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Finnovating’s Open-To-Capital startups from North America

As our previous post, this is a list of some of the startups from North America in the Finnovating platform that are Open-To-Capital. That means that they are ready to accept capital to grow even bigger! Take a look at them and find out more about their business models and features.
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Meet the Open-To-Capital startups!​

  • CityZeen: an On-Demand platform where tenants, landlords and PropTech players meet to improve living.
  • KASHIO INC: with this digital platform you can manage payments and collections efficiently.
  • MountX Real Estate Capital: a financial investment platform with international real estate assets.  They sell fractions of luxury real estate, located in Canada, USA and Mexico and offer access to exclusive real estate investments.
  • Symbiont: an enterprise FinTech company creating the next generation of financial markets infrastructure using blockchain technology.
  • Dryrun: it is revolutionizing business advisory with uniquely powerful financial modeling & cash management software, unlocking new revenue streams for accounting firms. Dryrun saves advisors 80% of their time while delivering clear, actionable data.
  • Fostrum: All-in-one money management platform for creators, influencers and solopreneurs.
  • Dito Ventures Inc: it lets you to immediately collect from your clients and instantly receive your payments in your digital wallet.
  • Friendsvow: it is an automated peer-to-peer online credit APP on Blockchain, connecting friends, family, colleagues with Bitcoin Credit Card and uses their cashflow model to protect everyone from defaulting on repayment.
  • TRaiCE Inc: it is an early-stage FinTech focused on AI-enabled early warning risk monitoring solutions for lenders & investors.
  • Savology: a venture-backed startup on a mission to improve the financial well-being of millions of American households by making financial planning more accessible, actionable, and effective than ever before.
  • Rain Instant Pay: it provides early wage access for employees at mid to large-sized organizations to improve financial wellness and increase employee productivity.
  • bitMachina: is an Ottawa-based company that allows customers to buy Bitcoin with cash.
  • Chisos: provides capital to idea and early stage startups and their founder. They are fast, flexible capital for great entrepreneurs. It gives more reliable returns for investors.
  • SAYVES LLC: it is introducing a faster, more secure, commerce platform that reduces both B2B and B2C processing fees and discount rates in half. With patent pending technology that allows most devices with data (not device dependent) can be transformed into a money saving global commerce solution.
  • Fisecal: it is is an AdvisorTech start-up focused on helping individuals achieve their version of financial success.
  • Protominds: it offers software solutions to automate regulatory compliance for enterprises through its FiNiCS (RaaS) platform. They understand the unique needs of the financial services industry.
  • Truelytics: it offers financial advisors to benchmark and increase the value of their practices, through a software-as-a-service model.
  • Upswot: it is partnering with banks to provide “Mint for businesses,” providing SMBs/commercial customers a business health dashboard designed to generate actionable insights, cashflow forecasts, and KPIs powered by their 150+ API-enabled apps.

Could any of them be your next investment project?​

  • Virtual StrongBox: its platform provides a host of secure document collection and file exchange options as well as secure file storage services that exceed GDPR requirements.
  • it is the first open-source wealth management platform in existence! Wealthbot enables registered investment advisors to serve average investors, and increase revenue without increasing costs.
  • ZenLord Pro: it is a free software for landlords that includes rent collection, accounting, tenant screening, and so much more.
  • Global Debt Technologies Inc.: it is a technology-based SaaS company umbrella creating solutions for the debt and credit industry. GDT has innovated with 2 entry platforms.
  • RealKey: it is a browser based transaction management system, which brings all the parties of buying a house and getting a mortgage into a single unified portal where all communication, updates, information, and documentation collection is automated through and intuitive UI and robust algorithms built by the nation’s top mortgage originator and Intuit’s CTO/GM of Innovation.
  • CashQ Money Transfer: their service capitalizes on the now-common habit of texting via smartphone. Therefore, all processes take place in the messaging thread and can be accessed through your favorite messenger, making it easier and more accessible.
  • knnct Markets Corp.: is an automated, cloud-based two-way marketplace platform that uses AI to instantly and accurately match AND connect those needing loans with those looking to lend by matching borrowing needs to lending criteria.
  • BlueZoo: usage-based Insurance for Buildings, Location Analytics delivered in a SaaS model.
  • Sensor Industries Corp: it  designs and markets digital water innovations (in the form of IoT devices for end-use water equipment such as toilets) for water conservation and value-generation (e.g. cost savings).
  • PowerPay: digital Lending platform for home improvement industry providing consumer loans.
  • Otomo: it provides self-driving finance as-a-service to retail financial institutions, FinTech companies, and brands. As a B2B2C solution, consumers gain access to AI-curated autonomous finance tools that remove forethought, guesswork, and effort from their daily financial lives.
  • Lock Trust, Inc.: it is a streamlined technology and payment processing firm serving individual consumers, small to large-market institutions, and governments with a customizable suite ranging of banking, automated taxing, and other financial and risk management products and services.
  • it is a back-office cloud service that helps small to mid-market businesses win more business while reducing late payments with automated receivables, payables and financing.
  • Steamchain Corp.: employing four disruptive FinTech technology Patents, the Platform enables clients to save money on currency conversion costs, reduce currency fluctuation risk impact and improve antiquated paper flow efficiencies while facilitating companies making or receiving payments in the local country currency of choice.
  • Tensorflight: it provides highly accurate and near-instant data about commercial properties. The innovation is based on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, capable of analysing multiple image types and building a database of all buildings around the globe.
  • Neuralium: brand new crypto token that does things differently. It is designed to enable the future of the crypto economy while saving the Earth. You can mine in full confidence that you are helping save the world while participating in the new economy 2.0.
  • Kaleido: it is the first product to bring the dramatic simplicity of a Software-as-a-Service to the blockchain space, advancing well beyond the current generation of blockchain services which are typically quickstart scripts and templates.
  • Svort, Inc.: Svort provides security solutions based on anonymous neural-biometrics. Their showcases are: a) verification b)passwordless biometric authentication c) MFA with biometrics as 2nd factor d)biometric backup and inheritance.
  • Argos KYC: it is an identity verification service provider. Identify Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
  • VALUESCAPE ANALYTICS, INC: it is a PropTech company focused on performing an accurate and precise assessment of property condition and valuation for intelligence decisioning in homeownership and rental housing.
  • Rocketbot: it is the platform that enables the development of process automation robots (RPA). It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac.

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