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Finnovating, the first Global Fintech Platform, is finally live!

After months of hard work, Finnovating, the first Global Fintech Platform of its kind, has been released to the general public. Thanks to this innovative new way of making business, any company or investor will be able to connect, work and invest with all FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, LegalTech, WealthTech and RegTech companies worldwide. In addition, they can participate in fast-track collaborations, find the perfect match for their business and co-create with any startup globally. All these functions in just a single click and in one place!

Over a 1000 companies connected in one platform, ready to shake up the world.

Leading innovators like Mastercard, Caser, Equifax Iberia, and Oracle are some of our partners! All of these changemakers will connect, collaborate and invest in a digital and scalable way through our platform. This new way of making business will bring new tech solutions and change the digital landscape for the better, while making innovation easier and faster! As our CEO Rodrigo García de la Cruz, said: “We launched this platform to ease the connection of the ecosystem at a global level. We created a meeting point so that all companies can make themselves known and connect with each other to develop innovation and growth projects. We help the FinTech, InsurTech and PropTech ecosystem connect, receive feedback and grow exponentially.”

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Digital transformation is an obligation and not an option.

Recent events (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) have proven that businesses need to use technology in some way or another to thrive. Luckily, Finnovating has most of what companies need to innovate, in one place. We have identified more than a thousand new business models among startups and a hundred of innovative technologies that, along with other variables, allow searching and connecting with the best target profiles of each company and/or investor. Furthermore, our development team has not only managed to organize and make innovation accessible but has also developed matching algorithms to connect the global ecosystem and thus accelerate collaborations between companies. We urge you to join us in this digital revolution!

Challenges, a platform within a platform.

We are not only launching a B2B LinkedIn, but also an inside space called “Challenges” where companies are able to publish collaboration and investment projects. Meanwhile, our own algorithm matches the best profiles that suit their needs. Tasks that could take months reduced to just clicks and seconds with a 100% success rate! A perfect example, is the collaboration created in our platform between the Italian InsurTech YOLO and the CNP Group in Spain.

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The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward.

The efforts of the Finnovating team are being rewarded. We are very proud of the results we have been receiving and to be part of a global phenomenon that is going to change the financial world. Here at our home, happiness is all around. After working so hard, our team is finally taking the big step towards our goal. Making international connections between the game changers of the Fintech ecosystem and reaching our dreams.

A new way of making business.

Connection, collaboration and innovation made easier and accessible in a single place. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Sign up for free (as a company or a representative of one) and start taking advantage of our entire network to connect and do business globally with over 70,000 companies.   It’s time to reach your dreams! Watch your business grow and adapt to this new digital world.

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