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Portugal FinTech and Finnovating unite in game-changing partnership.​

Portugal FinTech and Finnovating unite in game-changing partnership.​

The alliance between Portugal FinTech and Finnovating will:

  • Provide Portugal FinTech members international business opportunities and partners.  
  • Connect Portugal FinTech with the global FinTech ecosystem. 
  • Accelerate FinTech innovations in Portugal and enable worldwide investors and corporations to connect, collaborate and invest in them.

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The main goal of Finnovating, the first Global FinTech Platform, is to become a unique meeting point between innovation, digitalization and the international key players of the FinTech sector. To achieve this, it is in continuous search for alliances with qualified partners that will provide valuable experience to its community, making it the ideal ecosystem where corporations are allowed to scale their business in a faster and more efficient way.

One of these featured partners is Portugal FinTech, a network of Portuguese professionals, companies and startups who are very passionate about FinTech. This new partnership will not only provide Finnovating with valuable connections in Portugal, but also give FinTech startups in Portugal access to the global ecosystem in constant motion created by the platform, thereby completely revolutionizing their way of doing business.

Víctor Alejo Aquiso, Finnovating’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, celebrates this affiliation: We believe that our partnership with Portugal FinTech is a key tool to help the expansion of Portuguese FinTech startups, which have a clear international DNA.”

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Portugal FinTech is a hub where every FinTechRegTechInsurTech and Cybersecurity company in Portugal can easily interact with regulators, legislators, consultants, banks, investors and other relevant entities. They also have a panel of experts that provide updated and insightful information about the industry. Their main goal is to foster innovation and make ideas grow. With this perfect scenario of well-connected individuals and valuable knowledge, Finnovating intends to expand its already big international market, drive innovation and create disruptive projects in Portugal.

But Finnovating is not the only one who is going to benefit from this bond. Thanks to the tools the platform provides, Portugal FinTech is going to have direct access to a database of more than 50,000 FinTech from all around the world, creating new international opportunities of business and partners. In addition, it is going to enable companies from Portugal to have the chance of participating, co-creating, investing and collaborating in global open innovation collaboration projects in just a matter of minutes and a click through the Finnovating Challenge area. Long gone are the days where a single process could take up to months.

Finnovating, the first LinkedIn of the FinTech community, seeks to position itself as a lever for acceleration, digitization and innovation, promote new projects that will completely shake up the current FinTech sector and have an international network that consists of its key players. With important partners like Portugal FinTech, these goals will soon become a reality.

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