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Most popular FinTech Sectors for startup funding

According to our research and data, these are the most popular FinTech Sectors for startup funding.

To say that 2021 was a good year for FinTech would be an understatement. Financing for FinTech new businesses took off to $131.5 billion last year from $49 billion out of 2020, as indicated by CB Insights. In 2020, financial backers made 27 FinTech «unicorns,» or privately owned businesses with a worth north of $1 billion; in 2021, the quantity of new unicorns came to 157.

This increase in the finance of FinTech is a clear indicator of the revolution that its about to take place and people are taking notice and want to be part of it.

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These are the most popular FinTech sectors, people are betting for and funding:


Due to the health crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the insurance sector has decided to head towards digitalization through mobile apps and use technology as a means to disrupt the current model and reach more of their target audience.

Some of the most looked for investment opportunities are avenues like social insurances, ultra customizable policies, dynamic pricing based on the new streams of data coming in from the internet-based devices.

Digital Share Broker

An expanded unpredictability in the share prices have gotten various new financial backers in the market. This freshly discovered revenue that the share market is getting is an indication of another culture which needs a platform to understand the basics and perform stock trading in a safer way.

This is the motivation behind why apps like Freetrade and Robinhood are continually standing out enough to be noticed from the financial backers, while comparative brands like Numbrs are getting subsidized and becoming unicorns.

Cross-border Payments

In spite of the fact that there has been a slight decrease in foreign exchange payments on account of cross-border trade limitations that have appeared in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are likely to return.

This means that future-driven financial backers will begin financing promising foreign exchange payment companies today.


The presence of a high number of regulations and compliances is the one factor that has been keeping the FintTech domain from achieving mass adoption.

To solve this issue, the sector is constantly finding new ways for improving regulatory compliances. Here are some of the offerings:

  • KYC & AML solutions
  • Data management solutions
  • Tax management solutions
  • Trade monitoring solutions
  • Portfolio risk management solutions
  • Regulatory change management solutions, etc.

Because of this, RegTech has become a popular sector to invest in.

Digital Operating Platform

There is a continuous need for operating platforms which would help bring down the cost and better the efficiency of wealth management, banking, and insurance. Investors are looking to invest in solution providers who have a deep inclination towards cloud based operating ecosystems.

Online Payment Processing

These are companies that give the infrastructure needed for processing payments and transferring money from one consumer to another.

The domain is so lucrative that four out of eight renowned FinTech companies fall in this category – Ant Official, Stripe, Klarna, and Adyen.

Savings and Budgeting Apps

The current crisis has redefined how we calculated savings, investments, and buying amounts. It has become extremely important to stack emergency funds while allocating funds in other important spending areas.

Customers, for acing this changed formula of budget management have started using applications like Cleo. And the industry has started seeing it as one of the best FinTech sectors for FinTech investors.

Peer-to-peer lending Solutions

It is one of those sectors which directly hits the big financial institutions by targeting their most profitable domain – loans. Peer-to-peer lending, as they are commonly called, is an alternate form of finance which connects individuals or entrepreneurs with potential investors.

Fraud Analysis Software 

Fintech businesses focused on anti-fraud and security with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for finding patterns in the financial transactions which indicate high fraud risk is what the investors are also paying attention to.

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