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Nutmeg, one of the world leaders in Wealth-Tech and Robo-Advisory at eFintech Show


Nick Hungerford, Founder & Director of Nutmeg, one of the world leaders in Wealth-Tech and Robo-Advisory, will be one of the keynote speakers at eFintech Show 2017.  Taking advantage of his participation  he has granted the following interview:

Could you tell the success of your business model?

It’s very simple: we take the best elements of a high-end investing service, strip out the complexity and cost, and provide it to customers online. The strategy is working: at the end of 2016, Nutmeg secured £42m in new investment, and our investment team are now managing over £600m for over 25,000 customers.

In which countries are you working now? Are Spain in your plans?

Right now we’re working with customers in the UK. We’re not considering European expansion, but it might be on our minds further down the line.

What is your opinion about passive and active Robo-Advising?

Nutmeg actually offers two different propositions: a fully managed service, where portfolios are managed by our experienced team; and fixed allocation portfolios, where the asset allocation stays fixed over time. Our view is that managed and fixed options can be right for different investors, and so we’re proud to be able to offer both to our customers.

Nutmeg is an online investment management service, how do see the future of the intelligent managed of portfolios?

We see Nutmeg’s approach to investing as the future. Of course, there’ll always be a need for financial advice, when it comes to complicated financial matters. We plan for Nutmeg to grow and adapt to these challenges, so the product will expand and appeal to more people. Even in it’s current form, Nutmeg’s online investing offers a combination of sophistication, accessibility and value that has never been available before.

What is your opinion about the next wave in WealthTech?

There’s a great deal of exciting progress right now – in wealth management, automated advice, P2P, new banks, and much more. It feels like there’s a lot of exciting innovation, not just copy-cat companies – and we’re thrilled to be part of it!

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