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Solarisbank trusts the Finnovating platform to position itself in the Spanish financial market

Solarisbank, Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology platform, joins Finnovating, the first global Fintech platform that connects X-Tech startups, corporations and investors from around the world, to consolidate its presence in the Spanish market helping companies to offer financial services.

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Solarisbank, the leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology platform in Europe, opens its market in Spain after having raised a series D financing round of 190 million euros in July this year. To accompany the process in the country, it has the support of Finnovating, the first global B2B network that today connects and gives visibility to more than 50,000 startups, 20,000 corporations and 10,000 investors globally, quickly and easily.
The Finnovating platform, through the development of its own algorithm, will be the company’s foothold when it comes to finding potential partners for collaboration and co-creation in projects related to financial systems during the expansion of its business in the Spanish market.
Solarisbank’s API-based business model makes it easy for companies in any sector to access the unique functionalities of its technology platform. Thanks to its full banking license, which implies being regulated and supervised like any bank, and the possibility of offering Spanish IBANs, Solarisbank can present to its partners a wide range of modular products, including digital bank accounts, identification solutions and loans, as well as digital asset services.

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Thanks to this agreement, the incorporation of the company to the Finnovating platform, recognized as the “LinkedIn” of the current financial ecosystem, will promote the co-creation of their own financial services for companies, promoting bank digitization through flexible and effective solutions . Finnovating’s presence in more than 100 countries represents a real expansion opportunity for the Fintech ecosystem, since it is committed to launching investment, collaboration and open innovation projects between the different active profiles of the platform. The main objective of the first global B2B platform of the financial ecosystem is to stimulate discovery, cooperation and co-creation between investors, corporations and X-tech startups in an agile and scalable way.
Solarisbank deeply believes in the differentiation of Finnovating within the financial ecosystem and relies on the platform to carry out its entry into the Spanish market. In the words of Francisco Jaramillo, CEO of Solarisbank Spain: “Our main objective is to lead the growth of integrated finance in Europe, and help Spanish companies to offer better financial solutions to their clients, for which we offer from digital banking account functionalities and cards, identification and loan solutions, and even digital asset services, for all types of companies. This is our differential value, which helps us to grow together with our current clients and, also, to convince other companies to join this upward trend. For this reason, it is essential for us to rely on partners as powerful as Finnovating to successfully land in Spain. The forecasts of this alliance are very positive, since the Finnovating platform is growing exponentially globally and, in parallel, with the creation of the local IBAN in France, Italy and Spain, Solarisbank consolidates its position as the leading BaaS platform in Europe ”.
Today, Finnovating welcomes Solarisbank as a ‘premium’ partner, putting at its disposal the ideal tools for the expansion of the multinational in the financial ecosystem of the Spanish market with international reach. Likewise, the company is positioned within the platform as a prominent member, being able to offer integrated finance solutions that present great potential in Europe to the entire Finnovating community.

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Solarisbank, as the leading BaaS platform in Europe, will have the opportunity to launch open innovation, investment, acceleration or incubation projects in the Finnovating Challenges area. In addition, the platform will support the company in closing local operations through the largest European markets, including the Spanish one, thus facilitating the search for potential partners in specific business models within the FinTech, PropTech, InsurTech, WealthTech and many more sectors.
According to Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating: “Our goal is to lead innovation and digitization in the global financial ecosystem, therefore consolidating this alliance with Solarisbank is a true pride for us. Thanks to this agreement, Finnovating’s Fintech ecosystem will have the unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with a benchmark company of the digital banking financial sector quickly and easily through the platform’s functionalities ”.

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