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Investors from Silicon Valley, Luxembourg and Spain trust Finnovating’s value proposition.

Investors from Silicon Valley, Luxembourg and Spain trust Finnovating’s value proposition.

The first global B2B platform that connects the FinTech ecosystem with more than 70,000 startups, corporations and investors from around the world, closes its first round of financing by incorporating an international team of experts who will support both its continuous technological development and its growth in all the markets.

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One month after its official launch, Finnovating welcomes a group of experienced investors with the aim of accelerating the growth of the company until it becomes a global benchmark as a B2B platform that connects FinTech, corporations and investors from all over the world.
The platform’s value proposition focuses on allowing each member to streamline investment and collaboration processes, reducing the time and resources required to raise capital by a third. Registered FinTech, PropTech, InsurTech or WealthTech start-ups can connect with large corporations, banks, insurers and qualified investors, who will have the possibility to collaborate in an agile, digital and scalable way. In this way, processes that would take months are shortened to just days and a single click.
Pablo Gasalla, partner of Finnovating and one of the main entrepreneurs and investors in the FinTech ecosystem in Spain celebrates: “the reception of the launch of the platform has been incredibly good, and we hope to help many entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams”.
Since the pre-launch last January, Finnovating has added almost 3,000 registered companies from more than 60 countries on all continents. In addition, leading companies known for their innovative projects, such as Mastercard, Equifax Iberia, Oracle or Caser, as well as consolidated startups such as Bnext, Railsbank or N26, are already part of the platform.
Among the investors, stand out influential figures from the entrepreneurial, financial and technological environment such as Marta Martínez (former CEO of the T-Solar group and one of the main directors of Spain), Pedro Flames (co-founder and investor of several companies in Asia), Carlos Morales Rivas (Director of TS&P, one of the main law firms in Luxembourg), or Arturo Fernández Mac Dowell (CEO of Eurobits Technologies), as well as executives of international financial entities such as Giacomo Bonora or Tim Mol (Managing Director at Carlisle Financial Group).
Marta Martínez, equity advisor, points out that: “I decided to invest for two main reasons: on the one hand, I fully trust the knowledge and capabilities of the founders and the team, and on the other hand, I want to be part of the success that the platform will experience. With this unique way of connecting startups, investors and clients”.
The entry into Finnovating of these professionals, who have led outstanding innovation and investment projects in Silicon Valley and the European and Asian markets, aims to promote the first international FinTech community, eliminating any physical and technological barrier. The investment will be used mainly to expand the team, which has grown by more than 45% in a few weeks, and the international expansion of the platform that already has registered companies from more than 60 countries, such as Canada, the United States, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Chile, China, Singapore or Hong-Kong, since its launch on May 12.

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According to Tim Mol: “Finnovating is a great investment opportunity, since it is not only a very necessary and scalable project, but it will also generate unique information so that investors like us can anticipate and know first-hand in which new models you have to invest and know the best time to do it”.
Even without having published the total amount of the round, it is a fact that, thanks to the incorporation of this pool of experts in different fields, it will also be possible to make qualified decisions in technology matters, allowing Finnovating to strengthen its capacity to continue to develop its own artificial intelligence algorithms, accelerate its international expansion and optimize the functionalities of its technological platform to the maximum.
Arturo González Mac Dowell predicts a promising future for the platform: “I think we are facing a very exciting project, something that the FinTech community needed, and I am confident that many potential opportunities will come if we do things right. I see Finnovating in five years as the place that will break any barrier, both physical and technological, allowing to unite FinTech, banks, investors and other large corporations from around the world that want to take full advantage of innovation and digital transformation”.
With this revolutionary value proposition, global innovation is being promoted, creating a meeting point to do business and grow exponentially in the sector, bringing the best and newest technological solutions to users. In addition, the ‘expertise’ granted by investors to Finnovating will allow members of the platform to contact and make visible international business models.
From now on, companies will be able to transform their dreams into success stories and adapt to any market disruption efficiently.
“I would never have imagined uniting so much international talent to accompany us on this beautiful journey, a path that I am convinced that we will travel together with all our members of the platform,” concludes Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO Finnovating. In addition, he points out that the most repeated phrase in Finnovating is “if you go alone you might think you can go fast, but if you are accompanied you will surely go far. And our platform seeks that we all go well accompanied as possible».

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