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New additions to the Finnovating platform!

New additions to the Finnovating platform!

Following our tradition, these are the new additions to the Finnovating platform! The newest members have trusted the platform for their international expansion and the creation of high impact solutions. let’s welcome them with a big applause.
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Meet the new additions to the Finnovating platform:

innovad corp SAS: INNOVAD, through the generation of ideas, manages to offer tailored, functional and simple technological solutions to real problems in the business environment.
Wihom: Wihom is the horizontal property software that allows you to manage properties from your cell phone or computer in an easy and intuitive way.
Ci2 – Compañia Internacional de Integración: a Colombian company that provides tailored products and technological solutions to the national market. With its design, engineering and products of recognized quality, it provides its end customers with solutions for telecommunications projects, electronic security, CCTV systems and maritime applications.
Kuenta: comprehensive platform that offers financial solutions to companies that sell on credit.
Zencity: ZenCity is a platform that helps cities become more data-driven, more efficient and overall smarter. They create a data platform that manages multiple data flows (municipal collected data, sensor data and citizen data) to provide strategic value to municipalities, in order to power Smart City applications.
Coltomoney: electronic payment fund institution solution where different payment instruments are created, in order to make financial and commercial transactions efficient.
FURTHER NETWORK: a technology startup serving the travel and transportation market. Their main advantage is the usage of blockchain technologies to provide both important cost savings and unlocking additional growth opportunities to our customers.
Inka Money: Inka Money Peru was born with the purpose of facilitating financial operations for all Peruvians, starting with a fast, secure and profitable online currency exchange service.
Invest19: a FinTech company serving in the technology sector and leverages the power of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science to simplify, automate, and improve the user experience – from customers to businesses.
HAPPYPAL: HappyPal is changing the French employee benefit market ($20bn) replacing paper gift vouchers (o/w 20% expire before usage) with an innovative SaaS and FinTech solution.
Hockeystick: Hockeystick Inc. provides data tools for companies, investors and governments to leverage data to drive greater performance and better returns in the private market.
VDOS: VDOS is a company dedicated to compiling and distributing information on investment funds, sicavs, foreign IICs and pension plans.
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Bloc Ventures: Bloc is a specialist deep tech investor. They back ambitious entrepreneurs building products across cloud, connectivity, data science and security with the potential to impact whole industries.
Voxelgrid: VoXelgrid is an extremely successful startup, aiming to digitize the real estate industry, VOXELGRID is creating pointclouds, 2D and 3D plans.
İmeceMobil: A mobile application that enables farmers to benefit from all the state of art technology possibilities.
Esgaia: The Esgaia platform is a customizable “off-the-shelf” ESG engagement management and recording software. It comes in a ready-to-use version for investors and is customizable upon requests from the customer. The platform enables investors to focus more on true value-adding activities to increase their impact, rather than getting stuck in inefficient administrative tasks around engagement data and records management, team collaboration, and so forth.
Cashier Basket: The basket monitors the quantity and quality of the products during the shopping. If you finish your shopping you just need to pay, there is no need to remove the products from the basket.
VIHELZ Analytics, S.C.: a consulting firm made up of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to business risk assessment, as well as analytical project management to increase credibility and reduce uncertainty in different market scenarios.
Weecover: First insurance Marketplace offering covers for 100% digital on-boarding. Current Insurance products and underwriting processes are defined to be sold trough offline channels.Weecover reshapes current product portfolio and underwriting processes using a top notch technology to facilitate online on-boarding processes for Companies, Customers and Distribution partners.Weecover has developed an in-house technology which supports digital quote & buy process for any insurance product.
Qooore: social investing platform that helps Gen Z acquire financial literacy and make informed investment decisions based on information, market news, data and insights shared by validated financial influencers (“finfluencers”), allowing them to copy and learn from their investment and trading styles.
AI for Finance: xclusive Artificial Intelligence ecosystem initiative focused on the financial industry in Europe. A unique opportunity to connect with the AI and financial industries players: corporates, startups, fintechs, research labs and communities.
Base4 Security: At BASE4 Security they specialize in Cybersecurity, with a presence in Latin America, USA and Spain. They have more than 14 years of experience being at the forefront of the industry, helping their clients in preventing and mitigating all types of cyber threats in an effective way and with guaranteed service.
Influapp: INFLUAPP is a payment platform, but it’s also a social loyalty platform with inbuilt payment app which will safe on costs and set new standards based on a closed loop solution, offering new shopping experiences allowing consumers to earn money, discover new venues, shopping products directly in app and sharing recommendations with family friends.
Polssir: their solution provides a continuous remote contactless monitoring of vital parameters&behavior of elder and bedridden people based on micro-radar technologies and Artificial intelligence.

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