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Movizzon & Dibanka: Landing in Madrid to Transform Finance

Movizzon & Dibanka: Landing in Madrid to Transform Finance

Madrid is becoming a magnet for financial innovation. Today, we’ve got some thrilling news that’s sparking excitement in our financial and tech community:Two giants in the field of financial technology and members of the Finnovating Platform, Movizzon and DiBanka, have made a significant decision – they have chosen to establish their presence in Madrid!

The arrival of these two fintech companies in the Spanish capital is a testament to Madrid’s growing appeal as an epicenter of innovation in the financial sector. Madrid, with its dynamic business environment and cutting-edge technological infrastructure, has become the destination of choice for fintech companies seeking to expand and collaborate with the region’s vibrant financial community.

This exciting development would not have been possible without the crucial collaboration between Madrid Investment Attraction and Finnovating. This partnership has facilitated the successful landing of Movizzon and Dibanka in Spain, providing vital support throughout the expansion process for these fintech companies.

Embark on an exclusive interview journey with Movizzon and Dibanka as they unveil the captivating reasons behind their choice of Madrid, reveal the potential game-changing impact on the city’s fintech scene, and share how, with the formidable support of Madrid Investment Attraction and Finnovating, they’re forging the future of finance in the region. Let’s dive right in!

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Exlusive Interview with DiBanka and Movizzon


Interview with Mauricio Chac贸n Sarmiento CEO at DiBanka

CEO DiBanka

  • Finnovating (F): What does your company do and what makes it unique and innovative?
    Mauricio Chac贸n Sarmiento (MCS): DiBanka is a technology company that, through the DiBanka Super App, allows employees and pensioners of public and private companies around the world to acquire credit, insurance, markets and other services in a single App, in a 100% experience. % digital with all levels of security.
  • (F): Why have you chosen Madrid for your Headquarters/Subsidiary?
    (MCS): From Madrid we want to position ourselves with our benefits Super App in the Spanish and European market since it is a great gateway and take advantage of the benefits that Madrid has for Fintech; and from there penetrate the Latin American markets and the rest of the world in a global strategy from Madrid.
  • (F): Where do you want to be in 3 years?
    (MCS): We want to have a great positioning in public and private companies in Latin America with our Super App and having experience in large corporate companies in Spain and starting expansion to other European markets. Being the best reference in quality of service and with new technologies from our Appinit Software house.
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Interview with Antonio Arancibia CEO & Co-Founder at Movizzon

  • Finnovating (F): What does your company do and what makes it unique and innovative?
    Antonio Arancibia (AA): At Movizzon we develop a unique and innovative technology and methodology to simulate user navigation on digital channels. Through robots with artificial intelligence located in real devices (cell phones) and environments (internet connections), we accurately simulate the real experience of users in digital channels. Detecting bugs and errors and identifying performance and usability problems proactively and in real time, that is, before they affect real users.
  • (F): Why have you chosen Madrid for your Headquarters/Subsidiary?
    (AA): We currently have clients throughout Latin America and the United States, our next step was Europe. Within Europe, Spain has a strategic location as a bridge between Latin America and Europe. Madrid is a hub for attracting talent and investment funds. Furthermore, it is a very mature ecosystem that is doing things very well. That is why last year we defined our Headquarters in Madrid, which also allows us to be closer to our clients in Spain and Italy, and where we want to advance our investment rounds.
  • (F):Where do you want to be in 3 years?
    Today we are well positioned in the financial industry in the 15 countries where we have clients through a territorial growth strategy based on a specific industry. Our next steps are to continue with the consolidation of the financial industry in Latin America and Europe, and in parallel develop new industries in the markets where we currently have a presence. Our solution is applicable for any type of industry whose companies have digital channels.
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