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Finnovating’s Open-To-Capital startups from Latin America

As our previous post, this is a list of some of the Latin American startups from the Finnovating platform that are Open-To-Capital. That means that they are ready to accept capital to grow even bigger! Take a look at them and find out more about their business models and features.

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Meet the Open-To-Capital startups!

  • Scorce: they simplify processes through the use of APIs, quickly, easily and simply connecting companies that operate on the internet with the best APIs.
  • tan tan: they are a Digital iD wallet and focus on delivering solutions for everyday life, providing top-notch technology for the substitution of the traditional wallet.
  • Expediente Azul: they help you to increase your capacity to register financial services by automating the integration of all your files.
  • Figuro: a One Stop Shop for insurance and investments products. They created a digital independent financial advisor that helps you understand your financial situation, and give you recommendations, content, tools and products to achieve your goals.
  • Worky: it is the cloud solution for Mexican companies to manage human capital without paperwork and with agility. A software that manages all the main and important processes of the human resources department.
  • Qxm: it is a social enterprise that functions as a meeting point between workers and clients. The task to be carried out is budgeted in an open and transparent way, and it is the client who chooses based on reputation, price, proximity or the differential that is most important to them.
  • Hooli: a digital identity platform that proposes a model where people, businesses and companies can carry out interactions and transactions in a safe, simple and fast way. Hooli is the first and only platform that has a 100% password less model.
  • Coru: it is the leading platform enabling financial progress in Mexico. They intelligently match people to their right financial product, powerfully removing the complexity of making the right choice.
  • Güeno: it is an all-in-one onboarding platform for user registration, allowing automated customer management capable of cloning the commercial flow of companies, but 24/7, without human interaction, with an engine of offer, payment and biometric security recognitions among other features (+175).
  • Finsmart: it is a factoring company registered with the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) that facilitates the financing of negotiable invoices between investors and companies. They are the first company in Peru to receive the Crowdfunding organization authorization granted by the Superintendency of the Securities Market (SMV).
  • Aflore: it distributes simple financial products to the underbanked people in Latin America, through a community of informal advisors.
  • moyoAI: it helps financial institutions to ease the credit evaluation process, reducing risk and boosting their business. They aim to build trust between people from the base of the pyramid (without a financial identity) and financial institutions, through a psychometric customized solution + machine learning + artificial intelligence.
  • Paynom: it is an innovative platform that allows the company’s employees cover eventualities or financial essentials without compromise your future income.
  • TuKompa: Peruvian FinTech that gives 100% digital loans to the ‘underbanked’ in 4 easy steps.
  • Sekure: it is the first on-demand cloud insurance platform in Latin America that empowers insurers, brokers, and other stakeholders (Reinsurers, FinTech, Affinity, Mobility, E-commerce) to design and provide digital insurance products to their customers without investing in infrastructure or involvement in endless projects.
  • Fundary: it is the first FinTech crowdfunding authorized in Mexico to offer collective financing services: offer a financial credit solution for companies allowing cash availability from $50K to $10M in record time, with immediate preapproval to access credit quickly and easily in a 100% online process.

Could any of them be your next investment project?

  • Cobrotech: an automated collection management platform with the aim of optimizing the debtor’s experience by improving collection, drastically reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and digitizing from onboarding to collection and digital signature of the necessary documents such as renegotiations.
  • ABL capital: they provide secured loans and factoring financing to small businesses using proprietary technology for sourcing, underwriting and decision making.
  • Cellbank: a BaaS that designs a differential solution in the market, with scalability capabilities for large FinTech business deployments, delivering a value offer both in consulting, as in the products, developments and integrations.
  • Puntored: it provides financial transaction services including payment, withdrawal, deposit, and virtual services to low and middle income population through more than 72,000 outlets in Latin America.
  • arKdia: end-to-end proptech solution powered by Blockchain for contract management & tokenization of digital assets and real estate
  • UNIT: InsurTech that insures your protection needs with simple and affordable solutions through an end-to-end online platform.
  • Rocktech: it is a FinTech platform where Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) offer shares to the general public, authorized investors (national and foreigner), private equity, VC’s and Family offices in Mexico.
  • Mellro: they offer a free space to advertise properties and keep the rent organized until the end in a simple way, with a rental contract generator.
  • Bankingly: the company offers a white label digital banking solution for small banks, credit unions, and microfinance institutions, enabling them to avail SaaS platforms adaptable to the institutional design.
  • FIINSOFT: they offer a FinTech in a Box solution that includes: human capital, processes, manuals, technology and relationship with financial authorities.
  • Beble: they are a team made up of developers, designers and experts in the field of verification, working together to generate a product capable of revolutionizing the capture processes and making them more user-friendly.
  • Cinpool: platform to invest in top-tier private equity funds. They enable anyone to access and invest in top-tier private equity funds with the lowest possible commitments
  • Cincel: it is a blockchain based e-signature SaaS that helps people and businesses in Latin America to speed up the way that their legal agreements are signed and managed.
  • Monific: they merge technology, real estate and tourism into a platform that offers investment opportunities accessible to all. First Crowdfunding platform that breaks barriers to entry into real estate investment specialized in the tourism sector.

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