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Vodanovic joins Finnovating to promote innovation in Peru

Finnovating and Vodanovic Legal close an alliance to help the main financial players in Peru to cooperate and connect to lead innovation and financial inclusion, through technological solutions.

The financial and insurance sector has experienced an exponential growth in the demand for innovative solutions and the need for digitization in recent years. For this reason, most Latin American entities and, more specifically, 85% of Peruvian financial entities and insurance companies rely on digital transformation to accelerate innovation in the sector.

After identifying this need in the ecosystem, Vodanovic Legal, a Peruvian firm expert in banking, financial and FinTech regulation, and Finnovating, the leading global platform that connects startups in the Fintech sector with Corporations to collaborate and promote innovation, come together to put jointly launched a plan to accelerate digital transformation in the financial and insurance sectors, with financial inclusion and innovation as the cornerstones of their agreement.

This alliance represents a firm commitment by Vodanovic Legal to the innovative connection and network solutions provided by the Finnovating platform, representing a scenario of innovation, co-creation and collaboration. The main purpose is to connect large and medium-sized financial corporations with the platform’s FinTech and InsurTech startups, generating collaboration agreements to accelerate innovation in the sector.

“This alliance is a real opportunity to foster connections and collaborations between the different actors in the ecosystem, which in the end is the main objective of the Finnovating platform. The digital transformation of the financial and insurance sector is necessary and inevitable, which is why we are delighted to join forces with Vodanovic Legal as one of our main partners in LatAm to make this space for co-creation and collaboration exist and happen”, explains Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating.

With clients of the caliber of Santander, Interbank, Banco GNB, Banco Falabella, among others, and with a relevant scope of action throughout Latin America, Vodanovic Legal is positioned as a necessary link between large and medium-sized corporations and startups in Peru. and Latin America in general. To achieve this, it relies on the Finnovating platform, which has a community of 50,000 technology startups interested in collaborating in the innovation projects of banks and insurance companies.

Ljubica Vodanovic, Founding Partner at the legal services firm, comments that:

“Our goal is to promote a competitive financial industry, fostering financial inclusion and getting our customers to connect and collaborate to accelerate innovation. For this reason, the alliance with Finnovating is necessary, since by relying on the leading global platform in the connection of the ecosystem, we will be able to become the link between corporations and startups in LatAm in an efficient and scalable manner”, he pointed out.

This alliance involves helping the most relevant large and medium-sized corporations in Latin America to discover and connect with the most disruptive FinTech and InsurTech startups in the ecosystem, thus promoting a unique space for collaboration in a digital, efficient and innovative way.

About Vodanovic Legal: the Peruvian firm expert in banking, financial and FinTech regulation, whose purpose is to promote a competitive financial industry, with financial inclusion, relies on Finnovating as its main partner when it comes to connecting and seeking collaborative work between startups and FinTech with the leading banks and insurers in the Latin American region. In turn, not only local, regional and global alliances will be generated, but a co-creation space will be created that will accelerate innovation in the financial and insurance sector.

About Finnovating: the global platform that has connected the big players in the FinTech and InsurTech ecosystem with large corporations, joins Vodanovic Legal to generate an ecosystem of collaboration and connections between the clients of the legal services firm and the technology startups that They are already part of the platform. This alliance allows Finnovating to give visibility to its users, in addition to connecting them with the most relevant large corporations in the Latin American region and promoting the digital transformation of the financial and insurance sector.


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