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The Top Proptech Startups in Mexico to Invest in

Using robust data and information from our Finnovating database, we have compiled a list of the top PropTech startups in Mexico to invest in. Many people all over the world are trying to get in on the ground floor of promising FinTech and PropTech companies ready to take off and change the financial market landscape over the next decade. 


PropTech Market 

The investor market in PropTech has gotten much more competitive as more of these types of companies get investing and turn out to be successes. For investors looking to expand their portfolios or take a ticket on a ride to the top of the markets, it can be a challenge to decide which top PropTech startups in Mexico are worthy of recouping investments and then some. 

PropTech is rising along with the popularity of real estate investing. With strong markets around the world, particularly in Mexico, users are starting to realize their real estate goals and dreams. Aiding this explosion of value in the property and real estate market are the many businesses providing users with all the tools they need to get in on the rising real estate and property market around the world. 


Our List of PropTech Startups in Mexico 

With investors continuing to pour money into the financial technology sector, PropTech businesses, particularly those based in Mexico, are becoming the darlings of the market for investors. With stiff competition and each new PropTech startup trying to out-do the last, finding winning startups can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top PropTech startups in Mexico. See more options and learn more on our Finnovation FinTech Platform. 

1. M2CROWD: This company focuses on the Mexican real estate market and allows users to crowdfund each other. Users can purchase pieces of real estate investments for as low as $5,000 pesos. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Crowdfunding.
  • Business model: B2B and B2C.

M2CROWD proptech startup Mexico

2. Bancompara: Bancompara is currently Mexico’s top digital mortgage allocator and a leading financial advisory platform. The platform is built to empower customers and make crucial financial data, tools, and knowledge available to all users. 

  • Company activities: FinTech and Mortgage Lending.
  • Business model: B2B.

Bancompara proptech startup Mexico

3. Tu Hogar Mexico: A real estate development sales platform, Tu Hogar Mexico helps buyers find the perfect property. 

  • Company activities: Commercial Real Estate.
  • Business model: B2B.

Tu Hogar Mexico proptech startup Mexico

4. NOCNOK: This platform is a Real Estate CRM helping real estate agents sell and rent properties. The platform has two versions, a free basic subscription and a paid Pro version. Both versions manage real estate inventory, create points of contact between agendas, and publish properties on the most popular search portals, among other options. 

  • Company activities: Data, Analytics & Research.
  • Business model: B2B and B2C.

NOCNOK proptech startup Mexico

5. Monific: This is a platform that offers investment opportunities for all in the real estate and tourism sector. Monific’s crowdfunding capabilities make it much easier for users to invest in the real estate/tourism sector. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Crowdfunding and FinTech.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

Monific proptech startup Mexico

6. Briq México: is a crowdfunding platform designed to help break down barriers to real estate investment. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Crowdfunding.
  • Business model: B2B and B2C.

Briq Mexico proptech startup Mexico

7. This platform contains all the tools and data necessary for real estate agents to prospect, sell, and rent properties to clients. The platform also features an automated legal underwriting system with rent guarantees for tenants. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Broker and FinTech.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

homify proptech startup Mexico

8. This app is focused on connecting residents of Mexico City with affordable real estate that meet their needs. Users can find all information about prospective real estate properties in Mexico City in one place. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Crowdfunding
  • Business model: B2C.

tudepa proptech startup Mexico

9. Hamoc: Hamoc specializes in rental agreements. Its platform provides lease underwriting and management services to help users feel supported and relaxed when leasing or renting out property. With Hamoc’s advanced technology, users can assess the risk of tenant default. Hamoc even guarantees rents when tenants do default. 

  • Company activities: InsurTech, FinTech and PropTech.
  • Business model: B2C and B2B2C.

Hamoc proptech startup Mexico

10. Holii 3D: This platform creates virtual tours to allow prospective real estate buyers to view properties from any angle remotely. 

  • Company activities: PropTech.
  • Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

homify proptech startup Mexico

11. FRAXU: Real estate co-ownership has emerged as an option for investors all over the world, but FRAXU creates an alternative that still allows for lower barriers to investing. This platform makes it easy for users to purchase fractions of real estate. 

  • Company activities: PropTech, Real Estate Investment, Property management, Real Estate Broker, Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

FRAXU proptech startup Mexico

12. Sway Compass: Sway Compass is a technology platform focused on mortgage loans. The technology is able to analyze data and variables to create the optimal mortgage for users, saving large amounts of money for users. 

  • Company activities: Mortgage Lending and Mortgage.
  • Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

Sway Compass proptech startup Mexico

13. CondoVive: This platform is a SaaS solution for condominium management. It enables property owners or managers to communicate with residents, accept and manage maintenance requests through its online portal, as well as create work orders. The platform also allows users to manage common areas and generate usage reports. 

  • Company activities: Property management and Enterprise software.
  • Business model: B2Bm B2C and B2B2C.

CondoVive proptech startup Mexico

Rising Opportunity for Real Estate Investors 

The influx of innovation and new products in the PropTech market is creating huge opportunities not only for the users of the above platforms and apps, but for the builders of those apps as well. The list of elite PropTech startups in Mexico is growing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this highly valuable time in real estate market history in Mexico and the world. 

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