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Top FinTech Startups in Mexico to Watch

The startup ecosystem in Mexico has fostered the growth of many different companies across the FinTech space. As more users gain entry to the rapidly growing FinTech market, the momentum is growing and gaining speed as more startups in Mexico gain investors, users, and power. 

 With the influx of many new FinTech startups in Mexico, investors can easily get confused. If you’d like to see how to grow your investments and find an excellent startup in Mexico, Finnovating has you covered. Learn more about some of the top FinTech startups rising in Mexico and get in on the ground floor. 


Our Mexican Startups List in FinTech 

Finnovating brings you the top financial technology, property technology, and many other startups from countries all over the world. Be sure to visit our FinTech platform to get even more information on the companies we have identified as hot investment opportunities below: 

  1. Bitso: Bitso is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can buy and sell digital currencies using a mobile app and web platforms. Bitso supports a wide range of digital currencies, including Ripple, Bitcoin, and many more. The platform features market analysis charts and insights traders can use as references. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. 
  • Company activities: Cryptocurrencies & Tokens and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Business model: B2B and B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico bitso

2. Arcus: A leading platform for democratizing secure payments, Arcus is built on a payments-as-a-service model, helping any business launch a payments system for their clients and customers. Arcus’ mission is to improve its users’ financial health by helping companies empower their customers and give them a better, more secure way to manage their payments. 

  • Company activities: Payments
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico arcus

3. Oyster Financial: This company has created a platform that provides digital financial services for freelancers, startups, and small-market enterprises. The platform allows users to capture web traffic of up to 30% or more of targets mailed. It also generates real-time email or text alerts for marketing or sales teams on a 1-to-1 basis. 

  • Company activities: Business Financial Management, Credit Lines, Debit cards, Payments and Mobile payments.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico oyster

4. Creze: Creze is an online lending platform offering loans to small and medium-sized businesses. Its loans range from $50k to $1M pesos with a payment period between one and 12 months. The platform caters to all types of businesses. 

  • Company activities: SME Credit.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico creze

5. Moneta: A FinTech platform that provides payment solutions to customers, financial institutions, retail telecommunications operators, and various service providers, Moneta enables users to connect to a single electronic payment ecosystem, allowing them to accept and process electronic payments without going through multiple channels. 

  • Company activities: Credit card, Accounts, Account Switching, Core Banking Platforms. Customer Onboarding, Banking as a Service (BaaS), Credit Scoring Management, Card issuer, Card-linked marketing, Debit cards, Customer engagement, Claim fraud detection, Behavioural analytics, Biometrics and ATMs.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico moneta

6. qiip: This digital platform aims to help millions of people improve their financial wellness in four steps: 1. Attracting users using several channels. 2. Users have free access to their knowledge tools including credit history, income/expense analysis, self-tests, and financial coaching sessions. 3. Provide a full explanation to each user of their financial situation based on their financial information and qiip’s analysis. 4. Connect the user to products and services that match their current situation and help improve their financial wellbeing. 

  • Company activities: Personal Finance Management (PFM), Financial Products Distribution, Comparison / Advisor and Financial Education.
  • Business model: B2C and B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico qiip

7. Fondeadora: Fondeadora is an online bank for retailers providing financial services using bank partnerships. It also provides a prepaid card and app to access the online services. The app can also be used for money transfers, online and offline purchases, and digital banking. 

  • Company activities: Payments and Debit cards.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico fondeadora

 8. Conekta: The leading payments platform in Mexico, Conekta helps businesses across Latin America accept online payments using debit or credit cards, cash, or bank transfers. The platform also allows companies and developers to create their own payment solution with customized design and flow for all websites. 

  • Company activities: Payments and APIs & Data Aggregation.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico conekta

 9. Minu: This on-demand salary disbursement platform allows employees of affiliated companies to withdraw part of their already-earned salary without waiting for payday. 

  • Company activities: Employee benefits.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico minu

10. Monific: Monific provides one of the first crowdfunding platforms that gains users entry into real estate investment, specifically in the tourism sector. 

  • Company activities: Real Estate Crowdfunding and FinTech.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico monific

11. SlightPay: SlightPay is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later FinTech company that helps people to access financial solutions into a seamless shopping experience. Through their proprietary technology, they provide instant financing at e-commerce’s checkout in Mexico

  • Company activities: Buy Now Pay Later and FinTech.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico slightpay

12. Blumon Pay: Blumon Pay is a 100% Mexican company that enables digital payment solutions to Processors, Banks, Aggregators and Merchants through a Payments as a Service (PaaS) cloud open platform.

  • Company activities: Payment Gateways, APIs & Data Aggregation, Account Reconciliation Software, Banking as a Service (BaaS), Payments, Payment Providers, Payments Self-checkout and QR Payments.
  • Business model: B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico blumon pay

13.Klinc: They want to become the one stop shop of financial services for companies and their employees, looking to improve financial wellness and Quality of living. We have a pay-on-demand product where employees can access 24/7 their earned salary.

  • Company activities: FinTech, Expense Management Software, InsurTech, Savings & Micro-Investing and Payroll advance.
  • Business model: B2B and B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico klinc

14. Scorce: One stop SHOP for APIs. API HUB & Marketplace, that offers under one dashboard different APIs needed by companies that operate and do business in LATAM & EUROPE. Scorce aims to become the go-to platform for both non-technical people and developers to speed through API integrations. 

  • Company activities: APIs & Data Aggregation and FinTech.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico scorce

15. Cincel: CINCEL is a blockchain based e-signature SaaS that helps people and businesses in LATAM to speed up the way that their legal agreements are signed and managed. All the files are certificated and notarized as an NFT with tamper-proof. Guaranteeing the original version and legal compliance in Latin America of each document (digital asset).

  • Company activities: eSignature, Enterprise software, APIs & Data Aggregation, FinTech and LegalTech.
  • Business model: B2B and B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico cincel

16. INNOVATION FINTECH SCP: They are a FinTech platform for financial institutions that grant financing, they have a wide range of tools for credit management.

  • Company activities: Core Banking Platforms and Banking as a Service (BaaS).
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico innovation

17. Maslow: Maslow helps companies attract, engage and retain talent by making them central in defining their compensation package, benefits, and financials.

  • Company activities: Credit Scoring Management, Customer Onboarding and Asset backed loans.
  • Business model: B2B, B2B2C and B2E.

Fintech Startup Mexico maslow

18. Abaccor: They automate accounting tasks to minimize time and so that you can obtain the information you need in your business from the moment it is generated.

  • Company activities: Enterprise software, Account Reconciliation Software and Business Tax Management Software.
  • Business model: B2B and B2B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico abaccor

19. Graviti: Graviti is a platform that connects low-income and unbanked end-users with distributors of sustainable products and credit institutions. It offers a prepaid technology platform that is implemented in each product and that allows financial companies to reduce past-due loans and collection costs.Graviti was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Mexico City.

  • Company activities: Buy Now Pay Later, Lending, Credit Lines, Payments and InsurTech.
  • Business model: B2C.

Fintech Startup Mexico graviti

20. Hubmark: Hubmark is a brand new facilitator of solutions and services for financial institutions, including FinTech. They’re constantly looking for new and exciting products and services around the world that may fit the requirements of interested Digital Banks and FinTech in the Latin America region.

  • Company activities: Customer Onboarding, Core Banking Platforms, Claim fraud detection and Automated portfolio management.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico hubmark

21. Mendel: A startup that simplifies and optimizes the financial management of large companies in Mexico and Latin America through flexible and secure technological solutions.

  • Company activities:Expense Management Software, Cash & Treasury Management, Credit card, Credit Lines, Employees Expense Management software and Corporate cards.
  • Business model: B2B.

Fintech Startup Mexico mendel

How to Find FinTech Startups in Mexico to Invest in or Collaborate With


FinTech startups are booming in Mexico and across all of North America and Europe. South American companies are getting in on the action, too. The bottom line is that there is a huge demand for more powerful and more accessible access to financial technology solutions around the world. Many people are forming companies based on their technical ability and a new idea for how to bring better financial wellness and complex financial products to as many users as possible. 

The Internet continues to bring more new applications and information to people around the world. The next generation of FinTech startups in Mexico are grabbing onto that trend and building incredible products and insights to help users in many new, unique ways. Because of this wave of innovation, there are many companies in need of investors and collaborators. 

Finding and deciding on which startups in Mexico to invest in is a challenge. Finnovating makes that process much easier by providing you with all the information you need to seek out and collaborate with successful startups on their way to disrupting the FinTech market.

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