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Top FinTech startups in Colombia to know

The Colombia startup market is taking off in the Fintech industry. As demand grows for bigger and better financial services for more people, startups in Colombia are beginning to coalesce around providing more complete and faster Fintech services for all kinds of money management, investment, and other financial services and products. Evidence has shown that the total number of startups in Colombia is on the rise, especially in the Fintech industry. In 2016, 77 Fintech startups were registered in the country. Now, that number has increased dramatically to over 200 as of April 2020.

For investors, this rise in the Colombia startup market makes for fertile opportunities. But with so many new startups looking for advisors and investors in this rapidly developing South American country, how do you know which ones deserve your investments?

Our Colombian Startups List in Fintech

Below you’ll find a sample of some rising startups in the Colombian Fintech industry:


Aflore: Aflore makes simple financial products available to people struggling to find financial management resources, even basic banking services. Aflore utilizes a community of informal advisors  throughout Latin America.

Company activities: Lending.

Business model: B2B and B2B2C.


Finsocial: Finsocial provides credit solutions including payroll loan for public teachers, self employees and pensioners.

Company activities: Lending.

Business model: B2B and B2B2C.


OmniLatam: A financial services platform focused on users throughout Latin America, OmniLatam offers digital financial management solutions for private companies, facilitating access to financing no matter where they are, avoiding relocation and long wait times.

Company activities: Factoring, Confirming and Working Capital Loans.

Business model: B2B.


MO Technologies: This Colombia startup is a Credit as a Service Fintech business with a B2B model looking forward to achieving greater financial inclusion for all. The company offers digital credit solutions for financial institutions like banks, lenders, digital wallets, and more. The company also offers its services to any non-financial business with credit needs to attend to the unbanked or recently banked individuals in their ecosystems.

Company activities: Factoring, Confirming and Working Capital Loans.

Business model: B2B.

MO Technologies

Payvalida: Payvalida provides a payment gateway that allows multiple solutions in a multitude of sales channels in Colombia and throughout Latin America.

Company activities: Payments and FinTech.

Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.


Puntored: A financial transaction services company, Puntored provides secure payment, withdrawal, deposit, and other virtual services to the low- and middle-income population in Latin America via over 72,000 outlets throughout the continent.

Company activities: Payments.

Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.


Savne SAS: This company is dedicated to the development of software and technological solutions designed to fit the needs of any business. Its products provide solutions for many financial services needs, providing process automation that improves performance, increases operational efficiency, and consolidates and develops businesses.

Company activities: Enterprise software, HR solutions, APIs & Data Aggregation, Trading Platforms and Invoice Digitization Software.

Business model: B2B, B2C, B2B2C and B2G.

Savne SAS

reconoSER ID: reconoSER ID develops digital solutions for Digital Identity companies using biometrics and machine learning. Backed by 14 years of experience in data management and biometrics from their subsidiary and parent company Olimpia, reconoSER ID has set out on a mission to be the leading Latin American digital identity hub supporting the creation, development, and growth of digital businesses and customers.

Company activities: Biometrics, Customer Onboarding, Credit Scoring Management, Fraud prevention & detection and Reputational risk.

Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

reconoSER ID

ABL Capital: A provider of secured loans and factoring financing to small businesses, ABL Capital uses its proprietary technology for underwriting, sourcing, and decision-making on loans.

Company activities: Lending, Invoice Financing and Factoring.

Business model: B2B.

ABL Capital

Figuro: This Fintech startup is a one-stop shop for investment and insurance products. The company created a digital, fully independent financial advisor tool that helps users understand their basic financial situations and offer recommendations, informational content, tools, and products to help achieve their goals.

Company activities: FinTech, Financial Products Distribution, Personal Finance, Financial Education, InsurTech, Insurance Comparison portal and Credit Insurance.

Business model: B2B and B2B2C.


Libera Supply Chain Finance: Libera is a full-fledged ecosystem in which users can capture the maximum yield and extend their payment terms with timely payments. to suppliers. Libera already has more than six years of success in the corporate and business financial services market.

Company activities: Confirming, Cash & Treasury Management, Financial Infrastructure & Operational, Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Cash-Back.

Business model: B2B.

Libera supply chain finance

Plurall: A digital bank, Plurall is committed to improving the financial inclusion of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Colombia. Plurall delivers easy working and growth capital for small businesses, working closely with entrepreneurs to empower their personal and professional lives.

Company activities: FinTech, Lending, Microcredits, Debit cards and Payments.

Business model: B2B and B2B2C.


arKdia: This Colombian fintech company provides a Blockchain solution for contract management and the tokenization of real estate and digital assets.

Company activities: PropTech, Cryptocurrencies & Tokens, Token, Enterprise software, APIs & Data Aggregation, FinTech, Banking as a Service (BaaS), eWallets, InsurTech, Remote consultations, Real Estate Investment, Construction Management, Real Estate Finance & Invest, Contracts & Legal documents, eSignature, LegalTech and Commercial Real Estate.

Business model: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2E and B2G.

TCF Group: TCF Group uses its 10-plus years of industry experience and over $50 million in Assets Under Management to actively finance projects and financial services in several sectors in Latin America including real estate, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Company activities: Alternative Investment, Accounting, Business Financial Management, Cash & Treasury Management, Equity Finance, Financial Products Distribution, Credit Lines, Business Tax Management Software, Confirming, Commercial Insurance, Advisors Wealth Planning, Wealth Products Distribution, Contract analytics & Due diligence and Debt management.

Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

TCF Group

Zendmi: Zendmi is an online platform who seeks to wipe out the frontiers in money remittances, offering our clients the possibility to help their friends and family in other countries with a complete online process, immediate credit in their accounts and at a low cost. 

Company activities: Remittances and Crypto Exchange.

Business model: B2C.


Imix: By leveraging its own developed IT and knowledge on financial networks, Imix allows financial institutions to reach customers with a low-cost last-mile channel while offering financial services, such as savings, loan and insurance, to the underserved communities through the agents who are trusted by the communities.

Company activities: Consumer Finance, Microcredits, Micropayments and Micro-insurance.

Business model: B2B.


InHom: They use technological, financial and operational tools to make your real estate experience more friendly, secure, profitable and efficient.

Company activities: Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Crowdfunding, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Finance & Invest and Real Estate Marketing.

Business model: B2B2C.


Vikiingo: Tour operator of Sustainable activities and excursions around the world.

Company activities: Travel Insurance, Token and FinTech.

Business model: B2B, B2B2C and B2E.

OneLuka: Low Amount loans to customers reported in Credit Bureaus, along with consultancy reports aimed to improve their Credit Profile Score. Maximum Terms 12 Months, on a monthly or semi-monthly payments.

Company activities: Lending and Comparison / Advisor.

Business model: B2C.


Prestapolis: They help small and medium merchants to attract more customers, decrease checkout abandonment and increase ticket size

Company activities: Consumer Finance and FinTech.

Business model: B2B2C.


Aicoll: They are from Hub of financial services for credit post-sale. Their startup supports the credit cycle of financial entities in LATAM by implementing Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning and automation of strategic processes.

Company activities: FinTech, Open Banking, Personal Finance Management (PFM), Automated portfolio management and Analytics.

Business model: B2B.


LiberTec: Their business model is focused on granting credit to employees of the companies with which we have an agreement, so that it is deducted from their monthly salary. The main source of income is the interest agreed on each loan and a second source of income is the structuring of the operation.

Company activities: Lending and FinTech.

Business model: B2B2C.


Nubloq: Nubloq exists to improve the quality, value and scope of financial services for everyone in LATAM. They provide companies and developers with tools to connect to the financial infrastructure, accelerating and standardizing the process of embedding financial products in the most relevant places for end consumers.

Company activities: Open Banking and APIs & Data Aggregation.

Business model: B2B.


How to Find Fintech Startups in Colombia to Invest or Collaborate With


Discerning which companies are worthy investments and which don’t fit your vision or portfolio takes many hours of research and communication. You have to learn the ins and outs of a potential investment, from the leaders of the company to their products, features, brand placement, strategy, and many other factors.

The list you see above contains information from the Finnovating Platform, which amasses the Fintech startups entering the marketplace and looking for investors from around the world. Colombia is only one example of a country that has made it easier for Fintech companies to get off the ground and provide much-needed and sought-after financial services. Visit the Finnovating Platform to learn more about the companies listed above, and to view more Fintech startups both in Colombia and in many other countries.

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