very much in line with Catenon’s philosophy. That’s why we have had the firm conviction that we can do great things together. Since our beginnings, at Catenon we have been committed to undertaking our clients’ professional search digitally and globally, and this would not have been possible without a firm commitment to technology, innovation and knowledge management. This has led us to develop in more than 100 countries, with national and international experience in sectors as important as Fintech and Insurtech, having helped many companies to create the best teams. Our latest commitment to innovation is TalentHackers, the first platform based on data technologies for the search and activation of IT talent, which represents a leap in the traditional ways of searching for these highly demanded profiles. We will be delighted to accompany the Finnovating Marketplace players in their talent challenges».

Borja Dávila, executive Partner of Finnovating, highlights that «looking ahead to 2022, Finnovating has already started the process of selecting the best corporations among all those that applied to offer their services on the platform. In addition to other functionalities such as the Discovery and Challenges areas that promote interaction and collaboration among users, the Marketplace space is committed to going further and opening up the spectrum of connection, presenting an innovative way of connecting services without barriers of space and time. By incorporating the world’s most specialized providers to be part of this Marketplace, the global platform aims to continue helping thousands of users find the partners to meet their growth and global scale goals.

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