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Top most searched FinTech in the Finnovating platform!

These are the most searched FinTech by members of the Finnovating platform.

Startups, companies and investors from 120 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them!

Some of the world’s leading FinTech are part of the Finnovating platform! As part of it, they are already being sought after by other members wishing to connect and grow with the changemakers of the sector. We have decide to list the most searched FinTech from our platform, to put the spotlight on them and congratulate them!

These are the most searched FinTech from around the world!

Begini: SaaS technology that provides character-based Credit Scoring Solutions for Banks, Digital Lenders, Neo & Challenger Banks, BNPL and Asset Financing.

CINCEL: CINCEL is a suite of multi-signature, notarization, blockchain and identity. It provides agility and confidence in any digital signature experience of a contract or document through the CINCEL Suite, through certifications (Audit Footprint + NOM-151 + Blockchain) with legal compliance (UNCITRAL + ISO/IEC + ETSI TS) and technological (SSL/TLS). Reward based crowdfunding platform, it works as a tool for SMES that need funding, who use the software to approach a massive audience with the opportunity to participate in a campaign. Each campaign has a goal, a limited time and a set of rewards to give back to people who pledge.

Ducit: They help companies to manage their values efficiently and agilely, taking care of their transportation, processing, hoarding and deposit.

eXate: eXate automates and applies privacy and security to sensitive data in the right place and in the right form.

FINVITA: A microfinance institution that promotes financial inclusion through credit to early retirees through the modality 40 for the purpose of pension resolution before the IMSS.

Gistek Insurance Solutions: They develop advanced and independent solutions in the insurance sector that improve its value chain.

Insside Informacion Inteligente SRL: They are a leading company in cybersecurity, that offer innovative products and services of the highest quality, endorsed and certified by the most outstanding international standards.

Monific: First Crowdfunding platform that breaks barriers to entry into real estate investment specialized in the tourism sector. They have created a collaborative economy that allows all participants to potentially win attractive returns. They offer embedded insurance solutions for companies that want to build their customer loyalty and open up new revenue streams by adding insurance offering to their portfolio.

receeve: They are a fully customisable All-in-One Platform for Collections & Recovery. They simplify the growing complexity of data and systems and empower in-house teams to easily automate processes, engage customers & apply 360° insights to maximise recovery and minimise risk across every stage of credit management – from pre-delinquency to portfolio assignment or sale.

TheEye: TheEye is a process automation platform developed with its own technology and methodology, that prioritizes human talent over repetitive tasks and integrates legacy platforms with newer technologies including blockchain.

Traetupoliza: They are an specialised InsurTech in life insurance with a digital broker business model (B2C). In their platform you can learn, choose, contract and manage everything related to life insurance.

U-PAYMENTS: They are a company dedicated to consulting, advising, implementation and comprehensive administration of payment media platforms. They find last generation technological solutions to solve the needs of companies and social organizations that work for inclusion and financial education.

Vantek: Vantek is a financial digital transformation and innovation partner for Capital Markets, Brokers, Banks, Fintechs and other financial institutions. With their white label financial trading platform we help these institutions to change their value proposition into a digital product.

YellowMay: YellowMay owns the world’s only international insurance marketplace that compares, and analyses insurances based on terms and conditions.

Blumon Pay: Blumon Pay is a 100% Mexican company that enables digital payment solutions to Processors, Banks, Aggregators and Merchants through a Payments as a Service (PaaS) cloud open platform. ClearMacro is a Saas platform that provides actionable investment insights real-time, all the time by leveraging vast amounts of macroeconomic, market, trade, and thematic data.

Klinc: They have a pay on demand product where employeess can access their earned salary 24/7. Employees can use their earned salary to pay directly in stores with QR contactless capability, withdraw from their banking account and make purchases in APP.

Pensumo: Pensumo performs financial inclusion through pocket technology. By getting microcontributions generated by each purchase, a supplement is generated for your future pension.

Scorce: API HUB & Marketplace, that offers under one dashboard different APIs needed by companies that operate and do business in LATAM & EUROPE. Scorce aims to become the go-to platform for both non-technical people and developers to speed through API integrations.

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Ahana: Ahana provides end-to-end infrastructure managed services and digital transformation services to clients in India and abroad.

BitShares: BitShares brand and companies offer variety of services and scalable bulletproof products based on BitShares platform/blockchain with entirely open-sources software as base. Dedomena’s mission is to enable companies to extract the maximum value from their data without compromising customers’ privacy. Dedomena provides an end-to-end AI platform for data anonymization and synthetic data generation, with game-changer AI Products and a one-click-away Data market.

Finlight: Finlight has developed a proprietary technology that enables straight-through investment processing and consolidation for complex assets such as alternatives.

ID Finance: ID Finance is a financial technology company based in Spain with operations in this country and Mexico. Its main offering is focused on providing retail banking and finance solutions.

Movizzon: Movizzon through its technological platform powered by AI, allows to measure and improve the customer experience in digital channels. This is done through a continuous monitoring model using a digital undercover client implemented by bots that browse 24/7 different web portals and mobile apps in order to be the first to alert any error or bad experience in virtual channels.

Nomanini: Nomanini is a pioneering FinTech that provides informal retailers with the tools to improve their businesses by combining new digital financial services with existing distribution networks.

Paylead: Paylead offers a suite of payment marketing solutions to banks and merchants. PayLead’s reward technologies allow the banks to offer frictionless and customized rewards to their clients, financed directly by the merchants.

Solarisbank: Solarisbank is the first Banking-as-a-Service platform with a full banking license that enables companies to offer their own financial products. Through APIs, partners gain access to Solarisbank’s modular services including payments and e-money, cards, lending, digital banking as well as services provided by integrated third party providers.

Tecalis: Tecalis is a software company providing online identity verification, electronic signature and RPA services. Tecalis combines talent and methodology with a unique corporate culture to create value solutions and services with a positive impact on society.

TOQIO: They are enabling any business, not just banks, to create game changing, data driven, finance propositions that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it.

VITAL VALUE: VITAL VALUE is an organization focused on promoting and promoting the Integral well-being of individuals and organizations, through a unique model, oriented towards being and based on evidence, which is segmented into 5 areas: Body, mind, emotions, existential sense and financial harmony.

Assetti: Assetti is enabling faster decision making by saving time and money of the asset management operations through aggregation and visualisation of the real estate data.

Facenote: acenote is a face recognition platform to access, pay, and get rewards in a highly private and user controlled way. No phone, no cards, no wallet required

finleap connect: finleap connect is the leading, independent Open Banking platform provider in Europe. It addresses the fragmented open banking landscape enabling partners to access financial transactions, enrich them with data & analytics tools and deliver seamless digitized financial services.

inbestMe: With its portfolios of Indexed Funds, ETFs, ISR styles, Value, Dynamic and Pension Plans, inbestMe offers highly personalized and automated investment management services.

Polssir: Polssir enables digital health through a platform that provides accurate vital parameters, collects and analyzes data.

RedCloud Technologies: RedCloud’s Open Commerce technology connects brands, distributors and merchants globally for simpler, better and smarter sales and payments.

Rocket Dollar: Rocket Dollar lets people unlock IRA/401(k) money to invest in alternative/private assets such as real estate, crypto, startups, private equity, venture, etc.

Keepabl: Keepabl’s Privacy Management SaaS delivers powerful analysis and insights into your Privacy Governance for the board and customers alike.

MazoMazo: MazoMazo is dedicated to creating a sustainable financial ecosystem, where consumers are empowered through financial education & financial institutions operate in a transparent and responsible manner.

Puntored: Puntored provides financial transaction services including payment, withdrawal, deposit, and virtual services to low and middle income population through more than 72,000 outlets in Latam.

Unnax: Unnax is a toolbox to build financial products and services. Their platform integrates Open Banking technologies, onboarding and identity verification, and account issuance and management, while their regulatory license allows them to act as a regulatory shield and an enabler for complex business models. In short, everything you need to build financial services.

Slimpay: SlimPay is a leading Fintech player in payments that works with thousands of medium and large merchants across Europe. They help merchants collect repeat payments and grow their business.

Devopsi: Devopsi is platform as a service (PaaS) that enables teams without DevOps experience to create microservices architecture.

Electronic IDentification: Electronic IDentification provides a video-based identification solution that identifies people by video in real time. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time security solutions that include face biometrics scoring, ID auto-detection, MRZ integrity checks, and cryptograms verification.

qiip: qiip is a financial well-being platform whose main objective is to help its users improve their relationship with money through the different product alliances it offers.

Tradesilvania: Bitcoin exchange solution that enables users to send and receive bitcoins, manage transactions, and more with a built-in wallet.

Blockmate: Developer of an open-crypto API (Application programming interface) platform designed to connect users’ crypto data to the app. The company’s platform provides unified API access to financial data from cryptocurrency accounts of various global services, providing users with premium insights into account aggregated financial views, risk & credit scoring, and regulatory compliance.

My Shamba Digital: My Shamba Digital is a Proptech Startup built to make Real Estate Transactions simpler. Their users can access a dedicated team of conveyancing professional with vast experience in their respective fields.

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