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Advantages for FinTech

Advantages of the Finnovating platform for FinTech

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Finnovating connects all FinTech, RegTech, PropTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, LegalTech … With corporations and investors from all over the world! 

The FinTech platform has search channels, communication and innovation spaces specially developed to generate opportunities for collaboration, business and investment.

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At Finnovating we are aware of your desire to innovate and scale in a sustainable way (even internationally), but we also know the daily challenges you face to carry them out.

FinTech and contacts: How to attract new B2B clients?

  • We know that on average you need 10 meetings with a corporation such as a bank to launch a pilot and you only get it with 1 out of every 15 companies you contact.
  • We know that you do not have visibility spaces where you can show your new solutions and digital events do not allow you to scale internationally.

FinTech and investments: How to raise capital without dying in the attempt?

  • We know that on average you need 12 months to raise a round of capital greater than 1 million dollars or a series A. It takes a loto f time and focus!
  • We know that the investment process is one of the most inefficient, on average each VC invests only in 1 out of every 50 companies that approach it.
  • We know that more than 5,000 million dollars are left without investing in FinTech annually due to the lack of compatibility between the business model and the investor, and the time it takes to find it through traditional means.

That is why we created the Finnovating platform: the first Matching as a Service platform that allows the FinTech ecosystem to connect with corporations and investors from around the world, to reinvent finance and the way of doing business.

In this way, we created the first space where you can find and be found by your clients and investors, connect and start new businesses in a digital and scalable way, as well as discover the best partners globally.

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The solution for your FinTech is in the Finnovating Platform

  • Discovery: You will be able to access the largest database of FinTech, banks, corporations and investors in the world. Finally the entire ecosystem ordered and accessible!
  • Currently Investing: You will be able to see in the investor profiles those who are currently Investing and if your profile matches theirs, our algorithm will put you in contact with them. Now you can become the «Unicorn Startup»!
  • Connect & talk: You can connect and do business with any company or investor through our Chatroom space. More than 50,000 business opportunities at a click!
  • Matching: Our Matching algorithm will connect you with potential profiles of clients, investors, partners and innovation providers that best fit you. Finally the business comes to you, you don’t have to go looking for it!
  • Visibility & Open-to-capital: You will have the visibility you deserve with your clients and investors in searches and Matching. Forget going unnoticed!
  • Challenge: You will be able to apply to all the proposals for collaboration, innovation, acceleration and investment through all the Challenges launched by the community at a global level. Get ready to scale your company!
  • Marketplace of Services: Access the best legal experts, M&A advice, technology services, marketing, specialized grants in FinTech. We also take care of offering you the best active promotions. At last you can count on the best partners worldwide!

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More than 2,000 companies are already using the FinTech Platform! Only YOU are missing.

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