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Meet CreditForce, a Premium Finnovating Member

CreditForce, a premium Finnovating member, is a company that has helped companies in the financial sector increase their profitability and portfolio by optimizing their credit and collection processes using its technological solutions.

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CreditForce’s value proposition

They work with banks, FinTechs, and credit companies in 8 Latin American countries and in Spain, where they have carried out 28 implementations.

They have a management team with more than 25 years of experience leading Change Strategies in the financial and consumer sectors, and they are also official FICO partners. Its objective is to add value, putting its experience at the service of its clients with suitable solutions, so that they can boost their credit businesses.

Its solutions are modular, scalable and highly parameterizable, easy to integrate, user friendly and robust. Combine or integrate them so that your business has the agility of a FinTech. CreditForce is Ideal for transforming ongoing businesses, creating new business models or complementing the services offered by BaaS providers and Neobanks.

Its modules allow the successful incorporation of functionality that has already been proven in the market, saving heavy investments in own development and reducing time-to-market.

The 4 modules they offer are:

  • CreditOriginations: Allows you to originate credits from any channel, through an end-to-end workflow, from application entry to approval or rejection. It integrates with third party solutions such as score tables, bureaus, identity validators, banking cores or other systems. In addition, it allows the implementation of consistent, parameterizable and measurable credit strategies, managing to capitalize on greater profitability, and approving credits in minutes. Originate new customers based on the level of risk your business model wants to take.
  • CreditStore: allows you to establish external points of origination of credit and consumption to increase your profits, speed up the disbursement of credits and enhance the purchasing attitude of your customers.
  • CreditEngine: allows you to parameterize a wide range of credit types or their financial products. It controls the delinquency level of the portfolio, estimates the accrual of interest, commission income, default charges, etc. It allows you to parameterize the promotions that you want to enable to specific clients qualified by risk levels.
  • CreditCollections: facilitates credit collection management, and allows the implementation of a timely, agile, and effective strategy to manage its clients, maintaining a good relationship and increasing their recovery and profitability.

What concrete results does CreditForce solutions allow?

Grant loans in minutes with a controlled risk.

Automate operating processes in origination and collection.

Reduce operating costs throughout the credit process.

Increase recovery and clean up your portfolio.

Monitor your business in real time.

Increase the commercial agility of your business.

-Make the most of digital channels.

CreditForce is motivated to be the reliable ally that helps organizations achieve their goals and objectives, and they do this under a support and after-sales service model.

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