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New additions to the Finnovating platform!

New additions to the Finnovating platform!

new additions finnovating platform

Following our tradition, these are the new additions to the Finnovating platform! The newest members have trusted the platform for their international expansion and the creation of high impact solutions. let’s welcome them with a big applause.

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Meet them:

Reclamaclick: they robotize legal services through the data and legal knowledge generated by the claimants and the lawyers.

Investors Lounge: they power crucial investing decisions
of institutions across Pakistan.

Hyperion Robotics: a technology which is making construction more sustainable and automated with robotics and concrete 3D printing technology. They have developed a robotic system that can automatically 3D print reinforced concrete structures much faster, cheaper and more sustainably than traditional construction.

Compensiamo srl: a platform for the voluntary multilateral compensation of trade payables and receivables between companies.

Square Yards: a platform that offers an integrated consumer experience & covers the full real-estate journey from search & discovery, transactions, home loans, rentals, property management and post-sales services.

Chandaria Capital: a Nairobi-based Venture Capital Fund founded by brothers and serial entrepreneurs, Darshan and Neer Chandaria. It is the professional investment vehicle for the Chandaria Group, one of the largest privately owned business groups in Africa.

Doctoralia: a leader healthcare marketplace, part of Docplanner Group. With a global mission to “make the healthcare experience more human”, Doctoralia creates digital apps and software solutions for doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients to enable the healthcare ecosystem and the patient journey to work together more seamlessly.

Inklusiva SAS: an institution at the service of microentrepreneurs and low-income people

Lore Ai: its core system Salient automates document analysis, information extraction and knowledge management using Artificial Intelligence.

Fiera Studio: they create & validate new startups for corporations seeking agile innovation. They collaborate with corporations to validate and create new sources of revenue. They get equity stake in the startups we co-create with them.

Demand Cloud: simple enterprise solution for cloud cost optimization Save up to 70% on Cloud bills and Pay only what you use. With DemandCloud you can: – Eliminate Wasted Expenses – Schedule when a resource must be ON and OFF – Work Efficiently – Have Full Control of your cloud costs.

IBISA NETWORK: an InsurTech building and managing innovative climate insurance solutions for agriculture to bring resilience to farmers and businesses

Kioscos y Tecnologia SAS: Interactive and digital kiosks, advanced queueuing management & appointment scheduling omnichannel, artificial intelligence solution, monitoring platform for IT / OT infrastructure.

Cobee: it develops an online platform that automates and simplifies employee benefits management. The company also provides benefits for employees and flexible compensation that makes companies and employees fall in love.

Smart Tek Solutions and Services: a company that allows businesses to work with best-in-class experts who are aware of innovations and keep up with modern technologies.

Ad Valorem: it provides an online software on employee expenses that is designed for the management of the GST, HST and the QST.; Advataxes. Ad Valorem is also an indirect tax service provider that renders consulting services on matters dealing with the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST).

mempa: they provide a wide range of services that guarantee measurable results and positive consequences for your business.

Ezok: a platform which covers the function of simplifying the application of artificial intelligence in companies by offering the newest technologies.

DICIO: a Mexican company that develops digital identification solutions based on Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Twinkloo: it is not a simple comparator or consultant who helps to get a mortgage. Twinkloo gets the best possible solution from the banks, identifies the best deal, and explains why.

Belo: the app in which you can move in currency and cryptocurrencies so that your money is worth more every day.

Civalgo: a software platform to streamline and optimize operations on construction sites, and to manage maintenance on retail, commercial and residential real state projects.

Metasepia, Inc: it  enables >1 Billion Offline smartphones for Online cloud payments and Mobile2Mobile payments with 3 emerging products for wallets, brands, Softcard issuers,  merchant cloud-Payment Services Providers (PSP), and Payments as a Service (PaaS) partners, including location-based marketing partners.

HappyAccounts Software: the multi-currency bilingual accounting solution that comes in multiple language pairs: Japanese-English, Chinese-English, Spanish-English, Korean-English.

Accept Local: it provides with a choice of secure payment solutions, credit and debit card processing for e-commerce, retail and other on-line and brick-and-mortar. A powerful turnkey platform providing customer management, fraud prevention and real-time end-to-end funds transferring solutions.

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