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Finnovating revolutionizes the way of innovating: Mastercard, Equifax and Majorel are already launching collaborative Challenges

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Finnovating revolutionizes the way of innovating: Mastercard, Equifax and Majorel are already launching collaborative Challenges with all the FinTech companies in the world.

Mastercard, Equifax, Majorel and other top corporations and investors already rely on the Finnovating platform to launch collaboration and investment projects.

The pandemic has shown the need to digitize any company and today digitization is more important than ever. The good news is that in the last two years there has been a boom in B2B and SaaS technology companies with embedded finance and insurance solutions that are revolutionizing digitization.

The Finnovating platform has positioned itself as the first global Matching as a Service (MaaS) platform, connecting thousands of companies with more than 50,000 FinTech and InsurTech companies around the world. In just four months, Finnovating has managed to help hundreds of companies find their partners, collaborators, investors or clients through more than 300 Challenges, having achieved an average of 20 applications for each project. This space takes advantage of the community effect created on the platform with active companies from 112 countries, revolutionizing the way to search for and connect these FinTech & InsurTech Enablers with any type of company.

Startups, companies and investors from almost 120 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them!

The «Challenges» are, after all, a fully outlined call to the FinTech and InsurTech ecosystem through collaboration, innovation and investment programs launched by banks, insurers, brokers, insurers, and all the major sectors leading innovation worldwide. Inspired by the «Job Posting» of LinkedIn and Job & Talent, the «Challenges» function as the link between companies seeking innovative solutions with these X-Tech, but in a totally digital, global and efficient way, marking a before and a then in the way of connecting and doing business with potential partners.

Top-tier companies such as Mastercard, Equifax, Andersen, Solarisbank, DKV, Bankinter and Socios Inversores already rely on this unique solution to scale their business after having published their collaboration and investment programs on the Finnovating platform.

Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating, comments that «The Challenges area is an innovative and unique solution in the sector, since we can help the ecosystem to connect, keep up to date with the latest trends and generate a space for collaboration between the companies that are leading the digital transformation. Every week hundreds of FinTech and InsurTech join the platform looking for new corporate challenges to apply to scale their B2B and SaaS businesses. We are proud to already be helping thousands of companies to grow through the open collaboration that we have created in Finnovating.”

Mainly, the leading corporations in innovation on an international scale rely on the Challenges area to publish open innovation projects and to be able to collaborate with technological startups in the ecosystem, jointly developing the most disruptive solutions in the sector. «Thanks to launching Challenges in Finnovating, we are in the process of closing two collaboration agreements with startups on the platform to work together developing innovative solutions and accelerating the digital transformation of the ecosystem,» explains Ofelia Alfonso, Strategy & Digital Transformation Vice President at Equifax Iberia.

Large corporations of the stature of Andersen already rely on the platform when it comes to closing collaboration agreements to expand their business and scale globally. «Thanks to the Finnovating platform, we are managing to close agreements with FinTech companies that need and request our legal and regulatory services,» says Miguel Prado, partner at Andersen.

Mastercard also joins this new way of connecting and scaling business relationships: «The Challenges of the Finnovating platform have allowed us to explore new forms of collaboration with potential innovative partners, which positions the platform as a very interesting solution to receive potential leads to analyze and with which to generate common projects” explains Alejandro Banegas, Director of Business Development at Mastercard Spain.

One of the first success stories in the Challenge area was between the CNP Partners corporation, the Southern European subsidiary of CNP Assurances and the number one life insurer in France, and the leading InsurTech in Italy, Yolo. Through the platform and a collaboration program launched by the subsidiary of the large French insurer, they connected and closed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop an innovative project to digitize processes in the insurance sector.

Another relevant initiative for the insurance sector is the agreement between Finnovating and Catenon, the technology-based multinational dedicated to the global search for professionals. The alliance consists of joining forces to jointly launch a plan to accelerate digital transformation in the insurance sector, with talent and innovation as the cornerstones of their agreement. In this way, the multinational’s clients will be able to launch Challenges on the Finnovating platform with the aim of accelerating innovation processes.

On the other hand, the community of more than 600 active investors from all over the world, rely on the solution that Finnovating presents to shorten times in the search for startups in which to invest. The Challenges area allows you to publish an “offer” from an investor who wants to invest, where technology startups that meet the requirements can apply and connect with investors in record time to receive capital. “We have had a great experience after launching an investment Challenge on the platform. In less than a month we receive qualified leads from startups with great potential and susceptible to investment to continue their process and thus be able to contribute to the revolution of the global Tech ecosystem” comments Patricia López, Marketing & Communications Manager at

Leaders in financial innovation such as the Fundación Innovación Bankinter also tell of their experience: «We launched an investment project on the platform for our Venture Capital Program and we are delighted not only with the number of applications received by the Challenge, but also with the quality of the leads that we receive and that we are in the process of analyzing” explains José Carlos Huerta, Head of Analysis.

Finnovating has reported that it continues to work to better understand the opportunities for collaboration, co-creation and investment and to continue helping the entire community that continues to grow day by day.

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Finnovating revolutionizes the way of innovating: Mastercard, Equifax and Majorel are already launching collaborative Challenges.

Finnovating revolutionizes the way of innovating: Mastercard, Equifax and Majorel are already launching collaborative Challenges.

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