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Top most active InsurTech in the Finnovating platform!

hese are the most active InsurTech by members of the Finnovating platform.

Startups, companies and investors from almost 120 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them!

Some of the world’s leading InsurTech are part of the Finnovating platform! As part of it, they are already being sought after by other members wishing to connect and grow with the changemakers of the sector. We have decided to list the most active InsurTech from our platform, to put the spotlight on them and congratulate them!

These are the most active InsurTech from around the world!

Traetupoliza: A specialised InsurTech in life insurance with a digital broker business model (B2C). In their platform you can learn, choose, contract and manage everything related to life insurance. They offer embedded insurance solutions for companies that want to build their customer loyalty and open up new revenue streams by adding insurance offering to their portfolio.

Quota: Quota facilitates access to rental housing through its technology and products. They seize the power of data to validate tenants by analyzing various parameters such as employment status, income, tenant history and references for landlords and agencies to find the profile that best fits them.

Grupo Hammurabi: Brokers with 30 years of experience, dedicated to the management, consulting and advice of risks, insurance and bonds. Extensive experience in the field allows them to offer their clients the best custom-designed options.

Medikit: Medikit is the leading e-prescription tech provider in MX – founded in 2017, offering a platform to simplify the process of e-consultation and eprescription to patients and doctors.

PASAP: PASAP, simplifies the commercialization of insurance. Their platform connects insurers, intermediaries and end-customers.

WELLICS Ltd.: WELLICS offers a SaaS product for companies that wish to boost employee productivity and retention through digital, personalized, and comprehensive wellness insights and coaching.

MCO-HEALTH Tech: MCO-HEALTH Tech is a software company that makes use of tele-reporting softwares in the African demographic that allows fast diagnosis and presenting of scan results, lab and x-ray results to the patients while storing it in an electronic health record for the patient.

bolttech: bolttech powers connections between insurers, distributors, and customers to make it easier and more efficient to buy and sell insurance and services products.

Dendron Neurotechnologies: They are developing a consumer oriented wearable for the diagnosis, paliation and treatment of mental health, starting with anxiety disorders.

Can you imagine connecting with these InsurTech? It’s possible! Enter the global startup platform.

InsureCrypt: InsureCrypt is an insurance policy admin system with blockchain encryption. It provides Personally Identifiable Information data (PII) encrypted with blockchain for the financial services industry.

MotionsCloud: MotionsCloud is an InsurTech firm that enables property and vehicle insurance companies to streamline and automate claims processes using computer vision technologies.

DBX Kft.: Everything your business needs to have a future-proof insurance service where your task is only to invent your new products.

Gistek Insurance Solutions: It is a professional telepresence system, conceived, developed, and designed specifically for the needs of the insurance sector.

Mi Legado Digital: Smart Will that includes the wills of the analog will, the digital assets, the living will and the genetic legacy.

PULSSIR: Pulssir: A platform solution for remote contactless continuous monitoring of the health and behaviour of people, including elderly and sedentary patients. It controls vital parameters, protects health and keeps privacy and convenience.

YellowMay: Yellowmay: They Innovate insurances with Analyses, Consulting and by collecting Data.

Pensumo: Pensumo performs financial inclusion through pocket technology. By getting microcontributions generated by each purchase, a supplement is generated for your future pension.

Asistensi: With Asistensi, migrants will be protected against the financial setbacks of health emergencies in their families back home while becoming the heroes that take care of the wellness of their loved ones.

HAPPYPAL: HappyPal is the solution that breathes new life into the benefits experience and finally makes it accessible to everyone.

IBISA NETWORK: IBISA NETWORK: BISA is an InsurTech building and managing innovative climate insurance solutions for agriculture to bring resilience to farmers and businesses.

MioAssicuratore: MioAssicuratore: MIOAssicuratore is the first online insurance broker assisting the user to find, compare, buy and manage their policies through the simplest proces

Miituo: Miituo: It is the leading pay-as-you-drive insurance platform in Latin America with the simplest value proposition in the auto insurance industry: “drive nothing, pay nothing”.

Singular Cover: Singular Cover: The online insurance for small businesses, made just for you. Simple to understand and buy, in just a few clicks.

sekure: Sekure: Sekure is the first on-demand cloud insurance platform in LatAm that empowers insurers, brokers, and other stakeholders (Reinsurers, Fintechs, Affinity, Mobility, E-commerce) to design and provide digital insurance products to their customers without investing in infrastructure or involvement in endless projects.

+Simple: +Simple provides online insurance services. It offers insurance for vehicles, health, the health of collaborators, accident, office, professional liabilities, etc.

Bdeo: Bdeo: Bdeo is an AI company based in Spain, Mexico, UK, France and Germany. The company’s mission is to change the insurance industry with a comprehensive visual intelligence solution to develop the way customers communicate with insurers.

Assurly: Assurly is the loan insurance of tomorrow. With Assurly, you will be able to change your insurance in a few minutes, from your cell phone, and benefit from one of the best covers on the market at the right price.

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