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Top Neobanks in Spain to know

All over the world, Neobanks are making their splash in the FinTech sector. Ditching the traditional financial institutions, Neobanks steers away from the brick and mortar branches and offers various services online making it easy for anyone to have a bank at their fingertips. An overview of the seven top Neobanks Spain has to offer; there are a variety of services available to citizens. Some of our lists focus on specific industries. Keep reading to see if you can find the one that works best for yourself or your company.


The Neobanking Market in Spain

The markets of Neobank Spain are taking off and are projected to grow by over 22% by 2026. Since 2017, the amount of users has grown exponentially and will continue to do so over the next few years. This list of seven explains some of the great options available to consumers. FinTech is continuing to grow and will offer competitive rates or cashback to consumers. With the diversity in the market, there are plenty of options to choose from for both consumers and businesses.



This neobank in Spain is only open to residents of the country. Being the first FinTech company in the area, Bnext provides an alternative to banking the traditional way. Besides the account that is offered for free with no hidden charges, Bnext lets users access a marketplace to apply for additional services such as mortgages, travel with currency exchanges, savings, and investments.

Bnext makes it easy to control finances from their app and also offers competitive rates on international transfers. In addition, a new feature allows for the purchase and trading of cryptocurrency.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks.

Business model: B2C.


ID Finance

This FinTech company, ID Finance, is based in Spain and available to citizens of both Spain and Mexico. Since its opening for customers in 2015, they’ve processed over 9 million credit applications. Their main model is both Neobanks and challenger banks. Being the fastest growing FinTech in Spain, they focus on retail banking and financial solutions with the business model of B2C. Recently, ID Finance also launched Plazo offering a debit card with cashback options.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks

Business model: B2C.

id finance


Founded in 2020, Fazil strives to be an environmentally friendly company. Each payment from the consumers will equal payments to help plant trees. Fazil’s focus is Neobanks and challenger banks, payment cards, and payments with a B2C business model. Fazil is only available to Spain residents but keep in mind that Fazil does not offer physical cards but only digital payments through Google Pay and Apple pay.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks, Payment Cards and Payments.

Business model: B2C.

fazil neobank


Specialized in freelancing, SMEs, or companies offering secure payment and collections. Divilo offers plenty of different business models such as B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. Their focuses of services include Neobanking, accounting, personal tax management, collection and processing, API’s, account reconciliation software, and accounting.

Sustainability is a top priority of the company and they have eliminated a carbon footprint, and are part of various organizations that promote helping the planet.

Company activities: Neobank, Accounting, APIs & Data Aggregation, Account Reconciliation Software, FinTech, Personal Taxes Management and Collection & processing.

Business model: B2B, B2C and B2B2C.



Founded in Madrid, this Neobank Spain began in 2017 with its main focuses in Neobanks and challenger banks, wealthtech, and robot advisor. It states it is a B2C expert investment with a variety of financial products and index funds from Vanguard,iShares, and Amundi that have no restrictions on minimum investments or custody fees.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks, WealthTech and Robo Advisor.

Business model: B2C.


Unibo Neobank

Founded in 2021, Unibo Neobank is a B2B2C busness model created for real estate professionals. Unibo allows a way for owners and renters to have a checking account for easily transfering funds. Perfect for property management, it makes money managing easier with

They are also classified their distribution model as SaaS and API.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks.

Business model: B2B2C.

unibo neobank


With their business model focused on B2C, Flinco is a place for Neobanking and challengerbanks, accounts and lending. Flinco offers a marketplace for financing for e-Commerce and entrepreneurs and marketplace sellers. This is inclusive of sellers of Amazon and marketing agencies making it a one-stop place for you to manage funds. There are unlimited cashback offers for ads and software spending as a perk.

Company activities: Neobanks & ChallengerBanks, Accounts and Lending.

Business model: B2C.



Qonto provides online banking services to small businesses & startups. The platform enables clients to open an online account within five minutes, with an IBAN (International banking account number) for sending and receiving payments. It also enable users to manage their finances by providing features like unlimited history, auto-categorisation of transactions, simplified transfers entries, budgets, history exportable, etc.

Company activities: Challenger bank, Accounts, Account Switching, Accounting and Business Financial. Management

Business model: B2B.

qonto finnovating fintech

Finnovating is the only platform that makes investing easy! Whether it is for investing or seeking investments, this allows you to evaluate your options. On Finnovating, you will find the information easy to access and understand so you can invest safely.

Since neobanks are one of the top FinTechs, it took traditional financial institutions and changed them into something accessible to everyone, with the advantage of reduced fees. With plenty of options and research, find the best one that works for you!

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