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Interview with Jérôme Traisnel, CEO and founder of SlimPay


Jérôme Traisnel, CEO and co-founder of SlimPay. He has extensive experience in innovation and new technologies, always one step ahead when it comes to identifying merchant needs in the checkout process. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of his identity, so in his spare time, he enjoys helping other entrepreneurs with their businesses.

SlimPay is the leading FinTech in innovative solutions for the management of both recurring and punctual payments. Our mission is to accompany our clients throughout the collection process, offering the appropriate method, direct debit or card, which increases customer retention and maximizes profits.

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Finnovating (F): Could you summarize a brief review of your professional career as an introduction?

Jérôme Traisnel (JT): I have a degree in engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble and a master’s degree in marketing and management from the ESSEC Business School.

After an international career at Texas Instruments and then at Schlumberger, as Marketing Director and later Managing Director for Iberia, I returned to France in 1999 to create Freever with Philippe Tissot and Fabien Thiriet. Freever was the forerunner of value-added services via SMS. In 2006 Freever joined the Buongiorno Group, a European specialist in mobile content and services.

In 2010, together with Jean-Louis Hoenen, we founded ZiPay, since then renamed SlimPay. Today we have almost 100 collaborators and our goal is to improve payment processes, offering innovative solutions to improve the customer experience and maximize the benefits of our customers.


(F): You are the current CEO of SlimPay. Could you explain the core business of SlimPay? what services it offers?

(JT): Based in Paris and with the collaboration of a team in Madrid, SlimPay is the leading payment platform in the FinTech ecosystem.

SlimPay helps medium and large companies to grow their business with recurring and one-time payment solutions (for one-off products and services). These solutions are expertly tailored to the business demands of each client. We innovatively combine direct debits with card payments, offering an unbeatable customer experience and fast and secure cash flow.

In addition to an avant-garde combination of the different payment methods, SlimPay accompanies its clients throughout the process, from the electronic signature of the direct debit mandate or the collection of the card token, to the collection and monitoring of the income in a analytical dashboard (Dashboard) easy and intuitive. In addition, our Automatic Retry module allows rejected payments to be automatically relaunched to ensure revenue inflow and increase the customer’s lifetime value.

SlimPay’s business model is to provide our clients with a collection offer tailored to their business model, with an emphasis on fraud prevention and customer experience.


(F): What is SlimPay’s value proposition?

(JT): At SlimPay, we help medium and large business merchants to make recurring payments and ensure the success of transactions with their clients, contributing to the success of their business. Our smart payment solution allows you to charge faster with SEPA direct debit or card, or by combining the two payment methods.

I would say that we are in a unique position to accompany merchants on this journey, thanks to our longstanding experience in automating payments and a proven selection of added values. We are here to help merchants extract more value from their payments, going beyond simply collecting. We focus on strategically maximizing each part of the value chain, improving the customer experience and increasing retention and loyalty.


(F): Who is SlimPays customer?

(JT): SlimPay operates in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area).
Our clients are medium and large companies that come from the following sectors: consumer goods and services, insurance, energy, financial services, telco, health, SaaS … We are proud to have the trust of large companies such as AXA, Podo, Nespresso, Fnac, MoneyMas, Solocal or Engie, among others.

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(F): How do you think SlimPay contributes to promoting and transforming today’s financial sector? How do you think the implementation of digital functionalities will impact the traditional business model?

(JT): You cannot talk about financial transformation without mentioning the impact of digitization in the sector.
Digitization has been the main driver of change in all sectors, including finance. The recent health crisis and the demands of clients have been the main actors of change. Customers expect a personalized, easy and secure service, especially when it comes to their payments.

Payments are a complex procedure and SlimPay is committed to a constant investment in technology and digitization to facilitate the payment process and allow our clients to focus on their main mission. SlimPay combines cutting edge technology with a highly qualified team.

Digitization has become a necessity for any company, saving time and costs by automating processes that were once complex and rudimentary, as well as the opportunity to expand internationally.


(F): Is SlimPay interested in partnering with large companies in the sector?

(JT): At SlimPay we believe that if you walk alone you will go faster, but if you walk accompanied you will go further. All companies are working harder than ever to deliver the best user experience and focus on the customer.

Although we are experts in recurring payments, partnering with other complementary service partners has allowed us and allows us to take advantage of the synergies of each of them. These collaborations allow us to: open up to new markets, access new services or better respond to the needs of merchants.

At SlimPay we already have a large portfolio of partners: accounting, subscription management, CRM, billing, payment service providers, etc. and we keep looking for others to go even further.


(F): How would you convince investors to trust the FinTech sector at such a sensitive time for the economy?

(JT): Recurring business has numerous advantages over «one-time» purchases. Subscribing to a service or repeat purchases provide merchants with a constant stream of predictable income and SlimPay has the expertise to offer a solution tailored for this use case.

At the beginning of any crisis, especially one that affects the economy, a rebound in consumer behavior and online consumption can be observed: pay TV, music downloads, games, etc. Businesses that got ahead of digitization trends and recurring payment models managed to get out of the way.

During the most delicate times for the economy, operational excellence is needed, especially in payment. At SlimPay we focus our technology, product and support teams on delivering payments to better serve our customers 24 hours a day. At the end of the day, our clients’ success is our success.


(F): How will SlimPay expand internationally?

(JT): Our knowledge, specialization and experience in the automation of collections allows us to position ourselves in an extensive territory within the SEPA zone. Our main objective is to continue growing in Europe, where we already have the trust of many clients.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(JT): Finnovating is the perfect showcase for the FinTech community. It is an intuitive and complete platform. It also has a team always available to help you improve the use of the platform.


(F): Why is SlimPay interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global FintTech platform?

(JT): Finnovating provides us with a platform where we can connect with more than 50,000 FinTechs, Corporations & Investors. Our main objectives are to connect and increase our visibility within the FinTech ecosystem. We are interested in publicizing our solution to complete and evolve our offer, accelerating innovation and digital transformation of merchants in the aforementioned sectors.

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Jérôme Traisnel CEO SlimPay Jérôme Traisnel CEO SlimPay Jérôme Traisnel CEO SlimPay

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