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Interview with José Luis Orós Pineda, CEO at Pensumo

Exclusive interview with the CEO at Pensumo, José Luis Orós Pineda. Pensumo is a platform that links future savings with consumption through an APP. Daily purchases and civic actions return a percentage to the user so that they can save it for their future and complement their pension.

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Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about Pensumo and how the FinTech came to be.

Pensumo is an innovative platform created in 2013, seeking to implement a complementary savings pillar in Europe, by measuring personal consumption and detecting responsible actions. The final objective is to complement state pension systems based on daily consumption and the performance of sustainable actions throughout life.

After generating thousands of centesimal savings operations through Pensumo, its managers understood that rewarding recycling was the most successful “challenge”. This is how our other APP Recicla y Suma was born, an APP that rewards you for recycling and is encouraged by partners who want their consumers to recycle.


(F): How did the idea come about?

When the company was born, we sought total customer loyalty, giving away a pension when buying. We went to shops and brands.

Differentiating ourselves from other loyalty systems of all large stores, which prefer to give discounts or points to consume in their establishments. Therefore, observing that the main beneficiary of our system was the final consumer, whose reception is very good. But for the final success to be achieved, we saw that we had to go to large entities so that they could implement and/or promote Pensumo for its expansion.


(F): You are the current CEO of Pensumo. How does the company fit in the Global FinTech ecosystem?

Pensumo uses technology to measure responsible actions, from saving to more mundane things like recycling. We apply FinTech technology to be able to evolve into a Smart City within the reach of all pockets.

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(F): What is Pensumo’s value proposition?

Pensumo is the result of the words: Consumption Pension. Pensumo’s objective is that people can create savings that complement their future pensions through daily spending.

We realized that many of the business models in the market can use the stimulus of the Pension for consumption, to benefit the consumer (long-term savings), benefit the business or brand (increase in sales) and benefit the society (getting consumers to adopt responsible consumption habits).


(F): How do you think the implementation of digital functionalities will impact the traditional business model?

Since we started the business model in the Borja pilot, we realized that the consumption pension is applicable to both the traditional and online business models. Actually, we have implemented Pensumo both in traditional stores such as the Zoilos Rios gas station network and in online stores such as Aliexpress. The list of shops where it has been implemented can be seen on our website


(F): Is Pensumo interested in partnering with large companies in the sector? How do you think Finnovating can help you with this goal?

Right now we are associated with Ibercaja in what refers to the Spanish financial Sandbox, currently in the field of tests by the General Directorate of Insurance. However, we are also interested in expanding internationally, so the Finnovating platform is a very useful means to be able to contact the key players in this objective.


(F): What do you think can be the impact of digital platforms in the FinTech industry?

Digital platforms are an active part of the daily life of a FinTech. At times like Covid 19, we have been left in a situation where technology has been integrated not only into remote work but also into social relationships and events. These platforms make networking and synergies resulting from these social events between companies easier.


(F): What do you think are the secret ingredients of Finnovating that make it a unique platform?

Finnovating is a platform that synthesizes the tools for events and webinars with those of a social network only for companies.


(F): Why is Pensumo interested in being part of Finnovating? What are you looking for in the first global FinTech platform?

Finnovating is an interesting platform to be able to make synergies with other companies regardless of their size. In addition to giving visibility to small businesses with virtual challenges. Also for the possibility of obtaining investors through them.


(F):  Final: We would like to continue meeting and supporting other startups in the FinTech sector. What startup would you recommend us and why?

ADVISOR2YOU is a FinTech company with which we have worked for more than 5 years. They are a pioneering startup in the development of web applications, APPs and unique comprehensive eCommerce solutions.

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CEO at Pensumo José Luis Orós Pineda, CEO at Pensumo José Luis Orós Pineda, CEO at Pensumo José Luis Orós Pineda

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