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Exclusive Interview with Founder of LinkedIP

Interview with Founder of LinKedIP, Miguel Licero Gualdron

Miguel Licero Gualdron, Founder of LinKedIp is an Electronics Engineer, MBA UC Specialist and Digital Transformation innovator with 20 years of professional experience. Miguel is an IP-based communication expert and has wide experience in Voice Over IP, Telecom, Computer Telephony Integration, and CRM technologies. He specializes in Telecom, Omni Channel Contact Center, and Artificial Intelligence provisioning. Over the last decade, he has been proven to show incremental innovation for the use of Asterisk in the Call Center and UCaaS industry. His major career achievements include the design and development of the first YouTube prototype in the mid-’90s for a major university in the city of Cartagena.

Miguel also deployed the first hybrid fiber optics coaxial cable broadband internet access for a cable operator in the same city. He has also designed a non-invasive CTI model between Asterisk and some cloud-based CRMs. Currently, Miguel is actively involved in the adaptation of XCALLY Omni Channel Contact Center suite for the North American and Latin American markets as a true digital transformation strategy of the customer service experience.

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Q & A

Finnovating (F): Can you briefly explain what LinkedIP’s core services are and how they help
organizations improve their communications?

Miguel Licero Gualdron (MLG): LinkedIP offers a portfolio of cloud based omni channel communications that help close the gap between any brand owner and its consumers. This portfolio includes a wide range of services from VoIP, Contact Center software and A.I. based Customer Experience.


(F): What sets LinkedIP apart from other communication service providers in the market?

(MLG): Our mission is to transform businesses by enabling innovative communication solutions that help them grow. So although LinkedIP looks like any other service provider, our solutions improve operational efficiency, accelerate revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.


(F): Could you tell us more about your Business Phone Systems and Cloud PBX solutions? How do they cater to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses?

(MLG): Regardless of the size of the business, our solutions have one thing in common: to enable superior customer care experiences through phone calls, instant messaging, video and any digital channel. Helping businesses to engage better with prospects and customers it’s the best way to accelerate their growth.


(F): XCally seems to be an interesting offering for contact centers. Can you elaborate on its key features and benefits for businesses looking to enhance customer interactions?

(MLG): XCALLY is the best omni channel contact center software as it revolutionizes a current customer care experience. XCALLY includes tools to engage with customers through a variety of digital channels including social media. It can automate interactions and integrate with mission critical business applications.


(F): How does the integration of CRM with your communication solutions improve the overall customer experience for organizations? Can you provide some specific use cases?

(MLG): XCALLY is able to bridge the data and communication worlds. By integrating CRM and communications a member of a team is empowered with the right context to engage properly into a conversation. The ability to obtain a bird’s eye view of a customer journey is essential to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase loyalty. Answering a phone call, a text message or a Facebook chat and observing the latest comments in regards to that customer’s purchase history or its previous emails are the correct recipe to provide an innovative customer experience.


(F): LinkedIP has been in the communication industry since 1999. How has the company evolved over the years, and what new innovations have been introduced recently?

(MLG): Artificial Intelligence is one of the most recent additions to our portfolio. With AI new features such as Sentiment Analysis, Agent Assist or even Sales Dial Automation help businesses to increase performance.

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(F): As a multinational company, how do you ensure seamless communication services for clients in different regions or countries?

(MLG): We are a registered Telco in the US and Colombia and we hold active contracts with at least 30+ telcos around the world that allow us to create a super network that hosts all of our customer services. In this sense we are global to our customers but our customers are local to every market where they participate. Our solutions also add a very nice layer of team collaboration that increases efficiency and keeps the momentum up.


(F): Can you share some success stories or case studies where LinkedIP’s solutions have significantly improved the efficiency and productivity of an organization?


● Seminole County Supervisor of Elections is a government agency that serves citizens by helping them in the ways of registering for voting and obtaining a
ballot to vote. We created an automated IVR based on speech recognition that automates the registry and request of voters. Using this approach we reduced the amount of human intervention during the process and leveraging operational costs.

● Financial Pacific Leasing is a subsidiary of UMPQUA bank in the west of the US. We put an innovative integration between Salesforce, their ERP, and XCALLY to
automate outbound dialing from the Salesforce interface. Consider the amount of customer service agents times the vast amount of daily interactions times the
amount of saved time by our integration: at the end of the month at least 20% of saving in operator hours.

● Facture is the largest electronic invoice service provider in Colombia. We offered an integration of all of their communication channels in one single platform. By
doing this we enabled a layer of visibility that allows them to track daily the origin of their leads helping them calculate exactly the ROI of their marketing


(F): What motivated LinkedIP to join Finnovating, and how has this partnership contributed to
the company’s growth and innovation in the communication technology sector?

(MLG): The possibility to find contacts quickly interested Linkedip to get through in this largest community and offer our solutions was a plus we were looking for.


(F): In your opinion, what makes Finnovating a unique and valuable platform for companies in the financial and technology sectors?

(MLG): Finnovating is a platform that allows businesses to connect and collaborate worldwide, has different categories to connect with companies, and has a good support team that is always willing to assist you.


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