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Three essential questions about Olisipo Way

Olisipo way ceo portugal

Olisipo Way is an Early Stage Venture Firm focused on IT investments. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, Olisipo Way was founded in 2015. Their investments are varied in terms of business areas but they have a natural tendency for B2B projects. Olisipo Way speak the same language as entrepreneurs, the language of business. More than investors, they are also entrepreneurs. Their priority is the choice of the right people and the creation of a community that works as a plus in the lives of our startups.

They have recently joined Finnovating and we have talked with Tocha, an entrepreneurial-spirited technologist with 10+ years of experience in developing and manufacturing products in China, investing in innovative startups, developing business and strategic objectives, and helping startups and entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals and becoming the next vrooom in the Tech World. Tocha is an Executive Partner in Olisipo Way and he answered as 3 essential questions to understand what is Olisipo Way and their situation:

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Three essential questions about Olisipo Way


1.Can you explain what it is and what Olisipo Way offers?

We invest in early-stage Portuguese-based companies. We are a community of founders, entrepreneurs, and c-level executives from startup companies to traditional businesses. Our community leverages the support for each company and together with our early-stage investment we aim at investing in businesses that can become a high scalable startup or a profitable business for the next 20-30 years.


2. What type of Fintech Startups does Olisipo Way seek to invest in?

We look for great entrepreneurs that love the field they are working on and that are able to build companies with an identified secret sauce on a specific niche. We look for business models that can quickly become profitable and then we decide with the teams if we should build a profitable business or a high growth startup leveraging VC rounds. We believe that in order to build and scale a great company we must first prove the business on a smaller scale.


3. How has the current crisis caused by Covid affected the development / growth of your business?

The major impact we suffered was that more and more people have come to acknowledge some of our basis for investment. Concepts like break-even, profitability, niche businesses, and lifestyle companies have gained huge acceptance. Allowing us to identify more incredible entrepreneurs to invest in and support. As for the companies that were directly affected by the pandemic, they went through a transformation that allowed them to have stronger and more profitable businesses after more than 1 year in covid hell.

You can get more information about Olisipo Way in:

Authors: Sergo Ajoian, Ignacio Cabillas, Celia Carballo, Helena Cobo, Juan José Ramos y Carlos Romer

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