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The European startups who are Open-To-Capital in Finnovating

Over 400 startups that form part of the Finnovating platform have activated their “Open-To-Capital” button! That means that they are actively searching and ready for investment.
Some are even connecting with investors. Can any of these be your next investment project? Keep reading and find the one that fits your requirements the most!

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From InsurTech to API, these European startups are just a small number of the companies that are part of the Finnovating platform that represent the very varied and innovative X-Tech ecosystem.

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  • EasyEuro: a Cross Border e-Wallet, that simplifies and accelerates cross-border financial services for European and Asian business communities.
  • Assetti: a collaboration tool for property asset managers and investors. It lets you develop your portfolio strategy, control your property financials and secure your rent roll in one single app.
  • Joltee: it is the first specialized insurance for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that rewards your driving at the end of each trip.
  • Surfly: provides co-browsing and video chat technology that lets you support customers as if you are sitting side-by-side.
  • Gardenia Technologies: Gardenia is a financial service company that provides proprietary analytics and systematic working capital finance solutions. It features data-driven real-time analytics to enable optimization opportunities and forecasting tools to help companies grow.
  • Pensumo: it is an application that allows citizens to save to supplement their pension for tomorrow through purchases and challenges. With their daily gestures, people can save pennies that add up in a guaranteed savings plan.
  • N26: IT offers mobile banking solutions to customers in the European Union through its subsidiary. It provides international money transfer, investment, overdraft, and cash withdrawal and deposits at stores.
  • HokoCloud: it is a trading platform that lets investors manage their portfolio and strategies across several institutions in one place. They are a broker agnostic social trading platform, which provides access to conflict-of-interest free investment strategies for professionals and novices alike.
  • MyPocket: a very accessible financial inclusion app offering daily banking services and international money transfers from Europe and the UK to the world.
  • MiCappital: they democratize private banking through technology. They offer financial advice to young working people without time or knowledge to make adequate investment decisions and aim to be as accessible as possible, with a minimum investment of only 1000€.
  • LIRIDI: it is a Buy Now, Pay Later platform for small businesses, which enables emerging market entrepreneurs to purchase goods and services whenever they need them and at a fair price while paying for them later in several instalments, all with their App.
  • Finweg: they develop new digital payment solutions on blockchain technology to facilitate the offer of services provided by financial institutions.
  • iCEIBA: a unique Dispute Recovery Platform (DRP) to help small and medium businesses losing money due to unresolved commercial disputes and litigations. DRP is a no-cost, hands-off, and risk-free solution that uses technology to evaluate and resolve disputes & litigations while expediting cash recovery to the companies.
  • MDOTM: this company applies advanced statistical analysis techniques to large-scale financial data to develop successful computer based automated investment strategies, for global markets.
  • Zaion: they developed a voice customer relationship solution, a chatbot software that automates conversations and offers voice customer relationship processing using remote advisors. Zaion is a European expert in customer relationship solutions augmented by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Fraudio: it is a leading payment fraud and money laundering detection company founded by online payment and AI experts in 2019. Their mission is to connect all companies in the payments ecosystem to a powerful centralized AI that detects and prevents fraud in real time, creating unrivalled value.
  • Kasaz: it is the real estate portal of the future, the first truly buyer-focused property portal in Europe. Where the status quo is duplicates, fake listings and inaccurate information, Kasaz offers unparalleled transparency and listing quality combined with superior user experience and a unique and comprehensive buying experience.
  • Devengo: it allows workers to collect the part of their income they have already earned when they need it, instantly and at any time of the month.
  • Fidentity: it offers identity verification via document scan and liveness check and compliant customer onboarding fully automated and 24/7.
  • Bizbot: it helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of shares and convertible notes, enabling effective management on an easy to use and connected platform.
  • Atmos UAV: it is a high-tech company that designs and manufactures reliable aerial observation and data gathering solutions for professional users.
  • SaasCada: it helps organisations to rapidly build and launch financial services. Their cloud-native platform of open APIs enables new entrants to launch banking services and helps existing financial service providers to cut the cost of running a bank.
  • Apparkingspot: it is a new concept for renting and sharing of parking spots between organizations, individuals and companies. Apparkingspot wants to change the parking market in the same way as AIRBNB did with the household renting.
  • Collection Hub: they provide a single source of truth (SSOT) for ARM across business divisions, countries, and roles for large organizations.
  • receeve: it is a fully customisable All-in-One Platform for Collections & Recovery. They simplify the growing complexity of data and systems and empower in-house teams to easily automate processes.
  • Axyon AI: it leverages the most recent advancements in deep learning to create bespoke business applications for capital markets and asset management.
  • Adaptable Tools: it  focuses on creating flexible components for financial services systems, with clients including international banks, financial software houses, and independent brokerages around the world.
  • TontineTrust: it is building a platform that supports the issuance of risk-sharing lifetime income products such as tontine pensions.
  • Brickfy: it provides easy access to the alternative lending market, making investing in P2P lending as simple, secure and efficient as possible, while offering you the best investment experience.
  • AvalVida: A unique and innovative guarantee that allows you to rent a home, office or premises in an easy, agile and safe way. Very economical compared to other guarantees because only a single commission is paid.
  • ThreatMark: it enables banks to build completely trusted & safe online banking systems. Their advanced solution uses AI-powered digital behavior analytics to prevent digital fraud, learn from it, and build models that prevent future frauds across the entire customer journey, across all digital channels.
  • MIOAssicuratore: it is the first online insurance broker assisting the user to find, compare, buy and manage their policies through the simplest process.
  • The Wave Work: it is an HRtech and Fintech which connects the ecosystem of company-talent with an international payment system focused on remote workers.
  • Assurly: it is an insurtech that embodies the company of the 21st century. They are using technology to make insurance simple, intuitive, and human.
  • Kalgera: it is a RegTech platform that uses cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience to interpret financial behaviour captured in transaction data.
  • Wecan: it co-creates, runs, and scales joint ventures to transform socio-economic paradigms through pioneering blockchain solutions.
  • OnBord: its technology allows any business to sign up clients with no meetings, no paper, no checking different systems, no double inputting, no manual error. It’s an innovative white label KYC-as-a-Service solution.
  • FinanceKey: it offers a Web App for easy access to corporate banking APIs and a single API to integrate banking data into your existing IT systems, such as ERP, TMS, or CRM. FinanceKey helps corporations take advantage of open banking APIs where needed and banks to enhance digital services offering for their largest clients.
  • Lendingblock: operates a retail cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, where users can earn interest on their idle cryptocurrency holdings, or use their holdings as collateral for crypto-backed stablecoin loans. Lendingblock also licences its exchange software to institutions who are looking to quickly acquire lending and borrowing capabilities.
  • Brame Technologies: it reimagines and reengineers the way in which data has historically been stored, archived, transported and, retrieved, their unique storage architectures enable them to reduce infrastructure and consumption expenditures whilst exponentially increasing storage capabilities.
  • Regulation technologies: they are connected data engineers. They transform unmanageable open datasets into meaningful connected networks that help data teams innovate and make an impact.
  • Lendosphere: it responds to citizens’ desire to contribute to a positive economy through crowdfunding tools. Lendosphere gives you the means to make your money a lever of shared values. By taking part in the financing of the ecological transition, you benefit financially, environmentally and socially.
  • Substairs: it puts home owners association’s finances on autopilot by putting a unified communication and FinTech platform in the hands of every home owner. Easy to use and full transparency for everyone.
  • P2PB2B: cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded in 2018. P2PB2B Exchange is not just a cryptocurrency exchange platform but also a trusted partner for crypto projects. It runs token sales of the promising crypto assets, enabling users to easily invest in new currencies.
  • AgeWage: it analyses millions of people’s data from  pension providers and turns it into one meaningful metric – the AgeWage score – that tells us how our pensions are done.
  • Quota: it facilitates access to rental housing through its technology and products. They seize the power of data to validate tenants by analyzing various parameters such as employment status, income, tenant history and references for landlords and agencies to find the profile that best fits them.
  • Urbatis: it is an impact generation enabler. They offer ‘impact measurement’ advisory and software solutions for corporates, public authorities and funds. URBATIS helps clients to transform impact into value creation.
  • Draivn: it is an open mobility platform for telematics data harmonization and exchange mainly focused on fleets, commercial vehicles and stakeholders around them. The platform collects, harmonizes and converts into insights any type of telematics data available on the it is driving the shift from traditional payment methods to account-to-account (A2A) bank payments with best-in-class, Pan-European bank connectivity, data and compliance capabilities.

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