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Top Events for FinTech 2023

Top events for fintech 2023

Explore this calendar prepared by the Finnovating platform that includes a list of the top events for FinTech 2023.

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If you want to get to know the most important FinTech trends and leaders, you have to attend many of the events that take place across the year. This year, we’re leaving virtuality behind, with in person events and a hybrid mode that combines the two alternatives taking the front seat.

Within this context, we present to you a list of top events for FinTech 2023 on technological innovation, on hot topics of high interest in the current situation and the latest news, trends and advancements that have a full impact on the activity of companies and on society. Are you going to miss them?




Fintech Retreat

San Francisco

30 January 2023

ISE Open Innovation Challenge 2023


31 Jan – 2 Feb 2023

Bank Automation Summit

Charlotte, NC

2 Р3  March 2023

Future Digital Finance by WBR

Austin, TX

6 Р7  March 2023

MoneyLive Summit


8 Р9  March 2023



14 Р15  March 2023

Fintech Meetup

Las Vegas

19 Р22  March 2023

Pay 360


21 Р22  March 2023

South Summit


29 Р31  March 2023

FinTech Unconference Colombia


13 April 2023

Payments by NACHA

Las Vegas

16 Р19  April 2023

Transact by ETA


24 Р26  April 2023

Empire Fintech Conference


26 April 2023

Consensus by Coindesk


26 Р28  April 2023

Fintech Americas Miami 2023


4 Р5  May 2023

AIM Congress

Abu Dhabi

8 Р10  May 2023

Payments Forum

San Diego, CA

8 Р10  May 2023

FinXTech Transactions by Bank Director

Tampa, FL

9 Р10  May 2023

Embedded by Fintech Talents


9  May 2023

Lendit Fintech USA


10 Р11  May 2023

The U.S. Fintech Symposium

Orlando, FL

16 Р18  May 2023


Hollywood, FL

21 Р24  May 2023


San Francisco

23 Р25  May 2023

Seamless Middle East


23 Р24  May 2023

FinTech Unconference Madrid


31 May 2023

Money 20/20 Europe


6 – 8 Jun 2023

South Summit


7 – 9 Jun 2023

Digital Banking by American Banker

Boca Raton, FL

12 – 14 Jun 2023

Invest by FinancialPlanning


12 – 13 Jun 2023

Finovate Edge Asia


14 Jun 2023

Fintech Week London


19 – 23 Jun 2023

Vencent Fintech Summit

Little Rock, AR

14 – 15 August 2023



11 – 13 September 2023



18 – 21 September 2023



2 – 4 October 2023

FinTech Unconference Mexico 2023

Mexico City

4 October 2023



16 – 20 October 2023

Money 20/20

Las Vegas

22 – 25 October 2023

Get in touch with worldwide leaders of the Fintech Sector, investors and members of the Finnovating platform

Finnovating is the global community and platform that connects fintechs, tech startups, corporations and investors in an online space where business opportunities, growth, global exposure and expansion is possible, The unconferences (enlace de unconference a a web) is the exlusive event for Finnovating members, CEOs and founders of the fintech sector come together to innovate and connect in order to reinvent finance. This year, the events will take place at Colombia, Madrid and México.

FinTech Unconference Colombia 2023: 12-Apr-23

One of the main events for innovation in financial services in Latin America, organized by the Finnovating platform. It brings together the main leaders of each sector and the most influential, disruptive and innovative technology companies that are redefining the industry.

FinTech Unconference Madrid 2023: 31-May-23

This event intends to promote and give visibility to the collaboration between FinTech and corporations. In addition, it will facilitate the meeting of minds and introduce leading startups with investors of Spain and Europe.

FinTech Unconference Mexico 2023: 4-Oct-23

An exclusive in person encounter for CEOs/Founders/Country Managers of the best FinTech, Influential Corporations, Investors, Regulators and Associations of Mexico and Latin America.

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