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The top companies in the Finnovating platform!

In only 3 months, the Finnovating platform has achieved many great things such as: reaching a 100 countries, connecting the most important startups and companies of the world, and now: milestones within the platform itself!

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From Finnovating, we give a heartfelt congratulation to our members (and non-members) who appear in the infographic! We divided them in 3 categories, which are:
The most active. Companies who have applied to the most challenges in the platform:

    • Pluto Platform. This InsurTech from Australia is a next-generation self-insurance platform. It enables insurers to own and operate a digital finance platform with unique self-insurance products to target the uninsured.
    • Quota. A Spanish InsurTech tool that provides on demand finance and insurance for tenants, landlords and real estate agents. It allows the landlord to maximize the security of his rental and the tenant to use their money as they want.
    • Insuresmallsmall. From Uganda, Insuresmallsmall offers microinsurance protection for the «forgotten consumer». It builds an inclusive protection ecosystem with micro-insurance products and technology as an enabler.
    • LIRIDI. It is a buy now, pay later British platform for small businesses, which enables emerging market entrepreneurs to purchase goods and services whenever they need them and at a fair price while paying for them later in several installments, all with through the LIRIDI App.
    • knnct Markets Corp. From Canada, knnct is an automated, cloud-based two-way marketplace platform that uses AI to instantly and accurately match and connect those needing loans with those looking to lend by matching borrowing needs to lending criteria.
    • NetM. Hailing from Colombia, this FinTech provides the protocol of blockchain-based decentralized network, and the NTM crypto-currency for corporate cross-border payments.
    • Gistek Insurance Solutions. They develop advanced and independent solutions in the insurance sector that improve their value chain through automation, standardization, interconnection, communication and confidentiality, always promoting ease of use.
    • Glint Pay. Glint offers a mobile app that enables users to buy and spend physical gold. It allows users to use physical gold as money, and protect them against systemic risk and decrease of gold value through inflation. A global currency, account, and app that gives clients control in the way they store, spend and exchange.
    • Evershare enables low-cost contactless payments and donations, especially for the charity sector. With Covid having effectively eliminated the use of cash and exponentially increasing the use of QR scanning they have developed an application that allows donors to make contactless payments using their mobile banking app.
    • Upswot. Upswot technology serves dozens of financial institutions helping them to build loyalty and grow engagement among their SMB clients. The platform is a white-labeled portal deployed into customers’ private cloud and connected with the online banking application. Using an approach similar to Plaid, SMBs connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, and 120+ other business critical SaaS applications.
    •  Fanaliz. It helps companies measure credit risk in an easy, flexible and affordable way by applying algorithms based on data analytics. Companies can use the system via API integration or web based user interfaces.
    • uils. From Argentina, uils provides financial solutions for mobility apps’ drivers based on an innovative driving credit score, so they can purchase their own car, promoting their financial inclusion.
    • TCF Group. They are a company with experience in personal and corporate finance, BPO (outsourcing), investment banking, project structuring, legal advice, taxes and commercial management.
    • YellowMay. Is the only global insurance marketplace that compares and analyses insurances based on terms and conditions. Their insurance data insights and quality leads are the starting point for global innovative insurance products and the basis for a future with embedded insurance services.

The top searched. The most looked for companies in the discovery area of Finnovating:

    • AuraPayCryptographic wallet for currency stability and transactional tools.They offer a digital solution for sending family remittances based on subscriptions that guarantee the best currency conversion rates.
    • Tractable. It  is an image recognition algorthim platform. It transforms industries that suffer from slow or expensive visual inspections. Tractable offers AI products to bring speed, accuracy and scale to motor insurance claims.
    • Pomelo Fintech Services. Pomelo allows companies to embed financial services to their businesses. They bring Latam’s payments infrastructure to the 21st century so that any type of player can issue cards, process payment transactions and build virtual accounts with compliant onboarding procedures. Pomelo’s API platform uses its own proprietary technology to deliver better, cheaper and faster FinTech products throughout the region.
    • Miiii. Mobile platform from Argentina that manages the services within a community. It is free, intuitive and safe.
    • Monific. A crowdfunding platform that breaks barriers to entry into real estate investment specialized in the tourism sector. They have created a collaborative economy that allows all participants to potentially win attractive returns. They unite thousands of investment partners with hotel owners or developers, creating a collaborative economy where everyone wins.
    • Equifax. A global data, analytics, and technology company. It collects information from consumer, business and employee files from around the world.
    • Mastercard Spain. A branded network that processes electronic payment services to merchants on behalf of its member financial institutions. The company partners with multiple players to offer a variety of electronic payment cards.
    • Electronic IDentification. Provides a video-based identification solution that identifies people by video in real time. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time security solutions that include face biometrics scoring, ID auto-detection, MRZ integrity checks, and cryptograms verification.

And even companies that aren’t in the platform itself! You’re very welcomed to join Finnovating; our members are dying to connect with you!

    • Avant. It provides a B2C marketplace lending platform that leverages big data and machine-learning algorithms to offer a customized approach to streamlined credit options. It works under the name AvantCredit in the UK and Canada.
    • Klarna. A digital bank that provides online financial services for consumers and merchants. They provide payment solutions including direct payments, pay-after-delivery options, and purchase financing options for online storefronts.
    • Fintonic. A personal finance platform that helps users track their spending and provide insights by analyzing their spending habits and budget. It help users to save money and meet their personal goals by giving personalized day to day advice on spending habits and products.
    • Alan. A full stack health insurance provider that allows businesses to set up coverage for their employees. The plan is defined by the average age of employees of the company and the number of employees and their beneficiaries.
    • Cobee. It develops an online platform that automates and simplifies employee benefits management. The company also provides benefits for employees and flexible compensation and eliminates intermediaries and external suppliers of each of the benefits

Top with the most complete profile. Companies with a profile completion of over 90%. Congrats on crushing the platform, you guys are the best!

    • Koryntia. It specializes in the fields of FinTech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. And offers loans without intermediaries in
      less than 3 minutes on your accounts
    • TheEye. It is a process automation platform developed with its own technology and methodology, that prioritizes human talent over repetitive tasks and integrates legacy platforms with newer technologies including blockchain.
    • Deudafix. A tech led legal services company disrupting the new and fast growing Spanish Consumer Insolvency market. Established by British entrepreneurs with experience of the established UK Insolvency sector and a Spanish co-founder, Deudafix has been funded for growth, expanding to 100 staff and a €4.5m receivables book in its first year.
    • Newton Technologies. They help banks to start-up a digital brokerage. Their expertise is direct market access. It includes: SaaS solution, API platform, back-end in mobile investing apps.
    • Traetupoliza. Life insurance platform that allows people to learn everything related to life insurance, choose and contract in the main companies in the Spanish market at the lowest price and with the best service.
    • Brickken. An investment oriented company that allows investors to invest in real estate, art, IP and scarce and valuable assets with minimum capital. Through the digitization of assets into smaller pieces called tokens, Brickken opens up illiquid markets, traditionally only available to institutional investors, to everyone in the world.
    • CRIPTORO. It is a FinTech multiservices and multiproducts 360 company with an educational online trading school and our own marketplace
    • Steamchain Corp. A United States based Financial-Technology company founded in 2018 that has created a user controlled secure platform that simplifies global B2B payments for any company conducting international commerce.
    • Sekure. The first on-demand cloud insurance platform in LatAm that empowers insurers, brokers, and other stakeholders (Reinsurers, Fintechs, Affinity, Mobility, E-commerce) to design and provide digital insurance products to their customers without investing in infrastructure or involvement in endless projects.
    • Klinc. A pay on demand product where employees can access their earned salary 24/7. Employees can use their earned salary to pay directly with QR contactless capability, withdraw to their banking account and make purchases in the app.
    • Blumon Pay. A 100% Mexican company that enables digital payment solutions to Processors, Banks, Aggregators and Merchants through a Payments as a Service (PaaS) cloud open platform.
    • Mercatório. A technology company, composed of a multidisciplinary team, which seeks to innovate in a traditional market. Their integrated databases help companies seize opportunities to purchase court orders.
    • modefinance. A company specialized in analytics and big data analysis, developing credit risk management services. They developed and own the MORE methodology (Multi Objective Rating Evaluation), based on innovative and unique machine learning technologies.
    • Eusoh. It offers a crowdsharing software platform that enables consumers to share expenses with the community and a expense protection platform that help users to protect themselves against unexpected costs.

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