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The most promising Spanish X-Tech created in 2020

x-tech españa

Although the arrival of COVID-19 has had an infinity of negative effects in multiple aspects, it has also led to the appearance of numerous new X-Tech (FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, LegalTech, RegTech…), both globally and in the Spanish market. A market that in our country was already on the rise in previous years and that, during 2020, has seen even greater growth due to the new needs that this shock has created in both companies and consumers. As a result of this event, many people have entered the world of new technologies, adopting and adapting to greater digitization in their day-to-day lives. In this article, we will analyze some of these X-Tech from different sectors that emerged in 2020 and that we consider to be one of the most promising on the national scene.

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The most promising Spanish X-Tech created in 2020


IronIA Fintech 

Is an investment agent that allows you to manage your investment portfolio easily and 100% digitally. Its artificial intelligence categorizes and orders the more than 18,000 funds they offer and offers you the one that most closely matches your preferences. It works with a monthly subscription, and the operations you carry out later are exempt from any type of commission. In addition, IronIA Fintech uses Open Banking, allowing you to use a bank account that you already have active.

The easy registration and its low prices make this startup a competitor of funds in traditional banks, which are not so digitized and their large size and costs do not allow them to compete in prices.



Was born with the purpose of financing online marketing projects for companies with high growth. One of its greatest attractions is the possibility of receiving financing in less than 24 hours.

This financing ranges from 10k to 500k depending on the needs of the company and according to its profile.

From our point of view, Clicfunds has two great advantages to be able to have a great growth in the coming years:

  • The repayment of the financing is made with the future income of the financed company. A percentage (decided when the conditions are negotiated) of each new sale is applied to return the advance until it is fully returned. That makes it easier for companies not to have to dilute in order to acquire a loan.


  • Clicfunds is based on the financing of companies that pretend to make an investment in digital marketing, especially through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. The advantage is that more and more companies tend to make themselves known through this type of advertising, which will trigger many possible companies that need financing to be able to carry out these advertising campaigns.


Token city

In the changing world we are living in, the cryptocurrency revolution has come to stay, the dynamics of blockchain has transformed the way we understand investment security. In this sense, Token city has been able to capture the needs of the market and the various utilities that blockchain dynamics can provide, Token city provides security to its customers and investors through tokens, a revolutionary concept that is treading heavily in the facilitating sector. to its clients the possibility of obtaining financing for SMEs up to € 5 million, it also gives the option to technology companies seeking an initial boost in their financing.

It is a leading company in the tokenization of financial assets, providing its clients with transferable tokenized assets. They also have the possibility of creating a customizable corporate market for the client’s needs.

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The future of construction companies is linear and without apparent changes, in this case 011H has achieved a revolution in the sector in which it has managed to unify the production process by computerizing it and making it more environmentally sustainable. They have industrialized the manufacturing process, managing to minimize the errors that occur regularly in constructions.

Also through Productization and componentization, which is a system that is based on a series of pre-designed and parameterizable components that allow generating a wide spectrum of building options, while standardizing the construction process.

With all this, 011H has positioned itself in a revolutionary way in a stagnant market and has given a radical turn to the real estate sector, turnkey is a way of understanding the market and 011H understands it.



Senniors is a company that combines care services for the elderly and dependents and technology, which is why it is within the HealthTech sector.

They offer a personalized service, carefully selecting the caregiver that best suits our elders. Through its app, families can monitor the care received by the family member on a daily basis and have access to telemedicine.

We wanted to include Senniors in this article because we believe that it is a company that offers an innovative service and that, as we are seeing, many traditional service companies are making the leap to new technologies.

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Authors: Marcos Íñiguez, Francisco Martínez, Paula Salvador, Gabriela Rocha, Enrique Rodríguez y Francisco Navarro.

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