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Interview with the heads of Polssir

Exclusive Finnovating interview with the heads of Polssir

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Polssir project is 2 years old. We have come a long way from an idea to thirty prototypes to devices in our stock. In October 2021 we produced 500 devices. And this year plan is 5000 devices. We have an international team of highly qualified managers and developers (10 people).

We created a disruptive platform solution for continuous remote contactless monitoring of health and behavior of people, including elder and bedridden people based on micro-radar technologies and Artificial Intelligence software. In January 2022 we got CE certification.

Polssir system allows:

  • measure pulse and respiratory rate remotely from 3 meters and predict the approach of critical situations (loss of consciousness, cardiac and respiratory arrests)
  • work with fall management in sanitary and other rooms
  • notify the staff quickly about vital changes
  • night health monitoring

If a critical situation happens all notifications about abnormalities and device status are sent to Telegram chatbot for immediate help. We have an open API and easy integration.


1) not a video camera 2) non-wearable device 3) 24/7 remote health monitoring 4) predict of abnormalities 5) fall management control 6) simple use- easy interface and quick access to functions 7) affordable price

Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about Polssir and how the fintech started to be.

Sergei Scherbakov (SS): Polssir is the mix of two words “pulse” and “surrounding” the meaning of which is to make life easier, prolong life of every person who surrounds you and keep this life better and safe.


(F): How did the idea come about?

(SS): The idea of creating a solution for 24\7 contactless monitoring of vital signs has occurred in the founders’ minds long ago. As it often happens, the reason for this was some accidents happened to elderly relatives in Polssir founders’ families. It was the starting point of Polssir birth.


(F): You are the current CEO of Polssir. How does the company fit in the Global fintech ecosystem?

(SS): Polssir fits the Global fintech ecosystem perfectly because there are many various consumers, investors, partners, distributors, regulators in FinTech board with whom we can make beneficial and productive partnership and serve our product that meet their needs and local requirements.

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(F): What is Polssir ‘s value proposition?

(SS): Polssir  Health Sensor-Based Monitoring Solution can measure heart rate and respiratory rate against doctor-set thresholds to know when it needs to alert staff about changes to ask for medical help. Besides, it can monitor physical activity in bed to prevent bedsores and work with fall management in personal places (toilets, sanitary rooms).


(F): How do you think the implementation of digital functionalities will impact the traditional business model?

(SS): Digital transformation and implementation of digital functionalities are necessary because modern life goes on very rapidly and business should keep pace to it to be on the same path. Different digital instruments, platforms, solutions should be implemented into real life of organization and people to optimize their working routine process and let them get more sufficient benefits and keep sustainable development.


(F): Is Polssir interested in partnering with large companies in the sector? How do you think Finnovating can help you with this goal?

Evgenia Elizarova (EE): Polssir is keen on partnering with large corporations to make a long term cooperation in which we can improve and offer a ready-to-market solution to people. Finnovating can be a good bridge to creating such a productive way of synergy.


(F): What do you think can be the impact of digital platforms in the Fintech industry?

(EE): The impact is great and obvious. Digitalization will lead to the simplification and optimization of traditional process. Besides, it will allow create new and more personalized offers that meet the needs  and specifics of customers.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(EE):  2 main secrets:

1) Globalization. It is global platform allowing various startups from all over the world be onboard and take a chance to meet customers, investors and partners to make business

2) Function- flexibility and adaptivity. It means very simple and user-friendly tools and interfaces to ensure quick registration and visibility on the platform for further communication and usage.


(F): Why is Polssir interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global fintech platform?

(SS): We are eager to be a part of Finnovating to make our product global to ensure people use and take benefits from it.

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polssir interview finnovating heads polssir interview finnovating heads polssir interview finnovating heads 

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