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Meet the FinTech: GodEnigma, Ithium finance

Exclusive interview with Pablo López Villanueva, General Manager at GodEnigma.

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Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about Gödenigma and how the fintech started to be.

Pablo López Villanueva (PLV): Gödenigma started off within the Abeirar Group and EcoMT back in 2019, in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain), which is a very innovative environment to be in. Our leadership is constantly trying out new ideas, so back then we tested a few applications of the blockchain technology and got very good results from two of them, namely Order-based funding and Early Payment Discounts management – two excellent applications that could not work to their full potential without a trust mechanism between the parties. We presented the results to one of the leading financial institutions in Spain, got them onboard and we were in business with our Ithium products.

(F): You are the current GM of Gödenigma. How does the company fit in the global fintech ecosystem?

(PLV): Currently, our focus is set in Spain. Our Ithium Finance product serves a need for financing in a market where most companies are SMEs and run on limited cash over excruciatingly long payment terms. Furthermore, we offer innovative, secure products to financial institutions in a very competitive and consolidating sector such as banking.

(F): What is your vision for Gödenigma in the next 5-10 years?

(PLV): An ambitious one.

(F): You applied for the 1st cohort of the SANDBOX in Spain. Can you tell us about it?

(PLV): It was a fantastic experience and a boost for accomplishing our mission. Our project was one among 65 at the beginning of the regulators’ evaluation but it was one of the only five projects that got green-lighted. The process was long and it took a lot of work, explaining and documenting of our solution, but the regulator’s final remarks were glorious.
(F): Is Gödenigma interested in partnering with large companies in the sector? How do you think Finnovating can help you with this goal?

(PLV):  We definitively are. Our Ithium products are just as good as the companies that use them and the higher the adoption the better for everyone. We also want to bring new and valuable products, and a rich network of partners is key to capture the pulse of the market.

(F): What kind of companies can match your Partnership challenge launched at Finnovating?

(PLV): We are seeking collaborations in two ways. On one side, with entities (fintechs, banks and neobanks, credit institutions, crowdlending, etc.) that are willing to provide the necessary financial flows to finance orders. On the other side, with partners with capacity to deliver this service to the companies that use it (SMEs in need of financing their working capital, and Corporations in need of strengthening their supply chain).

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(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(PLV): You are everywhere and you bring value to everyone with your unparalleled matchmaking skills. 😊

(F): Final question. We would like to continue meeting and supporting other startups in the Fintech sector. Which startup would you recommend us and why?

(PLV): Without a doubt, Coinscrap Finance. They have a great product, a great team, and they’re doing things really well.

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