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Interview with CEO and co-founder of receeve, Paul Jozefak


Paul Jozefak is the CEO and co-founder of receeve, a serial entrepreneur with a 15-year VC career and 7 years of company building. He co-founded and launched receeve GmbH, a cloud-native solution for the collections & recovery industry, automating data management and engagement across all stages of debt management. ML/AI helps internal teams recover more by optimising all processes, strategies, communication and channels. receeve is venture capital funded and growing the team aggressively in the EU & LatAm markets.

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Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about receeve and how the FinTech started to be.

Paul Jozefak (PJ): receeve emerged because Michael Backs and I were familiar with raising venture financing and both of us were eager to build an international team of mission driven individuals to address what we saw as a market disrupting opportunity in the debt management industry.

When we started receeve, we had the opportunity to look at the industry end-to-end, including large collections companies, banks and various organizations that were offering credit, and we saw a lot of fragmentation, so we saw it as an opportunity to unify data in one smart solution layer, thereby unifying the entire collections and recovery process, regardless if the team is at the call center, working with operational analytics or a part of the finance department. We saw technology and data management as enablers for collections and recovery teams and saw how their data could also empower decision making earlier in credit processes. Making the technology accessible and user-friendly was and continues to be our goal.


(F): How did the idea come about?

(PJ): We previously built companies in a similar space and saw the opportunity to address more of the debt management value chain. We understood that at times customers may not be in a situation to immediately resolve their economic problems and they need options and conversely organisations need solutions that can provide those options and that are easy to manage and fast to deploy.

So, we decided to create a digital solution that could make it as easy as possible for organisations to offer customers a way to use self-service to self-cure and resolve their past-due payments through their channel of choice and allow organisations to better deploy agent resources where most needed to support the process. It was about restoring a sense of control to customers and about providing tools powered by machine learning to organisations so they have the insights to provide better customer experiences – and ultimately better recovery outcomes.


(F): You are the current CEO of receeve. How does the company fit in the Global FinTech ecosystem?

(PJ): receeve empowers organisations to optimise their collections and recovery operations and reporting end-to-end, powered by ML/AI.  The cloud-native development and architecture of the receeve platform allows it to fit seamlessly into legacy and FinTech ecosystems and lets clients take advantage of the most modern technology and compliance expertise built to “plug in and play”. Whether it’s a global bank looking to accelerate digital transformation or a hypergrowth e-commerce player establishing processes to secure cash flow, having a domain expert partner like receeve allows our clients to focus on their core business.


(F): What is receeve’s value proposition?

(PJ): By taking a technology driven, data-first approach to collections and recovery you can extract so much more value out of the whole debt journey. The insights generated from engagement can inform decisions in the earlier credit processes and the engagement data along with the data hygiene the platform provides improves the data sets for third parties if / when the portfolios are assigned or sold. In the end the data helps improve the method, timing and overall personalisation of the outreach and optimises outcomes – the collections and recovery teams gain control of the process and the data and don’t have to rely on IT and long cycles to implement or update their strategies and / or content.

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(F): How do you think the implementation of digital functionalities will impact the traditional business model?

(PJ): The agility and flexibility will exponentially speed up the implementation of changes in collection processes. receeve’s cloud-native platform allows organisations to adopt our platform in a couple of weeks – it really is only limited by our clients’ internal processes and requirements. And the beauty is that they do not have to rip and replace their existing technology, rather they have a smart solution layer that plugs into their systems.

Traditional models are hampered by lack of data, bad data, data silos and IT dependent processes. receeve provides the control to the teams responsible for collections and recovery – whether agents having insightful data to engage or portfolio analysts making decisions on how to segment and assign the portfolios or finance teams structuring NPL sales. The friction in the debt journey is removed. Outcomes are optimised for both customers and our clients.


(F): Is receeve interested in partnering with large companies in the sector? How do you think Finnovating can help you with this goal?

(PJ): Yes, we are. That is one of the reasons why we have decided to enter Finnovating’s platform. receeve considers Finnovating as a great opportunity to meet hundreds of companies around the world that could be interested in optimising their collections and recovery management and the sale of their non-performing loan portfolios. Our team is looking forward to working with Finnovating and uncovering some great opportunities.


(F): What do you think can be the impact of digital platforms in the FinTech industry?

(PJ): Platforms like Finnovating are easing the way to collaborate and pursue opportunities. By providing a rich-data set, Finnovating is looking to reduce friction just like receeve’s platform. And like receeve it can speed up the sought outcomes.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

(PJ): The way Finnovating saves us time thanks to simplifying the process for start-ups to meet, work and innovate with organisations is the key. The team was informative and helpful in getting started with the platform.


(F): Why is receeve interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global FinTech platform?

(PJ): Finnovating is a global platform with a strong presence in Iberia and Latin America, and receeve’s strategic growth is happening not only in Europe but particularly in these geographies. We are looking to bring awareness of our collections and recovery solution to the right audiences and Finnovating is helping to facilitate that for receeve’s team.

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