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Interview with the Collection Manager of Transfiriendo SA, Jaime Nariño

Jaime Nariño is the Collection Manager of Transfiriendo SA, a member of the Finnovating platform. Transfiriendo SA facilitates business interaction and communication between the different actors through technological solutions.

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Finnovating (F): Can you explain what the company Transfiriendo SA does and what makes it different?

Jaime Nariño (JN): We are a company that provides solutions based on technology. We have very marked strengths in solutions for the Health and Insurance sectors, additionally in document management, payment gateway, biometric identification, electronic signature and communications. Our great difference is the ability to integrate different technologies to provide end to end solutions.


(F): Where did the idea come from?

(JN): On the specific needs of our clients, listening to their challenges and pains. Providing solutions to what used to be done on paper and with many processes … now just one click away.


(F): As Collection Manager of Transfiriendo SA, what are the biggest challenges that you have had to face when creating the company?

(JN): We are not really a new company, we have been in the market for several years with very mature solutions. Without a doubt, the main challenges are to stay fresh by renewing our solutions and making technology keep pace with changing needs and habits.


(F): What has been the key to the success of Transfiriendo SA?

(JN): Its human talent and its ability to provide solutions, not just products.


(F): Why do you think we have seen so many companies born in the FinTech sector in the last 5 years?

(JN): Digitization opens opportunities by making markets grow, not as it happened in traditional industries or markets, where each new competitor takes a part of the pie. With FinTech, the potential is to grow the pie.


(F): What do FinTech companies offer that more traditional companies do not?

(JN): Agility and creating business models that previously did not exist. Breaking market inertias with ways to reach solutions in a non-traditional way.

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(F): What has the Finnovating platform contributed to you and your company?

(JN): We have high expectations to achieve synergies with companies that come to the Colombian market and those that help us to have a presence in other countries, strengthening our portfolio.


(F): What has been the Finnovating tool that has been exploited the most? And what has caught your attention the most about its functionalities?

(JN): Undoubtedly, its news page is something that allows us to keep abreast of news and especially trends.


(F): What is your vision of the FinTech sector in the short and medium term?

(JN): It will continue to grow in a constant dynamic with two market forces: one of concentration (purchases and large investments) and the other small agile companies challenging the larger and more established ones.


(F): What’s next for Transfiriendo SA?

(JN): Continue with our integration of solutions and making synergies with other FinTech companies to have increasingly complementary services.


(F): What would you say to other companies in the sector so that they become part of the Finnovating platform?

(JN): It is important to be in contact with the market so as not to get locked into our own ideas and concepts. And that we must always have the potential to dialogue, discuss, compare, negotiate and try.

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