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The alliance between Sancor Seguros Ventures and Finnovating is creating new investment opportunities

The alliance between Sancor Seguros Ventures and Finnovating is creating new investment opportunities

Sancor Seguros Ventures, the leading corporate venture capital fund in Argentina, counts on Finnovating to present investment and collaboration projects to drive the development of technology startups with global reach.

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The challenge that maximized the synergy between the two companies

The Finnovating platform is the first network that connects more than 70,000 startups, investors and corporations with the global Fintech ecosystem, and we are already present in more than 75 countries!

Through the Challenges area, we foster digital transformation and innovation without limits of space or time, becoming the perfect tool to encourage X-Tech startups, large insurance corporations and international banks to collaborate quickly and easily.

To stimulate partnerships and versatility among the active profiles on the platform, we have launched the Open Innovation Challenge concept, in which corporations and investors present collaboration or investment opportunities and X-Tech startups can apply to the call that best suits their profile in just clicks and minutes, making the process more dynamic.

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Finnovating and Sancor Seguros Ventures: a prosperous alliance

Sancor Seguros Ventures is the corporate Venture Capital fund of the renowned Sancor Seguros Group, which is already 75 years old and has more than 9 million policyholders in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia. With the aim of investing in and promoting disruptive technology startups that seek scalability and expansion of their businesses globally, and that in turn can generate an impact on the value chain of Sancor Seguros, the Sancor Seguros Ventures fund has decided to bet on the Finnovating proposal. 

They launched an interesting and successful challenge on the platform, which received in less than a month dozens of applications from startups from around the world, of which approximately 50% were considered as potential collaborators.

According to our CEO, Rodrigo García de la Cruz: «Without a doubt, this alliance will continue to grow in the future, as it has been one of the most successful collaborations seen on the Finnovating platform since it began operating. For us, it is extraordinary to be the key piece as the intermediary to make these corporate connections a reality. We are driven by innovation and digital transformation, and our challenges are a crucial part of achieving collaborations between corporations and X-Tech startups.»

The synergy between Finnovating and Sancor Seguros, arises from the confidence of both parties that the agreement will drive new, multiple and promising projects that continue to revolutionize the current financial and insurance scenario, breaking any barrier to globalization and digitization of the sector. What yesterday seemed like a dream, today is a reality thanks to those who believe in the potential of the Finnovating platform.

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