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Top most active FinTech in the Finnovating platform!

These are the most active FinTech by members of the Finnovating platform.

Startups, companies and investors from almost 120 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them!

Some of the world’s leading FinTech are part of the Finnovating platform! As part of it, they are already being sought after by other members wishing to connect and grow with the changemakers of the sector. We have decided to list the most active FinTech from our platform, to put the spotlight on them and congratulate them!

These are the most active FinTech from around the world!

ehub: Online stores where you can send remittances, credit balances, consume the best kiosk products, and buy the highest-end technology equipment.

FINVITA: A microfinance institution that promotes financial inclusion through credit to early retirees through the modality 40 for the purpose of pension resolution before the IMSS

Tecalis: Tecalis is a software company providing online identity verification, electronic signature and RPA services. Tecalis combines talent and methodology with a unique corporate culture to create value solutions and services with a positive impact on society.

Happy Hope Dweller: Happy Hope Dweller is developing an Agri-eCommerce platform to assist smallholder farmers with the reduction of post harvest losses and the increase in efficiency of the agricultural value chain. They offer embedded insurance solutions for companies that want to build their customer loyalty and open up new revenue streams by adding insurance offering to their portfolio.

Jolders: The first social network for small and medium businesses powered by blockchain technology. Networking. Search Jobs. Challenges. Tokenization of small business to provide liquity and loans. NFT Bearer Shares. No limits, fast and secure by timestamp blockchain.

PeakBooks: PeakBooks is an accounting software helping SMEs to digitize their accounting, as well as keep records in the system and set & track their business goals. The software is cloud based and is on monthly subscription; 1. Basic plan for $10. 2. Standard plan for $15. 3. Enterprise plan for $20.

Solarisbank: Solarisbank is the first Banking-as-a-Service platform with a full banking license that enables companies to offer their own financial products. Through APIs, partners gain access to Solarisbank’s modular services including payments and e-money, cards, lending, digital banking as well as services provided by integrated third party providers.

Woinfi Legal: Woinfi Legal is a consultancy specializing in exclusion from Asnef, Experian, Cirbe, FIJ and Rai delinquency files.

Fisapay: Fisapay is a FinTech that complements the comprehensive payment processes of commissions, services and incentives from companies to sales forces, suppliers and independent workers through its simple, efficient and secure technology, eliminating the accounting, tax and legal risks to which they are subject

StockCrowd IN: They are are a platform that connects investors with real estate projects that need to be financed.

VELTIS RATING: First european real estate rating agency that provides knowledge and transparency based on ratings, determining the capacity of a real estate asset to generate profitability.

Xcapit: An open-source and self-custodial crypto wallet that allows people to save and invest their capital in decentralized investment products, without the need to be banked or have financial knowledge.

CalidaTech: CalidaTech provides technology for Open Banking, Payments, Fintech, Blockchain, AI and Crypto.

Latam Digital Bridge: They help you so that your landing in Latam does not have any turbulence.

Can you imagine connecting with these FinTech? It’s possible! Enter the global startup platform. Weavr is an embedded banking provider that enables digital businesses to integrate financial services into their products. Weavr provides an open publicly-accessible cloud-based platform that connects payment networks and financial providers, and tools for innovators to define, deploy and consume digital payment flows.

cryptoMc: A close community that wants to earn crypto in a friendly, competitive and fun way.

iCodde: They use the latest technology to be able to give your company the support it needs to attract specialized talent, based on KPIs, goal-oriented, specialized in the IT environment and specialized profiles.

Begini: SaaS technology that provides character-based Credit Scoring Solutions for Banks, Digital Lenders, Neo & Challenger Banks, BNPL and Asset Financing.

MCO-HEALTH Tech: MCO-HEALTH Tech is a software company that makes use of tele-reporting softwares in the African demographic that allows fast diagnosis and presenting of scan results, lab and x-ray results to the patients while storing it in an electronic health record for the patient.

Startup E-Mobil-ity: The new app which performs the entire purchase and access to public transport process.

Double V Partners: First ConsulTech in Colombia specialized in Digital Transformation, Technology and Communications.

MIQAZZA: They match people who want to share flats with potential flatmates. Users fill out a questionnaire, and they rank them on factors such as cleanliness and noisiness. They then combine these results with their preferences, hobbies, and interests to provide them with flatmate recommendations.

SMART TAXI SAS: They are a company that develops to improve mobility and give well-being to people, connecting all the actors of mobility.

Whitesec México S.A. de C.V.: A Mexican company with 7 years in the market focused on the development of information security solutions, focused on facilitating the execution of tasks that require a degree of specialization in the area. Their goal is to provide their customers with specialized knowledge transformed into user-friendly applications.

YellowMay: YellowMay is the only global insurance marketplace that compares and analyses insurances based on terms and conditions.

finleap connect: finleap connect is the leading, independent Open Banking platform provider in Europe. It addresses the fragmented open banking landscape enabling partners to access financial transactions, enrich them with data & analytics tools and deliver seamless digitized financial services.

Bluebird International Zrt.: They provide the best available remote software developers, project managers, business analysts, and testers on-demand.

Finup24: Finup24 creates a unique marketplace both for individuals and legal entities. The project follows the uberisation path, in which the marketplace attracts users with its features and simplicity.

U-PAYMENTS: They are a company dedicated to consulting, advising, implementation and comprehensive administration of payment media platforms. They find last generation technological solutions to solve the needs of companies and social organizations that work for inclusion and financial education.

enlaU: Enlau is a platform where University Community can order food on-demand in campus colleges in LATAM and get it delivered by students.

techreo: The first digital platform for comprehensive financial services, created for everyone.

EasyPay: EasyPay is a comprehensive digital payment platform with several national and international ratings designed to give individuals the ability to make payments within their extensive service portfolio as well as make money transfers, saving time, money and increasing convenience.

Influapp: It is a loyalty platform with an inbuilt payment app that will safe on costs and set new standards based on a closed-loop solution, offering new shopping experiences allowing consumers to earn money, discover new venues directly in-app and sharing recommendations with family friends.

Koryntia: Koryntia is a decentralized lending protocol based on blockchain technology with a global ambition that aims to be the bridge between DeFi and CeFi to help millions of people obtain credit and enter an equitable financial system.

Whater App: They are committed to the knowledge, development and technology necessary to communicate, take advantage of, solve and protect everything related to water.

Austranet: Austranet is a company specialized in the development of technological solutions. Their company provides services related to the development and implementation of Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance systems, in addition to developing collaboration tools and project development based on Microsoft technologies.

GEOGO: An Agile digital technology solutions company. Their mission is to simplify digital technology adoption for businesses.

HIPOTECA FINANCE ESPAÑA 2020 SLU: Their mission is to obtain the financing desired by theirr clients and that this financing is in the best conditions that the market can offer.

Quota: Quota facilitates access to rental housing through its technology and products. They seize the power of data to validate tenants by analyzing various parameters such as employment status, income, tenant history and references for landlords and agencies to find the profile that best fits them.

Traetupoliza: They are an specialised InsurTech in life insurance with a digital broker business model (B2C). In their platform you can learn, choose, contract and manage everything related to life insurance.

Authenteq: Authenteq is an automatic identity verification platform that assists with id verifications and allows them to create digital IDs. It leverages blockchain technology to store these digital IDs and personal user information, which can be accessed only by the user. It further enables users to share parts of their identity to third parties via a claims verification API.

Graphite Note: Graphite simplifies the use of Machine Learning in analytics by helping business users to generate machine learning models without coding. Graphite automatically builds models and explains results.

IEKO: They are software developers specialized in the financial market and crypto assets.

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