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New additions to the Finnovating platform!

New additions to the Finnovating platform!

new finnovating additions platform
Following our tradition, we are posting about the new additions to the Finnovating platform! The newest members have trusted the platform for their international expansion and the creation of high impact solutions. let’s welcome them with a big applause!
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Meet them:

Catapultame: reward based crowdfunding platform, they work as a tool for SMES that need funding, who use their software to approach a massive audience with the opportunity to participate in a campaign. Each campaign has a goal, a limited time and a set of rewards to give back to people who pledge.

Bilderlings: alternative to banks, they offer the most popular banking services – current accounts for businesses and individuals, online payment processing and payments to cards.

EEmovel: a Big Data startup focused on the Real Estate Market, providing insights and real time information to brokers, building companies, banks, retail and investors.

Minalea: it provides a Smart Sales Assistant for insurance distribution networks. It scans and analyzes permanently over several insurance offers over the french market. Its algorithm and calculation engine weighs and selects the most compelling arguments for the customer, based on his profile.

Aiudo: care service for the elderly, the elderly and home assistance through the selection of personalized caregiver profiles.

AGRA Fintech Software Solutions Inc.: a company that produces technology-oriented financial solutions that provide cost and efficiency advantages with a broad perspective.

Mutuus Seguros: a digital insurance broker focused on insurance for entrepreneurs. Mutuus allows users to quote, hire, and manage all your company’s insurance in one place.

BlockTac: it relies on Blockchain technology to provide inviolability, immutability and open verification for all its digital certificates and seals. 

PREDIALIZE: a customer experience platform specialized in the efficient management of the post-construction work of construction companies and developers in Brazil.

Fisify: SaaS for physiotherapy centers, health insurance and hospitals created to increase the scope of the injury recovery process and improve its quality.

eXate: it  automates and applies privacy and security to sensitive data in the right place and in the right form.

Global RADAR: software that was created to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, eliminate duplication of efforts, remove client and vendor friction throughout the life of the relationship. 

Tmob: a global technology powerhouse, specialized in digitalization and integration solutions, bringing growth and success to businesses and partners with its innovative SaaS, PaaS and premium solutions since 2009. 

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Codease Teknoloji: with it you can prepare your application for your complex business processes in simple steps and increase the interaction of your teams through the platform. Codease shortens development time by at least 40% and maintenance and support times by at least 60% compared to conventional development environments.

ParaleXcode: development and maintenance of highly scalable systems available on the internet, allowing you to interconnect the management and administration of your idea.

Getsurance: it provides a mobile-based platform for buying insurance such as life insurance, health insurance, household insurance, private liability insurance, etc. It helps individuals to find out the right insurance product for them.

BDev Ventures: accelerate and invest growth capital in high-potential B2B product and services companies, putting them in motion on an exponential growth curve by expanding their sales funnels by orders of magnitude.

Bettervest: online investment platform that finances sustainable development projects across the globe. With the help of ordinary citizens, we provide companies or organisations with the financial means to implement renewable energy as well as energy and resource efficiency projects.

mymovingpartner: booking platform where you can plan, calculate and book your relocation. If you want to move by yourself we offer you the possibility to ease your relocation with moving boxes which will be delivered to your home and will be picked up after you moved.

CapitalStackers: an online P2P lending platform for real estate investment and development. It provides financial modeling, analysis and professional advice from different external firms for values, cost consultants, and project monitors.

Travacoin Ltd: a payment solution which will enable airlines to compensate and refund passengers using a Blockchain based payment system.

Mykeys: the first physical-key-management platform in the cloud. Gives you the chance to store, manage and obtain a copy of any key, reducing time and money.

HITS: it aims at becoming a leading Insurtech hub by shaping and nurturing partnerships between corporates and start-ups to accelerate and scale corporate innovation.

Xpence: a neobank for solo entrepreneurs and startups that combines bookkeeping and banking in one app

ElifTech: global technology service company that designs, builds and implements effective software technology solutions supplying the needs of your business.

Adnumus: company of leading advisors in sales, mergers and acquisitions with experience across all sectors – software and tech, IT and telecoms, manufacturing, engineering, transport and logistics, textile, health and beauty, business services, print and media to name a few.

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