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Interview with Toufik Gozim, CEO and co-founder of Assurly


Toufik Gozim, the CEO and co-founder of Assurly, has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, having held positions of responsibility in IT at AXA and in areas of high regulatory importance in major banking groups. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded and presides over Assurly to transform the loan insurance ecosystem.

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Finnovating (F): Tell us a little about Assurly and how this FinTech came to be. How was the idea created?

Toufik Gozim (TG): After several years of experience with big names in insurance, my friend Mickael Benhassen, now co-founder and CTO of Assurly, and I, noticed that some markets such as credit insurance and more particularly loan insurance (although very lucrative) had remained on the sidelines of both technological and product innovation. In particular in terms of customer experience: many insurance players speak in a specific and very opaque jargon, offer inflated prices and any process involves endless paperwork! It is with this in mind that we decided to create Assurly. Our mortgage insurance is simple, transparent, 100% digital, at an ultra-competitive price and offers one of the best covers on the market.


(F): You are the current CEO & co-founder of Assurly. How does the company fit into the global FinTech ecosystem?

(TG): Assurly is becoming more established in the FinTech ecosystem every day. Since the product launch in spring 2021, it is even more watched and followed. In March, Assurly was listed in Challenges magazine’s Top 100 «startups to invest in in 2021», in the «European FinTechs to watch in 2021» ranking of the leading European tech media Sifted in July, as well as in Wavestone and Kleinblue’s insurtech radars. Our neo-insurance seduces for its innovative character, and this is what also allows us to set up nice partnerships with other insurtechs such as Lovys, Cautioneo, Qlower, or even with well-established players such as Rakuten.


(F): What is Assurly’s value proposition?

(TG): Traditional insurance companies have exploited and complicated the insurer/policyholder relationship to the point of tarnishing the image of the profession. Assurly’s objective is to give the power back to the insured. The power to understand their insurance, thanks to a clear and transparent offer. The power to pay the right price, thanks to much more personalized and efficient analysis models. The power to be better protected, thanks to optimized guarantees and simple and rapid coverage. The power, finally, to choose freely and without paperwork, with simplified formalities and a more fluid customer experience.

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(F): How do you think the implementation of digital capabilities will impact the traditional business model?

(TG): Digital technology has changed society and especially consumer habits, especially since the Covid-19 crisis. Now we can order everything online, in a few clicks, without even going through a human if we want. Thanks to the Internet, the customer has access to much more information, transparency is highly sought after, and trust is acquired; while companies rework their processes to make the customer experience more fluid and personalize their services. Hence our concept of a full couch mobile application! You can now change your mortgage insurance from your cell phone in a few minutes.


(F): Is Assurly interested in partnering with large companies in the industry? How do you think Finnovating can help you achieve this goal?

(TG): B2B2C is a major axis of development for Assurly. Several major players in the sector are interested in working with us and we are very happy to talk to them. Platforms such as Finnovating are accelerating contact.


(F): What do you think the impact of digital platforms like Finnovating can be in the FinTech industry?

(TG): I think that digital platforms can be an additional tool for the development of projects, partnerships, exchange of best practices and disruptive ideas, in this ecosystem already in motion.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(TG): The experience proposed on the Finnovating platform is in line with the logic of FinTech startups, where technology can meet a need in a simple and efficient way. The idea of matching businesses like a match on Tinder is a real concept, both daring and practical.

Toufik Gozim ceo assurly

(F): Final: We would like to continue meeting and supporting other startups in the FinTech sector. Which startup would you recommend and why?

(TG): Without hesitation, we recommend our startup partners: Qlower, Avostart, Cautioneo, Lovys, Slimpay, Lexem. All of them offer innovative services and deserve their place in the FinTech ecosystem.

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