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Advantages for Corporations

Advantages of the Finnovating platform for Corporations

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The FinTech sector today is made up of more than 50,000 startups and scaleups. Three out of four are B2B and SaaS, which makes them a great collaboration opportunity to accelerate digital transformation and the launch of new products and services for the digital customer in a record time to market.

Do you have a corporation and want to solve your challenge in innovating? Are you looking for the best Fintechs worldwide?  Find them at Finnovating, the Global FinTech Platform! 

I want to innovate!

At Finnovating, we want to solve the daily challenges you have to innovate with a FinTech, Startup or Scaleup

  • We know how difficult it is to launch FinTech pilots and PoCs per year. You are not the only one who costs it, internationally, the average number of successful pilots is 3.2 per year, far from the 12-15 that a corporation needs to maintain a healthy and sustainable open innovation strategy over time.
  • We know that the deadlines for a good scouting of possible solutions can take up to 4 months.
  • We know that FinTech consulting services are not always executable, and in many cases they are expensive.
  • We know that there are no spaces to find updated information on all these FinTechs and we only have LinkedIn to contact them.
  • We know that it is very difficult to have accessible information on the latest trends in business models and the use of new FinTech technologies to prepare for the future.

That is why we created the Finnovating Platform: the first space that makes it possible to discover and connect with FinTechs around the world, launch your innovation challenges and learn about the best trends and potential Fintech through our Matching algorithm.

Find the best FinTech!

The solution for your corporation is in the Finnovating Platform

  • Discovery: You will be able to access the most complete database in the world with more than 50,000 FinTechs. Finally the entire ecosystem ordered and accessible!
  • Connect & talk: You can connect and do business with any of them through our Chatroom space. More than 50,000 business opportunities at a click!
  • Matching: Our Matching algorithm will connect you with potential Fintech profiles that can fit in with you and with the most innovative and disruptive business models. You can finally meet and choose the best companies without having to search for them!
  • Visibility: You will have the visibility you deserve with your potential clients and partners in searches and matching. Forget going unnoticed!
  • Challenge: We created the first space with a digital, standard and global collaboration framework in the purest Slack style so that open innovation is finally scalable. Launch your Open Innovation, Investment or Acceleration Challenges in minutes and receive dozens of opportunities in days. Disruption in open innovation is here!
  • Marketplace of Services: You will be able to access the best legal experts, M&A advice, technology services, FinTech marketing with whom to collaborate. At last you will know one of the best secrets of FinTech: its suppliers and partners!

Don’t think twice and become the next member of the Finnovating platform!»

Join Us!

Do you want to be part of the first Global FinTech platform?

Don’t worry, registration is FREE and in just 5 minutes you will have more than 50,000 new business opportunities, 50,000 new opportunities to reinvent finance.

More than 2,000 companies are already using the FinTech Platform! Only YOU are missing.

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