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Most looked for European startups in Finnovating!

These are the most looked for European startups by members of the Finnovating platform.

Some of Europe’s leading startups are already part of the Finnovating platform! As part of it, they are already being sought after by other members wishing to connect and grow with the changemakers of the sector. Because of being so special, we have decide to list the most looked after startups from our platform, to put the spotlight on them and congratulate them. This is a follow-up from our previous series: open-to-capital startups!
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These are the most looked for startups from Europe!

SlimPay: a leading Fintech player in payments that works with thousands of medium and large merchants across Europe. They help merchants collect repeat payments and grow their business.
Traetupoliza: life insurance platform that allows you to learn everything related to life insurance, choose and contract in the main companies in the Spanish market at the lowest price and with the best service.
Gistek Insurance Solutions: developer of disruptive solutions for the InsurTech sector.
Change Capital: first Marketplace for business financing. They connect more than 100 FinTech products and global financial services to provide the best solution for each business.
Unnax: toolbox to build financial products and services. Their platform integrates Open Banking technologies, onboarding and identity verification, and account issuance and management, while their regulatory license allows them to act as a regulatory shield and an enabler for complex business models.
Tecalis: software company providing online identity verification, electronic signature and RPA services. Tecalis combines talent and methodology with a unique corporate culture to create value solutions and services with a positive impact on society.
eXate: eXate automates and applies privacy and security to sensitive data in the right place and in the right form.
Paysme: Paysme’s mission is powering the first ever FinTech Super App championing underserved small business communities to accelerate their transition to a growing digital economy and unlocking their full potential.
Bit2Me: Bit2Me provides a Web/mobile app-based platform to buy or sell bitcoins. Customers can put in the value to be converted and once the transactions are verified, the user receives bitcoins/euros.
Cobee: Cobee develops an online platform that automates and simplifies employee benefits management. The company also provides benefits for employees and flexible compensation that makes companies and employees fall in love.
IBISA NETWORK: IBISA is an InsurTech building and managing innovative climate insurance solutions for agriculture to bring resilience to farmers and businesses
ID Finance: ID Finance specialises in data science, credit scoring and online lending in emerging markets. It uses its proprietary IT infrastructure and risk management capabilities to develop financial solutions.
IPaidThat: iPaidThat is a SaaS-based accounting tool catering to startups. It utilizes artificial intelligence to aggregate invoices centrally and extracts data like amount, date, and tax etc.
Particeep: Particeep is a FinTech providing banks, insurers, asset managers and their distributors with online turnkey distribution solutions for their financial products and services in less than a month and without IT development.
Paylead: Paylead offers a suite of frictionless payment marketing solutions to banks and merchants. PayLead’s reward technologies allow the banks to offer customized rewards to their clients, financed directly by the merchants.
receeve: receeve is a fully customisable All-in-One Platform for Collections & Recovery. They simplify the growing complexity of data and systems and empower in-house teams to easily automate processes, engage customers & apply 360° insights to maximise recovery and minimise risk across every stage of credit management – from pre-delinquency to portfolio assignment or sale.
Solarisbank: Solarisbank is the first Banking-as-a-Service platform with a full banking license that enables companies to offer their own financial products. Through APIs, partners gain access to Solarisbank’s modular services including payments and e-money, cards, lending, digital banking as well as services provided by integrated third party providers.
Yapily: Yapily enables fairer and better financial services for everyone through Open Finance. Yapily enables companies around the world to share financial data and access payment infrastructure. They connect businesses to thousands of banks through a secure open API.
DSwiss: DSwiss offers digital vault to financial institutions that allow customers to store personal documents and passwords in digital format. The company’s white-label solution can also be integrated with the bank’s mobile and internet banking system.
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ONBORD: ONBORD technology allows any business to sign up clients with no meetings, no paper, no checking different systems, no double inputting, no manual error. It’s an innovative white label KYC-as-a-Service solution.
MotionsCloud: MotionsCloud is an Insurtech firm that enables property and vehicle insurance companies to streamline and automate claims processes using computer vision technologies.
EasyEuro: EasyEuro offers a payment gateway to merchants to accept Chinese modes of payments in Europe.
Ferimmo: FERIMMO digitizes the buying/selling of properties, targeting German,Central/North European & UK Property Investors.
finleap connect: finleap connect is the leading, independent Open Banking platform provider in Europe. It addresses the fragmented open banking landscape enabling partners to access financial transactions, enrich them with data & analytics tools and deliver seamless digitized financial services.
Finqware: API middleware platform with a single point of contact at output available for different interesting companies with financial data provided by banks and other financial providers.
Lime Credit Group: Lime Credit Group has revolutionized financial and credit products and has focused on creating a state-of-the-art scoring model.
MazoMazo: MazoMazo is dedicated to creating a sustainable financial ecosystem, where consumers are empowered through financial education & financial institutions operate in a transparent and responsible manner.
Influapp: INFLUAPP is a payment platform, but it’s also a social loyalty platform with inbuilt payment app which will safe on costs and set new standards based on a closed loop solution, offering new shopping experiences allowing consumers to earn money, discover new venues, shopping products directly in app and sharing recommendations with family friends.
Tap2Pay: Tap2Pay is a payment system integrated with messengers. It is a payments chatbot which allows the online businesses to set up a store, to communicate with the customers by Tap2Pay chat integrated within the messenger, sell digital or physical goods/services and accept payments from them via chat.
The Blue Factor: company that guarantees optimum liquidity for our clients by pre-financing invoices. They purchase invoices from our clients and pay these out within 24 hours.
Facenote: Facenote is a face recognition platform to access, pay, and get rewards in a highly private and user controlled way. No phone, no cards, no wallet required
ReHub: ReHub is a B2B clinically-proven digital platform that enables home-based physical rehabilitation for patients with MSK conditions.
Smartorg AS: SmartOrg is a digital platform (ERP, membersystem, accounting, administration..) for NGOs, Co-ownerships and any member driven association.
Polssir: their solution provides a continuous remote contactless monitoring of vital parameters&behavior of elder and bedridden people based on micro-radar technologies and Artificial intelligence.
Smart Home SA: An affordable, sustainable, scalable and innovative home automation solution which fits any kind of environnement (new or existing housing) and is done for end-users as much as real-estate professionals (builders, electricians, promoters, etc.) ClearMacro’s SAAS software solution pulls vast amounts of macroeconomic, market, trade, and thematic data and processes all of it into actionable investment insights, real-time, ALL The time. embedded insurance solutions for all companies that want to open new revenue streams and retain their customers

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