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New additions to the Finnovating platform!

New additions to the Finnovating platform!

finnovating new additions
Following our tradition, we are posting about the new additions to the Finnovating platform! The newest members have trusted the platform for their international expansion and the creation of high impact solutions. let’s welcome them with a big applause!
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Meet them:

Devopsi: they combine development and operations practices to deliver applications and services faster than using traditional software development processes.

Imburse: through one single connection, Imburse connects any organization, regardless of its existing IT infrastructure, to the entire global payments ecosystem.

Modifi: offers solutions for SMEs in the trade finance landscape to help them reduce paperwork, jargon and hassle of bank loans. It provides digital technology and global ecosystem for trade partners, making trade finance flexible and helping them grow their business.

Lomray Software: it is a globally-oriented, Website and Mobile Application development company specialized in eye-catchy, functional solutions for your specific needs.

Finup24: it facilitates access to high-yield investment through an  online platform They provide brokerage, asset management, the security issuance, custodian and investment advisory services.

DSwiss: offers digital vault to financial institutions that allow customers to store personal documents and passwords in digital format.

bolttech: their next-generation platform is the largest insurance exchange in the world, seamlessly connecting insurance providers, distributors and customers.

Heritae: a LegalTech startup that carries out procedures and inheritance planning under the principles of transparency, economy and simplicity.

FreshBooks: it offers invoice and accounting solutions for self employed and small businesses. As it is a cloud based solution, it helps businesses to create invoices, record expenses and track time on the go. 

Trade Ledger: it brings together all the data that business lenders need throughout the customer lifecycle, analyses that data, and automates key processes.

FundPark: a FinTech focused trade finance platform. FundPark provide purchase order financing and invoice financing to Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), hence business owners can focus on its own business development, and FundPark can take care of its funding for working capital production.

Archipad: an intuitive ipad app to efficiently create and send reports, manage observations, punch lists, drawings and on-site meetings.

LT Capital: Poland-based, an early-stage fund focused on breakthrough Industry 4.0 companies.

VenueX: it offers an all-in-one solution to commercial properties and retailers to drive nearby shoppers in-store. They make physical businesses more visible on search engines, online directories, social platforms and maps, so as to attract customers searching nearby.

Generali: it is a Spanish insurance company, which is part of the Italian insurer Assicurazioni Generali. Its activity is based on offering insurance solutions both to individuals and to SMEs or large corporations.

The Digital Insurer: IT is the world’s largest community and knowledge basis for insurance professionals who are working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance. The TDI Academy offers the worlds first curriculum on digital insurance. it is a sustainability measurement and investment platform. It automates issuance and monitoring of sustainable finance with a focus on sustainable debt and voluntary carbon offsets.

GoldenPi: it is a robo advisor engine that enables users to invest and manage their portfolio across various investment instruments like bonds, NCDs, corporate fixed deposits, micro-loans, etc.

Legend Consultancy: they are sourcing and procurement consultants and experts in Turkey, with international experience in manufacturing, operations, industrial machinery, management and sales.

Signaturit: it is a trust service provider that offers innovative solutions in the field of electronic signatures (eSignatures).

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Vlinder: an impact-tech platform for sustainable investing and direct carbon credits purchasing.

Bismart Insurance: it enables the uninsured African population to access Insurance through co-creating relevant products with existing affinity groups like saccos, schools, welfare groups, Micro-finance institutions etc and connecting them to insurance companies through technology.

PayGate: they are focused in the automation of payments, development of mobile commerce, development of payment gateways, technological multi-platform environment for market participants and many other technological projects.

Emjoy: it uses IOT and Proprietary, Patent Pending Technology to automate all the standard rental tasks from unassisted visits to flats using Smart locks, to submitting bids for rent, to e-signing rental agreements and online rental payments.

Sunified Group BV: it creates technology that generates solar IQ. It is smart panel technology that delivers data, trusted, true green and tradable. an innovative technology business which develops banking and compliance software for the highly regulated financial services industry.

TalkBank: a virtual bank with a prepaid card and AI chatbots in Telegram messenger and other popular messengers (and without internet-bank or mobile banking). It allows users to pay, transfer and split bills, as well as collect bonuses and converse with the bot for financial advice.

DAYquiri GmbH: its main product is zistemo, a one-stop suite for tracking time, projects and managing business processes.

PIRELabs: it was created to become the center of the PropTech innovation ecosystem in Latin America with the vision of identifying, assisting and accelerating the business opportunities of real estate developments through the use of technology in the real estate and construction sectors.

AdviceRobo BV: smarter and faster digital lending for NextGen with integrated neuro-economical credit acquisition, -decisioning and monitoring.

Intelligo Group: a global due diligence, business intelligence, and risk management firm. The company conducts sophisticated research and investigations, creating profiles on individuals, companies, and industries.

Hyland: a leading content services provider that enables thousands of organizations to focus on what they do best and deliver better experiences to the people they serve.

Antuar: it has created a suite of banking solutions, that are hardware agnostic, and core agnostic products that cater for full service, Assisted Self Service, Self-Service, and meaningful Engagement at Point-of-Contact.

Khazna: provides great financial services and benefits to all your company employees. Employees will be able to receive a portion of the salary before the arrest date.

Suyo: a public benefit corporation that leverages modern technology to formalize real property rights for low-income families. it helps institutional investors integrate actionable insights from data into their portfolios for smarter decision-making.

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