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Top FinTech Startups in USA to Watch


Financial technology, or FinTech, is a rapidly growing industry leading to many financial and technology experts to form their own startups in the USA. While investing in any startup can be fraught with peril, FinTech companies are quickly forming and becoming profitable, which makes them fertile ground for investment. 

FinTech startups in the USA have been growing along with these types of startups all over the world. Investors and business owners recognize the potential for these types of companies, which have already been dominating the tech innovation space for the past decade. Since 2015, over $130 billion has been invested in startups. 


Our American Startups List in FinTech 

There are many new FinTech companies trying to out-do each other right now. In the US, as it is around the world, competition for investors and innovative products is fierce. Here are the top American FinTech startups on the Finnovation FinTech platform right now: 

  1. Turing: Named after the famous and ground-breaking mathematician and cryptographerAlan Turing, this company uses a proprietary Artificial Intelligence-enabled Talent Cloud component that allows users to quickly find software developers and engineers for their teams. 
  • Company activities: Enterprise software.
  • Business model: B2B.

turing fintech usa

2. Mambu: This company created a cloud-based banking platform that allows users to create, launch, and service loan and deposit products, decreasing time-to-market for new small-to-medium business banking products using its many innovative channels. 

  • Company activities: Core Banking Platforms.
  • Business model: B2B.

mambu fintech usa

3. CoverWallet: CoverWallet was acquired by Aon and is concerned with commercial insurance. Its extremely fast online system matches business owners with any type of business-related coverage they need. 

  • Company activities: InsurTech and Enterprise software.
  • Business model: B2BB and 2B2C.

coverwallet fintech usa

4. CashQ Money Transfer: This Miami-based business uses Remittance-as-a-Service and Compliance-as-a-Service software to facilitate international bank card networks and e-wallets. CashQ provides single-point access to the global financial system and creates network inroads for instant money transfers. 

  • Company activities: Remittances, Accounts, Currencies Exchange, APIs & Data Aggregation, Payment Cards and Payments.
  • Business model: B2C and B2B2C.

cashq fintech usa

5. Elliptic: Elliptic is a Bitcoin surveillance and monitoring system that allows users to find illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain. The service also provides law enforcement authorities and financial institutions with actionable intel and insights.  

  • Company activities: Compliance monitoring tools, Claim fraud detection, Data, Analytics & Research, Analytics and Cybersecurity.
  • Business model: B2Bm B2C, and B2B2C.

elliptic fintech usa

6. Lock Trust: Marrying brilliance and synchronicity, Lock Trust is a virtual, global bank and payments platform complete with blockchain-based security, compliance, and flexibility. Lock Trust is both an online wallet and a hyper-secure gateway. With Quasi-cash ISO in the Visa and registered FinCEN in all 50 states, Lock Trust is in prime position to be a market disruptor and unicorn. 

  • Company activities: FinTech, Accounts, Escrow account, Crypto Exchange, Currencies Exchange, CRM, Core Banking Platforms and Customer Onboarding.
  • Business model: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2E and B2G.

lock trust fintech usa

7. CloakCoin: CloakCoin is a cryptocurrency with all the bells and whistles of other crypto, but adds in a six percent interest rate for all staked coins. It offers a decentralized transaction system based on proof of stake consensus. 

  • Company activities: Cryptocurrencies & Tokens.
  • Business model: B2C.

cloakcoin fintech usa

8. Eyrus: This company provides a workforce project management and productivity tool that uses automated data from actual project sites to create continuous and actionable metrics and insights. 

  • Company activities: Compliance monitoring tools, Construction Management, Workflow management and Workplace management.
  • Business model: B2B B2C and B2B2C

eyrus fintech usa

9. Pickspace Plus: Pickspace is a commercial real estate and coworking management software allowing users to create a community in commercial buildings and offers a large range of features such as meeting room booking, occupancy reports, billing, automatic payments, occupancy reports, and an analytics dashboard. 

  • Company activities: PropTech, Enterprise software, FinTech, Property management, Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.
  • Business model: B2B and B2C. 

pickspace fintech usa

10. This company built a marketplace and application that assists customers to make donations and save money that improve their future. Founded on a bedrock of a new social economy and impact investing, can help make the world a better place one customer at a time. 

  • Company activities: Donations platform and Neobanks & ChallengerBanks.
  • Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

bunny money fintech usa

11. BigID: BigID created an intelligence platform that enables organizations to analyze their enterprise data and take immediate action to improve privacy, protection, and perspective. BigID allows customers to deploy sensitive data across their data landscape. 

  • Company activities: Enterprise software, Compliance, Compliance Management, Governance RiskCloud security,Cyber-risk management, Analytics and Cybersecurity.
  • Business model: B2B.

bigid fintech usa

12. ReloQuest: This software is an independent, cloud-based sourcing platform specifically designed for the Corporate Accommodations Industry. The platform delivers unbiased options for temporary housing in real-time. The platform is rapidly implemented, easy to use, transparent, and enjoys significant global supplier representation. 

  • Company activities: Analytics. 
  • Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

reloquest fintech usa


How to Find FinTech Startups in the USA to Invest or Collaborate With 

The companies outlined above can also all be found on Finnovating’s directory of businesses looking for investors to help build more robust products and reach an ever-growing cohort of customers. 

FinTech startups in the USA face stiff competition as the upward trend of the value of these businesses grows. This competition fosters more rapid innovation and results in companies coming to venture capitalists and other investors with a better go-to-market plan than they otherwise would. Regulations imposed by the US also require these businesses to have a certain level of toughness to withstand the unique pressures of the American FinTech market. 

Using Finnovating’s database, you can find all the necessary information to make a good decision about whether to invest in these companies, including when they were formed, their brand difference, and much more. 

Make no mistake, the companies listed above have robust products and user bases already, they simply are looking for funding to make the next step in their growth. You could be on the ground floor with these groundbreaking companies as they rise to the top of the FinTech market. 

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