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PropTech, Innovation and Sustainability. The solution to accelerate the achievement of the UN SDGs

This pandemic has changed the way we live and work today and in the future. Now technology and innovation are more important than ever if we want to make the most in the post-covid19. But on the other hand, this pandemic has emphasised the importance sustainability, and PropTech for good is unifying all these: PropTech, innovation and sustainability.

Innovation and technology will accelerate the achievement of the UN SDGs. The only option for large companies and governments. The solution with PropTechs and FinTechs.

So creating collaborative spaces and bridges based on sustainable open innovation is and will be the key to success. And it is where we at Finnovating are working. In creating the global OI platform based on sustainability.

The Spanish Real Estate sector could be easily one of the less innovative sector of the Spanish economy. Handmade work (construction) and the idea that experience is the most importat skill in the industry brake the innovation.

Covid-19 is challenging the industry to digitalize faster than ever. Before this crisis, the industry was focused on two pillars:

  1. Digitalize internal systems
  2. Search for innovative distribution channels that help the RE industry to get more clients

However, right now solutions that were less important for the industry, seems to be more relevant than ever: for example Virtual Reality solutions or inmotic.

Although we are going to face a crisis according to all the macroeconomic indicators, we will see and increase on PropTech agreements with RE traditional players.

On the other hand, asset management, portfolio transactions, energy savings, and many others are activities that were digitalized before the COVID, but for the new paradigm, solutions seem a step further in terms of optimization, time savings, health security and cost savings.

New business models appear to offer more solutions for the commercialization. If the residential market was booming with the Build-to-Rent model and the traditional one of developing and selling, right now appears the Rent-to-Buy model, which allows people to buy a house while paying the rent.

These are the main things on the Spanish market, but these are strong correlated with the SDGs, because PropTech is improving the industry on Real Estate, is changing the way we see the cities, buildings, etc. (SDGs 9, 11, 12), and with new business models like Rent-to-Buy, PropTech is reducing poverty (allowing people to get a tangible asset for their rest of their lives -SDGs 1-) and educating people on energy savings, etc. (SDGs 4, 6, 7, 13)



From Finnovating, we are launching a Global Platform of open innovation, where all the FinTech and PropTech (50.000 in the world) could connect, collaborate, co-create with corporates and investors. We are the Sustainable-based Matching as a service space to help to achieve the best new normal.

If you are interested in participating in our next Virtual PropTech Unconference, you must sign up here:

It is a private meeting with the best PropTech Solutions in all Europe. Finnovating will select the 10 best PropTech Solutions.



You are invited to our Sustainable Events and we can work together to enhance the impact of sustainable PropTech models to the society.

The events are public, but registration is required to attend. These are the scheduled dates for Sustainable Solutions Events by Finnovating:


And, we do not forget, there is no negotiation with nature.

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